The 7 Best Tennis Elbow Braces of 2019

Ease aches and pains with these top picks

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You don’t have to play tennis to develop tennis elbow. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a condition where you develop tears in tendons that attach your forearm muscles to your elbow. It is a painful issue that is caused by repetitive use of the forearm. This injury is common with racket sport athletes like tennis players, as well as plumbers, painters, cooks, golfers, and many other people who do repetitive arm movements.

Tennis elbow can be acute or chronic. In some cases it may be treated with injections, physical therapy, or even surgery, so make sure you contact a doctor for severe pain. However, many people opt to treat this annoying condition with “elbow braces.” Unlike ankle or knee braces, these braces don’t hold your elbow in place—this would make it impossible to work or play. Instead, tennis elbow braces typically put pressure on the outside of your forearm muscle to limit tension on the muscle and relieve the “tennis elbow” pain.

An elbow brace or sleeve can help reduce pain, and when paired with rehabilitative exercises may help lead to a recovery. The best tennis elbow braces are not only effective in reducing the pain but secure and comfortable. Check out some of the top tennis elbow braces that'll ease your aches and woes.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Set

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Set

Courtesy of Amazon

The best tennis braces on the market today also give you an extraordinary value. This set of two tennis elbow braces from Simien allow you to reduce pain with both or either elbows for tennis, golf, or any other sport.

The Simien elbow braces are small and comfortable, yet effective. The soft neoprene and nylon braces use a gel pad to exert their counter pressure on the elbow and a velcro strap to securely tighten to your arm. You can rest assured that this brace will deliver more pressure to your forearm than an ​aircast and won’t slide around like some budget braces. Able to fit a wide range of arm sizes, these elbow braces can also be used with a compression sleeve.

Simien gives its customers an ebook on “Addressing Tennis Elbow Pain” with every set of braces for optimal outcomes. This brace is beloved by its user-read reviews for testimonials from happy customers.

Best Budget: Sleeve Stars Elbow Brace

If you have tennis elbow, it’s never worth toughing out the pain. Quality elbow braces are available at very affordable prices and can be at your house in just days. The Sleeve Stars Elbow Brace is an excellent option for budget-conscious tennis elbow suffers or anyone who wants to try a brace without risking too much. This unisex elbow support is ideal for athletics and office work alike.

This Amazon #1 Best Seller is three-fourths neoprene and one-fourth nylon for a flexible and comfortable fit. The one-size-fits-all band is adjustable with two hook and loop straps. The brace can fit a wide variety of arms with its limits ranging from 9 to 23 inches.

Like many braces, the Sleeve Stars brace works by exerting pressure on the outside forearm muscle to reduce tennis elbow pain. Simply locate the muscular area and wrap the brace around it, then attach. The textured material allows for a great fit and minimal movement. This brace is also known for its breathability and durability. 

Best for Athletes: Cold One Elbow Brace and Ice Pack

Cooling down your muscles after a game or tough workout can be a great way to reduce inflammation or swelling. Many athletes turn to cryo chambers or ice baths for a quick cool down. If you have tennis elbow and want some of the same benefits after your workout, why not try the Cold One Elbow Brace?

The Cold One Elbow Brace is a soft, neoprene sleeve brace that covers your elbow with two velcro straps. The braces exert pressure on the elbow just like other tennis elbow braces on the market. However, this one also acts as an ice pack. The cold therapy brace can ice your elbow for about 20 minutes, reducing inflammation and pain. It is an ideal option for anyone with tennis elbow after they exercise or for someone who suffered a recent elbow injury and need to ice multiple times a day. 

Best Sleeve: Venom Sports Elbow Brace

Sleek and sporty, the Venom compression sleeve is a great option for a tennis elbow aid. Designed for tennis elbow, arthritis, golfer’s elbow, joint inflammation, and more, the Venom sleeve provides pressure to the joint as well as using heat retention to keep the area warm. This combination of heat and pressure can lead to a reduction in elbow pain and a more comfortable athletic experience.

What makes a sleeve and the Venom sleeve, in particular, a great option is its maneuverability. The elastic sleeve will move with you as you hit a ball, run, or jump—delivering benefits without hindrance. This lightweight, versatile sleeve feels comfortable at all times and will hold up to difficult conditions and repeated use. Unlike other sleeves, the Venom elbow sleeve is made with an anti-slip design so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it every few moments. The sleeve comes in four different sizes and works for men or women. When you order the brace, a PDF with instruction and exercises is included. 

Best with Built-In Massager: ElbowCure Tennis Elbow Brace

Some people want more than just pressure from their elbow brace. In contrast to the standard elbow braces that push on the forearm to reduce elbow discomfort, the ElbowCure Tennis Elbow Brace uses vibration to massage the muscles at the same time. This rechargeable device is designed to relieve pain and make your muscles feel better.

To use the ElbowCure vibrating brace simply hold down the “on” switch for three seconds and then place the device on the lower forearm. Slowly move the vibrating device up the arm toward the elbow to massage the forearm muscle. Then place the vibrating tool into the brace and strap it to the forearm for a relaxing and comforting sensation that also provides pressure to the muscles. The vibrating massager can be used on the arms as a hand-held tool or inserted into the brace itself.

The device can help with circulation issues as well as repetitive motion or sports injuries. Available for either arm, this device is popular for its unique approach. The brace comes with a two-step treatment method for elbow health.

Best for Work Injuries: First Response Medical Supplies Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow braces of course don’t only help tennis players. Anyone who suffers from tennis elbow or similar issues, such as arthritis, can benefit from a quality elbow brace when they’re at work. Common for tradesmen, office workers, and any people who do repetitive tasks for their job, elbow pain can be reduced with a quality brace. The First Response Medical Supplies tennis elbow brace is an affordable and popular option.

Featuring two elbow braces, this set is perfect for men or women and even comes with a bonus exercise ring for at-home hand strengthening. Made of neoprene and nylon, these braces work by exerting pressure on the forearm muscle via a soft compression pad that doesn’t hurt but gets the job done. You can use both elbow braces at once or share with a partner. What makes these velcro-adjustable braces so great for work is how small they are and how easily they could be hidden from view if need be. First Response Medical Supplies offers a “no-questions asked," money-back guarantee.”

Best System: DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace

Rather than settling for a tennis elbow brace or a compression sleeve, you can use both with the DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace.

This DashSport set gives you an “all-day” compression sleeve that covers from mid-forearm to mid-bicep. Made with 200GSM fabric and copper nylon, the sleeve is lightweight and features nonslip guards to keep it in place. The brace, which can be worn with and over the sleeve, is made with neoprene and velcro for a fully adjustable brace that exerts proper pressure on the forearm. Together, the sleeve and brace provide dual pressure and heat retention for complete treatment of tennis elbow. This set also gives you the option to use each item individually.

This unisex set comes in ​a range of sizes. When you purchase this DashSport system you get the sleeve and brace as well as an instructional PDF that helps explain how to exercise best with this gear and an elbow injury. DashSport also offers a money-back guarantee.  

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