The 6 Best Walking Sandals for Women of 2022

The Teva Women's Sanborn Sandals keep your feet comfortable and stylish

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The 6 Best Walking Sandals for Women of 2022

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During warm weather months, you need shoes that are breathable and comfortable as you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring new sights on vacation. A stylish pair of walking sandals that fit well, provide cushioning, and are breathable will support your feet on many outings.

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Our best overall pick is the Teva Women's Sanborn Sandal for its thick cushioning, adjustable strap for the perfect fit, and six colors to choose from. The Sketchers Performance Women's On The Go Brilliancy 600 Sandal is a budget-friendly choice that offers memory-foam cushioning.

Walking sandals should fit comfortably without any pinching or rubbing. Look for sandals with straps that are padded or adjustable to get a good fit. Sandals should also have adequate cushioning to support and protect your feet, and be easy to get on and off. We researched walking sandals based on durability, support, and fit.

Here are the best walking sandals for women, so you can find a pair that's both practical and attractive.

Best Overall: Teva Women's W Sanborn Sandal

Teva Women's W Sanborn Sandal


Teva—a trusted footwear brand for many years—makes the pretty Sanborn sandal that comes in a chic black and five other colors and is our top overall pick. Whether you're pounding the pavement in the morning to walk your dog or taking in the sights on your next vacation, these sandals are comfortable, stylish and will stand up to the weather.

These sandals not only look good—they feel good too, with a 1-inch heel and a 0.75-inch platform that will support you through your travels. The Velcro ankle strap ensures a perfect fit and also makes it easy to get out the door in a jiffy. Plus, if rain occurs or you are taking your walk off-road, these sandals dry fast, leaving you with fresh feeling feet.

Reviewers rejoice for these sandals, saying they have a super comfortable footbed that even kept one customer feeling good after a whole day at Disneyland.

Best Budget: Skechers Performance Women’s On the Go Brilliancy 600


Courtesy of Amazon

This bargain sports sandal is well-loved for comfort. These sandals are lightweight and have responsive cushioning, both of which can help prevent foot fatigue. Skechers uses a proprietary memory-foam midsole to absorb impact, but it doesn’t stay compressed—it rebounds so you get feedback to keep moving. These sandals are flexible in the right places so your foot is both supported and able to move through a step naturally.

For brisk walking and tackling hills, you will appreciate having a heel strap on the sandal so you can get a good push-off and won’t walk out of your sandals when going downhill, as can happen with flip-flops. The heel strap is padded to help prevent rubbing and blisters, and the ankle strap is adjustable. The heel height is less than an inch, which is the general guideline for walking heel height. You’ll also appreciate that the footbed is textured, so your feet won’t slide around if they sweat, plus it provides a bit of airflow to prevent bacterial growth (which can lead to foot odor).

These sandals are available in wide as well as medium and in seven color combinations, so you are sure to find a pair that is sized and styled right for you.

Best Style: Munro Pisces


Courtesy of Zappos 

Look and feel good with these top-rated sandals. Available in 14 different hues and patterns, these sandals work just as well sightseeing as they do out on a romantic date. The cork and latex footbed provides ample comfort when you log the distance. These go on as a slingback, but reviewers note that they do not stretch out over time, which was a cause for concern for most. They have a slight platform with a 1-inch heel, which gives some height to your overall look without compromising comfort. 

These come in five different width options, so both people with wide and narrow feet as well as high and low arches have said these have worked great for them. 

Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal


While each person with plantar fasciitis may have different needs, the Birkenstock Arizona has been the go-to choice for decades. Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation of the fibrous cord on the bottom of your foot and heel. While you may be reducing your walking as you heal from it, you need sandals that won’t cause further irritation or a recurrence for when you do need to get around.

The Birkenstock Arizona sandals provide the level of comfort you need from plantar fasciitis, because the footbed seems to even out pressure and the distribution of your weight, letting your foot find some relief.  They also have a roomy toe box that contours to the toes to help keep your foot in the right position while walking. Plus, the sandals have built-in arch support, which is great if you are going to be standing or walking for a long period of time. The durable rubber sole provides good traction so you are less likely to slip on a variety of surfaces that come your way. The sandals come in regular or narrow widths, and the two buckle straps allow you to further adjust the fit.

The upper is made of Birko-Flor synthetic that has a leather-like finish and a soft backing. There are many colors available, from the classics to metallic stone.

