The 7 Best Vertical Climbers of 2019

Amp up your workouts with this low-impact yet effective machine

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Having an at-home gym used to be a lofty aspiration reserved for the most wealthy. But now, having cardio equipment for your home is doable for people with all sorts of budgets and fitness levels. While the treadmill used to be considered the most effective cardio machine money could buy, more and more people are gravitating towards more time efficient machines like vertical climbers.

If you’ve never used a vertical climber, it’s very simple to get started. Simply step on the pedals and instead of moving forward or backward, you’ll move your legs and arms simultaneously to mimic the motion of climbing upwards. Using a climber instead of running on a flat surface will not only burn more calories per hour, but will also help you build up your lower body muscles for a toned look. Vertical climbers also typically require shorter workouts to burn a comparable amount of calories to a treadmill. For people that are worried about the wear and tear that high-impact cardio can inflict on their bodies, vertical climbers are incredibly low-impact, keeping your joints safe as you sweat.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start building your home gym with one of these machines, or expand on the gym you already have with a new cardio challenge, read below for some of the best vertical climbers on the market.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Vertical Climber: RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber


Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for a great quality vertical climber to switch up your fitness routine, we recommend this option from RELIFE that has also been named an Amazon’s Choice product in the vertical climber category. Tone muscles all over your body, improve heart and lung function, and slim down thanks to the full-body workout.

In addition to its easy assembly, this vertical climber can be adjusted to five different positions that are suitable for a variety of different body types, and can hold up to 250 pounds in weight. It’s a great deal for a machine that will help you truly get into shape from head to toe.

Best Folding Vertical Climber: Merax Vertical Climber

Many people don’t have excess square footage in their homes or apartments to be storing fitness equipment, and for those situations a folding vertical climber is the perfect solution. We love this option from Merax, which doesn’t skimp on sturdiness despite the fact that it folds for easy storage. This climber actually holds 350 pounds, 100 pounds more than most of the other vertical climbers on this list.

Five different adjustment options make it easy to fit to your body, and the whole-body workout will help tone you all over. The LCD monitor includes a workout timer and speed, distance, and calorie tracker, and will store your workout information so you can see how you improve over time.

Best Vertical Climber with App: Maxi Climber

You might have seen this vertical climber, which was one of the first available on the market, advertised on infomercials. If the commercials weren’t enough to convince you that it’s a killer workout, maybe its great qualities will — this climber is easy to use, and it truly gives you a total body workout.

Some of the Maxi Climber’s best features include an adjustable height to work for every body type, a workout timer that starts and stops with you, and a compact folding design for simple storage. But one of the best benefits is that the Maxi Climber comes with a companion fitness app for your phone or tablet that will walk you through how to use your machine. This way, you can complete a high intensity interval training workout with guidance. One catch: the vertical climber is only designed to support 240 pounds.

Best Budget Vertical Climber: Conquer Vertical Climber

Building a home gym is expensive, and there’s really no reason to break the bank on cardio equipment that costs hundreds of dollars. Skip the expensive treadmills and ellipticals for this budget vertical climber (and burn more calories in a shorter time frame, too!).

The Conquer Vertical Climber might be inexpensive, but it’s still high quality. The steel construction is steady and durable, and the climber is surprisingly quiet, even when you’re pumping away at the pedals. This climber is also the thinnest one that Conquer has released, making it easy to fold and store, even in small spaces. Adjustable handles and comfortable grips make it easy to set to your height and comfort.

Best Vertical Climber for Beginners: Costway Foldable Vertical Climber Machine

Costway Foldable Vertical Climber Machine

Courtesy of Walmart

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly yet effective vertical climber option, look no further than this Costway climber. This climber is no frills but definitely doesn’t skimp on effectiveness—you’ll tone your biceps, triceps, core and leg muscles with each pump, and you’ll burn more calories on this machine than you would during the same time on the treadmill.

If you’re strapped for space, this sturdy steel vertical climber also folds for easy storage, and the climber’s small screen will help you track your progress as you push yourself through a workout. New vertical climber users will get the hang of the movement with the help of this machine without getting caught up in confusing extra features or spending too much out of the gate.

Best with Adjustable Resistance: Weslo SetpFit Climber Elliptical

Weslo SetpFit Climber Elliptical

Courtesy of Target

This super easy-to-use vertical climber from Weslo will get your heart pumping and help you burn serious calories. The LCD display screen helps you track time, distance, calories, and total steps and you walk your way to a slimmer figure and better health.

The durable steel frame can hold up to 250 pounds, and adjustable handlebars help make the workout as comfortable as possible for your individual body type. The Weslo SetpFit Climber also has a mechanism that lets you adjust the resistance of the device, making your work out easier or harder depending on your fitness level or how you feel that day.

Best Combination: Best Choice Products Total Body 2-in-1 Vertical Climber

Never get bored of your cardio workout again: this climber combines the best of two popular low-impact cardio workouts into one. In addition to the traditional climbing functionality, this machine also includes a stationary bike seat to help you switch up your cardio routine regularly.

The adjustable climbing arms mimic the motions of rock climbing which makes sure all of the major muscle groups of the body are engaged. Best Choice’s climber can hold up to 330 pounds of weight.

Even though this machine has more features than other ones on this list, it’s still easily foldable for storage in small spaces. The stationary bike includes eight levels of resistance to help you push yourself harder and farther in your workouts. An attached display screen helps you keep track of speed, time, distance, and calories, no matter which workout you decide to do that day. 

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