We Wore the Best Sweaty Betty Leggings to Find the Brand’s Top 10 Pairs

After trying on the brand’s top styles, these leggings stood out for their quality fabric, fit, and durability

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Best Sweaty Betty Leggings

Verywell Fit / Taylor Tieden

Sweaty Betty leggings are popular among a variety of people—from celebrities to fitness influencers to your gym buddy—and for a good reason. The brand curates activity-specific collections for its active customers and their sweaty—and not-so-sweaty—pursuits, such as running, strength training, hiking, skiing, yoga, cycling, dance, tennis, and swimming, as well as lounging and everyday wear.

This female-owned activewear brand is loved for its ever-growing collection of playful, mood-boosting prints, vibrant color block sets, and seasonally inspired hues. But what really sets it apart from other activewear brands are its super sweat-wicking leggings that feature bum-sculpting seams and durable fabric. 

While the brand’s styles are considered by some to be premium priced, after testing pairs ourselves, we can fully attest to the fact that Sweaty Betty’s fabrics are well worth the price of admission for athletes needing sturdy, long-lasting leggings.

To find the best Sweaty Betty leggings, we did extensive research and tried on each pair to test the fabric and feel. We also interviewed two fitness experts: runner and triathlete Sashea Lawsona and Ramona Braganza, fitness expert and personal trainer who has worked with celebrities like Jessica Alba, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Hallee Berry. We asked each expert for guidance on features to look for when selecting the best leggings from the brand.

Best Overall

Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings

Power Workout Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • Light, compressive, sweat-wicking fabric

  • Drawstring waist

  • Squat-proof

  • Only one side pocket 

  • Some may prefer a higher rise

The Power Working Leggings are made from Sweaty Betty’s famous power fabric, which has long been Sweaty Betty’s most sought-after line of leggings. Known for their show-stopping prints and impressive durability, these multi-sport leggings check all the boxes when it comes to fit, fashion, and function.

When testing, we felt these leggings had a soft, sleek exterior with a lightweight and supportive feel—delivering the optimal balance of stretch and compression. This also translates to the leggings’ superior fit and stretch retention. 

The style features subtle, monochromatic seams that trace the bum and wrap around the thigh for a sleek, elongated silhouette. Sweaty Betty’s power fabric offers a supportive, hugged sensation. A fan of the style, Lawson says it lifts and tucks everything in without feeling restrictive. 

Designed for a budge-free fit, the double-lined, 3.5-inch mid-rise waistband has an inner drawstring cord to keep it comfortably in place. We found the fabric kept us cool and dry during a high-intensity, humid indoor workout. 

Lawson runs and works out in her Power Workout Leggings almost daily—so they get a lot of wash and wear—and after two years, she says they look the same and hasn’t noticed any stretching or pilling. 

These Sweaty Betty leggings feature multiple pockets: a generous one along the left side of the hip and a back zipper pocket. Lawson says this is just the right amount of storage for a phone, keys, cards, and energy gels. After testing, we agree, although we wish the leggings also featured another phone pocket and a couple more drop-in pockets in the waistband. 

The Power Workout Legging is offered in Sweaty Betty’s widest selection of prints and solids, from statement to subtle, which is constantly being updated with the season’s hottest hues. If you see a print you like, add it to your cart before it’s gone! 

The leggings also come in a cropped length, perfect for summer. 

Price at time of publication: $100

Key Specs: 
62% polyamide, 38% elastane | Length: 24-27 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 23 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best for Running

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity High-Waisted 7/8 Running Leggings

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Pocket 7/8 Running Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • High compression

  • Adjustable drawstring waist

  • UPF 40+

  • Not fully squat-proof 

  • Taught, compressive material may feel snug

In true Sweaty Betty fashion, these running-specific leggings are engineered to withstand the physical demands placed on them by runners. And from a fashion standpoint, Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity Leggings also have Jennifer Aniston’s seal of approval.

Living up to the name, Zero Gravity Leggings are made from a super sculpting, second-skin-like fabric, which Sweaty Betty has crafted to feel weightless and fit like a glove—even after miles of pounding the pavement. 

When testing, we felt the sleek fabric—made of 59% polyamide and 41% elastane—did an exceptional job keeping the body cool and dry. This is thanks to an invisible honeycomb-like weave that makes it ultra-lightweight and quick-drying. We also love that it has a slick and technical feel and offers runners built-in UV protection with UPF 40+. 

