The 7 Best Swimming Goggles to Buy in 2018

Keep your eyes protected when you hit the water

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When it is time to hit the pool or open waters for a leisurely or competitive swim, you want to have the right goggles to protect your eyes. Goggles not only keep water out of your eyes and help you see better underwater, they also keep your eyes guarded against harmful rays when you are swimming outdoors.

Those who swim laps indoors might want to opt for a pair of clear lens goggles, while those who swim outside should opt for polarized lenses to fight off the sun. If you are a competitive swimmer, you'll want a pair of goggles that are more streamlined and will stay on when you dive in. No matter your swimming style or preference, here, the best swimming goggles for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

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When you think of competitive swimming gear, one name stands out from the rest, and that is Speedo. The maker of Olympic swimsuits, fins, and more—this brand has been a trusted companion for all levels of swimmers. The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 takes our top slot as the best overall goggles for superior fit. They don't stick out, which creates less resistance in the water. The top complaint amongst most swimmers is a goggle fit, and this pair has four interchangeable nosepieces so you can get the right fit for your face shape. Plus, this has two silicone straps that wrap around your head to prevent them from falling off when you dive in.

If you take your swimming outside, your eyes will stay protected with the UVA and UVB protected lenses. With over 13 colors to choose from you are sure to find one that matches your suit and racing needs.

Best for Racing: Resurge Sport

If you are a competitive swimmer, there are a few things that are make or break when finding the right goggles. First, you want a pair that will not fall off or leak when you take your dive into the pool. Next, a pair that's elastic won't snap when you are stepping up to the block. If this has happened to you more times than you'd like to admit, it is time to give the Resurge Sport goggles a try.

This Amazon Choice gives you all you need for triathlons, swim meets, and more with its bungee cord strap that can be fitted to your head. You'll also get a wide range view so you can see your competition closing in on you. The nose bridge has three interchangeable pieces which ​are suited to fit children ten and up. Did we mention they won't fog either?

Best for Budget: Zerhunt

While goggles don't cost a ton, sometimes you don't want to shell out more than you are willing to pay. This pair from Zerhunt will give you all you want in goggles at a much lower cost. This pair is leak proof, anti-fog, and UVA and UVB protected. What's great about these is they clasp in the back, so if you are tired of getting your hair snagged like traditional pairs of goggles can do, this pair will work well for you. Plus, they have a wide angle design which can help you see more peripherally, which can be a plus for some or a negative for others who want something more streamlined and low profile.

This set also comes with a nose clip, ear plugs, and a carrying case giving all you need to hit the pool in style.

Best Indoors: Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle

If you often do your laps in an indoor pool, you don't generally need a fancy pair of mirrored or colored goggles that might hinder your site in low light areas. It's best to purchase a pair that has clear lenses so you can see easier. This model from Aqua Sphere helps you glide through the water and see all that is going on around you with ease. Besides having a clear lens, they are also scratch- and fog-proof (a top complaint amongst swimmers).

They're oversized, so they make a great fit for those who do longer swims or someone looking for more comfort. What's really cool about these is the one touch button on the side that helps you make adjustments to the fit even when they are on, so you can get back to your laps and not waste time fiddling with straps.

Best for Open Water: Speedo MDR 2.4 Polarized Goggles

For swimmers in training for a triathlon, or for those who prefer to swim in the ocean instead of a pool, getting the right pair of goggles is crucial. Open water swimmers face a wholly different set of challenges, including darker waters, decreased vision, and longer swim times. In sharp contrast with traditional goggles, the Speedo MDR 2.4 Polarized Goggles provide wide, curved, polarized lenses that allow for better peripheral vision and clarity, an essential tool for open water swimming.

This pair of Speedo goggles also boasts special elastomeric technology and a flexible TPR frame, so that you can rest assured they’ll be a perfectly comfy fit. Users praise the Speedo MDR Polarized Goggles for how comfortable these particular goggles are, even after long hours spent in the water.

Best Swim Mask: Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

Sometimes you might want to keep your nose covered; for instance, when you are free diving or just don't like the sensation of water going up your nose. When that's the case, you want to look for a swim mask that covers your nose. This model from Phantom Aquatics is great for divers because it gives you a panaromaic view when you go under. It has a push button buckle on the side which makes for easy adjustments—a common complaint on most masks. The wide split straps ensure it gets a good seal on your face to prevent leaks when you are down below.

Best for Kids: Aqua Sphere Kayenne Junior Swim Goggle

If your kid is a fish (or you want them to be!) this pair from Aqua Sphere gives them comfort (a big complaint amongst kids), while also looking cool. The oversized lenses are great for kids who are playing in the pool or ocean for fun, but can also work for any young budding Olympians. The easy adjust buckle on the side makes it easy for them (or you) to tighten or loosen the straps when they are on the move. Plus, they don't fog up (a real problem with extended wear) and they have UV protection so you know their eyes are safe when they are outdoors.

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