What Our Editors Say

"Yes, these Birkenstocks do require a brief break-in period. But once you're past that short phase (I have two pairs and it took about a week each with each one), the sole molds to your footbed and fits like a two-strap glove. They're easy to slip on and off, and only get more comfortable with time." Ashleigh Morley, Commerce Editorial Director

Best for Wide Feet: SAS Nudu Sandals

SAS Nudu Sandals


If you have wide feet you know how difficult it is to find comfortable sandals that actually fit you. San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) has been pleasing walkers for more than a generation with their well-cushioned designs that are available in wide and double wide as well as medium, narrow, and slim sizes so you can find a size that is just right.

The Nudu sandal brings that high level of cushioning and comfort to a sandal you can wear for a long day of walking with their padded straps that prevent hot spots and blisters, a top complaint amongst sandal walkers. There are also three adjustable straps so you can get a tailored custom fit for your forefoot, ankle, and heel. This sandal flexes in the right place in the forefoot while also providing support and stability at the midfoot and heel, which is important in a sandal. The heel is low and shaped to help you roll through a step, while the suede footbed will help keep your feet dry and fresh after a long day.

These sandals are available in a two-toned leather in classic colors that will go with all of your outfits for walking, shopping, or touring. Many people also favor SAS shoes because they are a family-owned company and make many of their shoes in the United States.

Best Flip-Flops: OLUKAI Kulapa Kai Sandals


Courtesy of Zappos 

While podiatrists don't recommend flip-flops, there is a time and place for these—if you are running out the door or going on a beach vacation. If you are going to go the flip-flop route, this top-rated pair from OluKai has anatomical compression-molded midsole, which gives support to people with high arches. They are also water-resistant, so they can hold up at the beach and also have traction to prevent you from sliding around. 

Reviewers say these are the first and only pair of flip-flops that have been comfortable, and a few said these helped ease plantar fasciitis issues. 

Final Verdict

Teva’s Women’s W Sanborn Sandal (view at Amazon) checks all the boxes for a walking shoe. Its hook and loop closure means easy on and off while its 1-inch platform heel offers some lift. For a budget pick that ensures you’re getting both comfort and style, Skechers’ On-the-Go Brilliancy Sport Sandal (view at Amazon) is a solid choice thanks to its memory foam midsole and textured footbed. 

What to Look for in Walking Sandals for Women


What's your personal style? For those who like a more rugged look, Birkenstocks might be the best choice. Or, if you'd prefer an option that can double as an upscale or professional shoe, a sleeker-looking sandal like the Munro Pisces might serve you better. Since your sandals are, after all, a fashion statement, you'll want to look for a pair that suits your signature style.


The ability to slip on a shoe with ease is a chief advantage of choosing sandals over sneakers—so it's important to find a pair that goes on easily and quickly. If possible, try on sandals before purchasing them so you know you're getting shoes that are comfortable, properly cushioned, and well-fitted. If adjustability matters to you (to be able to wear socks with your sandals, for example), look for shoes with buckles or velcro.


These aren't your once-a-year fancy shoes; walking sandals are made for everyday wear! Seek out a pair that can withstand all the hiking, trekking, and climbing you'll want to do in them. You can do this by selecting durable materials like leather or synthetics, as well as reading reviews to get a feel for user experience.


Walking sandals can be surprisingly expensive. Before purchasing, consider your budget. If you feel a high-quality shoe is worth a heftier investment, you might choose a higher-end brand like Birkenstocks or SAS. On the other hand, if you're on a tighter budget, you may prefer a lower-priced brand like Sketchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should you wear socks with walking sandals?

    The question of whether to wear socks with your walking sandals is really a matter of personal preference. Most walking sandals are designed for wear without socks, but can be adjusted to accommodate them. If you intend to wear socks with your sandals, be sure to try them on that way before purchasing.

  • How do you keep from getting blisters from walking sandals?

    Shoes that are too tight create friction, which eventually causes irritation on your skin. Therefore, getting sandals that fit properly is the first step (literally) toward ensuring you don't get blisters. You can also prevent blisters by keeping your feet dry, wearing socks, or applying a lubricant like petroleum jelly to troublesome areas. Fortunately, after you recover from blisters, your feet may naturally adjust to the added friction of a new pair of sandals.

  • How long do walking sandals last?

    The lifespan of your walking sandals will, of course, depend on their quality and how much you use them. In general, a good rule of thumb for any fitness shoes is to replace them after about 500 miles. If you log multiple miles every day, you could reach this point in just a few months. Those who walk less could get a year or more out of a pair of walking sandals.

  • How do you clean walking sandals?

    The best cleaning method for walking sandals will vary based on the material they're made of. For synthetic materials, you can submerge sandals in a tub of warm water with laundry detergent or baking soda, scrub them clean, and let them air dry. Leather sandals, on the other hand, should be gently wiped with a damp cloth. If you're concerned that your cleaning method may alter the look or feel of your shoes, try cleaning a small, less visible spot first.

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