Packed with compression and the brand’s signature bum-sculpting design—which features strategically placed seams to showcase your backside—the fabric sculpts and supports your body as you move. The leggings feature a high-rise compressive waistband with an adjustable drawstring cord—a non-negotiable for runners like Lawson. 

You’ll also find two handy pockets—one waistband zipper pocket and one drop-in side pocket along the outer thigh. And, for visibility during early morning or evening runs, the fabric features reflective strips behind the knees. 

We love that every physical and technical aspect of these leggings is intentionally designed for running. The only downside we found is that due to the higher compression, these leggings aren’t fully squat-proof and can feel too snug to some. But if you’re looking for great running leggings, these are it.

Runners who need extra ventilation in the summer can also opt for the cropped version of these leggings or this stylish bike shorts version.

Price at time of publication: $128

Key Specs:
59% polyamide, 41% elastane | Length: 24-27 inches | Rise: High-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 8 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best Sculpting

Sweaty Betty Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Workout Leggings

Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Workout Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • Two generous side pockets

  • High-rise

  • Compressive waist stays put

  • Non-adjustable waistband

  • Longer crotch may not work for those with shorter waists

If you’re a fan of the high-rise fit, listen up! Sweaty Betty’s flagship legging, the Power Workout Legging, also comes in a higher-rise version—the Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Workout Leggings. These leggings offer all the same benefits as the Power Workout Legging with a higher-waisted silhouette that’s packed with compression.

The ultra-high, sturdy waistband features double-reinforced, bonded fabric designed to sculpt and support during and after workouts, offering some of the same benefits as our favorite compression leggings. This style also has two generous side pockets along the legs, allowing you to go hands-free during a workout.

Due to the waistband's high compression and lack of stretch, we found the waist to be significantly tapered. The sizes also can look deceiving off the rack, but don’t let that fool you. These leggings are designed to be ultra-compressive and sculpting, similar to Spanx leggings, so expect them to take some effort to pull on. 

Once they’re on, though, we found everything fit nicely. If you prefer less compression, we suggest sizing up. While we found the waist very compressive, the legs had more of a moderately-compressed fit.

Because this style doesn’t have an adjustable drawstring waistband, we found them better suited for casual wear and lower-impact workouts compared to running or high-intensity exercise. We also found the crotch area to be a bit long for shorter waists, but it would work great for people with average or longer waists.

We recommend this style if you’re looking for innovative construction that delivers a seamless and sleek fit that doesn't dig into the core. Check out the cropped version or bike shorts for a more ventilated feel.

Price at time of publication: $100

Key Specs:
62% polyamide, 38% elastane | Length: 23-27 inches | Rise: Super high-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 6 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best for Pilates and Yoga

Sweaty Betty Super Soft 7/8 Yoga Leggings

Super Soft 7/8 Yoga Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • Soft and cozy feel

  • Thick, durable fabric

  • Squat-proof

  • Compressive waist may feel too tight for some

  • May be too thick for hot weather

When your workout takes all sorts of twists and turns and quite literally flips your body upside down, high-rise leggings with an adjustable drawstring waist, like the Super Soft 7/8 Yoga Leggings, are a major plus. We also like that the added security prevents the need to constantly readjust your waistband during your workout.

These supportive yoga leggings offer a breathable, sweat-wicking fit that moves with you while maintaining its hold throughout your flow. What’s more, the core-sculpting waistband is designed to stay in place during inversions and, for this reason, feels more compressive in the tummy than some of the brand’s other legging styles. We suggest sizing up if you prefer a less compressive fit around the waist. 

Made of 69% polyamide and 31% elastane, these leggings are squat-proof, with a fabric that keeps its shape without sagging or stretching out over time. The fabric also feels super soft while still being durable. In fact, we think it’s one of the softest picks in Sweaty Betty’s lineup. But it is a thick fabric, so it may not be ideal for hot weather workouts. However, the leggings also come in a cropped length that’s great for warmer weather.

With expertly placed seams designed to skim and sculpt your tush while elongating your legs, we’re sure you’ll feel confident and ready to conquer your next yoga practice or Pilates workout with this pair. 

Price at time of publication: $118

Key Specs:
69% polyamide and 31% elastane | Length: 24-27 inches | Rise: High-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 14 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best Sweat-Wicking

Sweaty Betty Aerial Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Leggings

Aerial Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • Two side pockets

  • Ultra-high waisted

  • Versatile style

  • No drawstring at the waist

This legging combines everything we love about the Aerial Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Workout Legging—the high-rise version of the brand’s original Power Workout Legging—and cranks up the heat with monochromatic mesh sides. The result is breathable comfort, met with a sleek and sexy twist. 

These leggings also deliver a core-sculpting, compressive waistband constructed with double-reinforced, bonded fabric. And the elastic-free waistband offers a dig-free, smoothing fit that tapers and keeps the core held in tight. One downside is that these don’t have a drawstring at the waist, which left us feeling less confident about the waistband’s ability to stay put during higher-movement activities like plyometrics.

The leggings make up for it by featuring two generous side pockets and the brand’s beloved bum-sculpting seams—which shape and lift your backside. Whether wearing them for a workout or a girls’ night out, these sweat-wicking, mesh-packed leggings add a new dimension to your workout wardrobe.

Price at time of publication: $100

Key Specs:
62% polyamide, 38% elastane | Length: 23-26.5 inches | Rise: Super High-Rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 4 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best Seamless

Sweaty Betty Infinite Seamless Leggings

Infinite Seamless Workout Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • Fit like a second skin

  • Feature breathable mesh

  • Durable

  • Fewer color options

  • One length option

Nothing is more freeing than working out in seamless leggings. We love that there are no irritating seams rubbing or digging into your body, allowing you to move freely with a full range of motion. Quality seamless leggings, like the Infinite Seamless Leggings, also reign supreme when it comes to durability. Because the seams tend to be the weakest part of a legging, these are built to take a beating—no matter what workout you throw at them, day after day.

Like most “seamless” leggings, there’s still a seam along the inside of the leg to sew the fabric together. Along with the elastic-free, seamless waistband, we love that these leggings are also constructed without a front seam for a dig-free, camel-toe-free fit. Balancing between a mid- and high-rise silhouette, the durable, stretchy knit fabric—made of 54% polyamide, 38% polyester, and 8% elastane—is sweat-wicking and has an antibacterial finish that keeps them fresh after a sweaty workout. 

One downside is that these seamless leggings come in limited color options and only come in one length. But whatever they lack in customization, they make up for in features. In addition to being seamless, they also boast tasteful mesh laser-cut panels behind the knees for extra ventilation. And it's not the flimsy mesh that's see-through or itchy, so it won’t bother you when running or working out. This technical detail is one that Lawson looks for in running leggings for comfort and breathability on long runs

Price at time of publication: $98

Key Specs:
54% polyamide, 38% polyester, 8% elastane | Length: 24 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 4-12 | Colors: 2 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best for Walking

Sweaty Betty Power Bootcut Workout Trousers

Sweaty Betty Power Bootcut Workout Trousers

Sweaty Betty

  • Stretchy, lightweight fabric

  • Drawstring waistband

  • Sweat-wicking

  • Fewer color options

  • No side pocket

We all need a pair of versatile bootcut yoga pants in our closet, like the Power Bootcut Workout Trousers—which we like to call the little black dress of activewear. Plus, this streamlined version of a flare yoga pant won't get in your way like an oversized flare might, making it the perfect pick for days when you want leggings with a more relaxed fit that are still functional. You can wear these around town or pair them with a nice top if you’re in a pinch and craving comfort.

These trim trousers are a modern take on Sweaty Betty’s flared yoga pants in its best-selling power fabric. And because the leggings are made with fabric that wicks away sweat and dries quickly, they are the ideal lightweight performance fabric for fitness or leisure wear. 

One of our favorite aspects of the Power Bootcut Workout Trousers is that the fabric features generous four-way stretch, plus we love the expertly-placed bum-sculpting seams. The leggings hug the waist, hips, and thighs with a gentle flare that starts below the knees. 

These pants have a mid-rise waist with an adjustable drawstring cord and a back zipper pocket for small valuables. There are no side pockets, though, and not many color options. But if you want a lightweight, stretchy pair of flare leggings, these are for you. 

Price at time of publication: $118

Key Specs:
62% polyamide and 38% elastane | Length: 30-32 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 2 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best for Cold Weather

Sweaty Betty Spacedye Base Layer Legging

Spacedye Base Layer Legging

Sweaty Betty

  • Thick and durable material

  • Sculpting waistband 

  • Insulating and sweat-wicking

  • Longer rise, if you are short-waisted

  • PJ look may not appeal to some

Cozy up with Sweaty Betty’s colorful ski- and hiking-friendly pant, the Spacedye Base Layer Legging. These stretchy and supportive leggings are slightly heavier than the brand’s other options and can be worn as a base layer and loungewear during a ski retreat or cold-weather hiking trip—they’ll help you beat the chill no matter how you choose to wear them. 

The 80% polyester, 15% nylon, and 5% elastane fabric feels like a substantially thick, stretchy knit that’s naturally sweat-wicking and a stellar pick for fall and winter sports. These high-rise leggings also boast a body-hugging, sculpted fit through the waist, hips, thighs, and seat, with discrete ribbing featured on the waistband, outseam, and cuffs. 

The extra-wide, compressive waist grips the mid-section, supporting you whether you’re hiking, skiing, or lounging. And the higher rise with a U-shaped gusset—without a front seam—is a plus for those who like their leggings to sit extra high on their hips, but it may be an issue if you have a shorter waist than average.

The Spacedye Base Layer Leggings feature a fun all-over space-dye print that can look like PJs, which may not appeal to some. But, overall, if you’re looking to add a base layer to keep the chill out, we think these leggings are the perfect pick.

Price at time of publication: $118

Key Specs:
80% polyester, 15% nylon, and 5% elastane | Length: 27 inches | Rise: High-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 4-12 | Colors: 4 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best Flare

Sweaty Betty Super Soft Flare Yoga Trousers

Super Soft Flare Yoga Trousers

Sweaty Betty

  • Side pocket

  • High-rise waistband

  • Soft and breathable fabric

  • May be too short for tall people

Add some flare to your workout wardrobe with Sweaty Betty’s Super Soft Flare Yoga Trousers, which are high-rise, retro-inspired flared yoga pants. Made for sweat or style, these slim-cut yoga pants give you all the booty benefits of yoga pants with an extra fashion boost.

Sweaty Betty calls this style a slim fit with an exaggerated silhouette. They skim the body like a legging through the knee, then break into a dramatic flare with a crisp side slit that plays peek-a-boo with the ankle.

When trying these on, we instantly noticed how the extra supportive, high-rise, smoothing waistband created a flattering, sculpted silhouette. Plus, we love the built-in drawstring cord that keeps the pants in place. Compared to the Power Bootcut Workout Trousers, these ultra-flared pants feature a softer, breathable fabric—69.6% nylon and 30.4% elastane—and even have a drop-in side pocket to hold your phone or other essentials.

One thing to note is that if you’re taller, these leggings may sit a little short on you for flared pants since they have an inseam length of 30 to 32 inches. But if you are looking for retro-inspired leggings, you will want to check these out.

Price at time of publication: $118

Key Specs:
69.6% nylon, 30.4% elastane | Length: 30-32 inches | Rise: High-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 5 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

Best for All-Day Comfort

Sweaty Betty All Day Wrap Waist 7/8 Leggings

All Day Wrap Waist 7/8 Leggings

Sweaty Betty

  • V-cut wrap waistband

  • Moisture-wicking 

  • Soft and stretchy fabric

  • Could use more pockets

  • Thinner fabric compared to other options

The All Day Wrap Waist 7/8 Leggings are high-rise, hip-hugging leggings that are the go-to wardrobe essential you’ve been searching for. When trying them on, we immediately felt like they delivered on style, fit, and comfort with a flattering V-cut waistband. The V-cut-styled waistband sits extra high on the hips to accentuate and lengthen your figure. When wearing these, we also noticed that the crossover waistband puts less pressure on the belly than straight-cut options and eliminates the need to play tug of war with your waistband all day.

Tailored to all-day comfort and lounging in style, this lightweight fabric is soft to the touch and features four-way stretch and sweat-wicking capabilities. Unlike Sweaty Betty’s sport-specific leggings with highly compressive, technical fabrics, this style features much thinner, softer fabric—made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane—which first and foremost prioritizes comfort, then performance. But the fabric could feel too thin for some and may not work for colder weather.

With just a drop-in key pocket, we also think the design could use more pockets, especially when we’re out and about. But on the plus side, this pocket is big enough for a credit card or driver’s license, which may be the only thing you need on a long walk.

Price at time of publication: $88

Key Specs:
80% polyester, 20% elastane | Length: 24-27 inches | Rise: High-rise | Sizes: Women’s U.S. 2-14 | Colors: 5 | Care and Washability: Wash on gentle, hang dry

How We Selected and Tested the Best Sweaty Betty Leggings 

We first consulted two fitness professionals—Sashea Lawson, runner, triathlete, and KBIA certified kettlebell instructor, and Ramona Braganza, fitness expert, and canfitpro certified celebrity personal trainer—on what technical and functional features they look for in leggings for their active lifestyles. Then we researched Sweaty Betty’s entire catalog of leggings. We considered each pair’s specific design, purpose, fabric, fit, performance, and overall style. 

Along with our research and expert interviews, we tried on several Sweaty Betty leggings to understand how each pair’s fabric, fit, and performance stack up against one another. We also performed additional testing on our top pick, The Power Workout Leggings, including an elliptical workout and a water drop test to assess the fabric’s sweat-wicking capabilities. 

We then combined our experts’ guidance and our own research and tested insights to narrow our selection of the best Sweat Betty leggings on the market.

What to Look for in Sweaty Betty Leggings


Every brand has its own blend of fibers that deliver a unique fit, feel, and performance. As Braganza suggests, some activities require leggings with fabric that has specific abilities, like sweat-wicking and quick-drying features. When shopping for leggings, consider your intended activity, the weather conditions, and the environment to determine which fabric will best suit your workout.

Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, known as polyamide, are commonly found in performance-based fabrics. That’s because they’re lightweight and durable fibers with excellent sweat-wicking capabilities. Nylon has a silkier feel than polyester, while polyester is slightly more pill-resistant. 

Both polyester and nylon are blended with varying concentrations of spandex—also called LYCRA and elastane—known for their exceptional stretch and recovery. Cotton may be a good option for pure comfort and lounging—without any sweat-wicking or quick-drying concerns—because it’s insanely comfy and breathable. Start to sweat in cotton, though, and you’ll stay wet.


Leggings generally come in three lengths: full length, 7/8 length—designed to hit just above the ankle—and cropped—which varies by brand but tends to hit just below the knee. When it comes to Sweaty Betty leggings specifically, their full-length leggings tend to feature an inseam that’s 24-27 inches long. Sweaty Betty leggings marketed as 7/8 length tend to have a 23-24-inch inseam, and cropped styles tend to have a 19-20-inch inseam. 

Choosing the appropriate length of a legging will depend on your height, taste, and style preferences. Someone with shorter legs may find that a 7/8 length legging fits them like a full-length legging, whereas someone with longer legs may find a full-length style fits like a 7/8 length or crop. Weather conditions also may play a part in your decision. 


The waistband is one of the most important design aspects of leggings, as it is the main driver of whether your leggings will stay put or ride down. The rise—the distance between the crotch seam to the top of the waistband—typically ranges from low- to super-high-rise fits. 

Which style you choose dictates where the waistband sits in proportion to your waist and belly button. This varies from brand to brand and will also depend on your torso length, so choose a rise that suits your body and coverage preferences. 

Aside from the rise, another key feature to consider is the construction of the waistband. Different types of waistbands can deliver a more compressive or secure fit. For a better hold, opt for styles with an elastic seam at the top, compressive fabrics, and an inner adjustable drawstring waistband for the most secure fit. 

Lawson says she likes to have a drawstring waist on almost all her workout bottoms, especially the ones she wears during runs. After two- or three-hour long runs, she loses water weight, so she needs to readjust the waistband. Having this feature allows for adjustability as our bodies naturally fluctuate.

Extra Features

Leggings are designed with a wide variety of technical features that enhance your workout and wear experience. Here are just a few to consider, and features we prioritized when picking the best Sweaty Betty leggings:

  • Pockets: For those who can’t live without their phones and love to work out hands-free, leggings with generous side pockets are a non-negotiable. Even better, you know you’ve hit the jackpot of practicality when you’ve found a pair of leggings with zipper pockets, like the one you’ll find in Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity High-Waisted 7/8 Running Leggings.
  • Mesh: Mesh adds ventilation with style. For running leggings, Lawson prefers having a breathable legging that features strategically placed holes or mesh. Mesh is often featured in thicker knit fabrics with laser holes or paneling, as is the case with Sweaty Betty’s Infinite Seamless Workout Leggings. But manufacturers can also add it to leggings by inserting a mesh overlay.
  • Reflectivity: Having reflective features on your leggings is a must-have safety feature for those who work out outdoors. Reflective leggings glow when light hits them, adding extra safety when working out early in the morning or at night. Reflective strips behind the knees are one of the features we love the most of Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity High-Waisted 7/8 Running Leggings.
  • UV Protection: UPF ratings for apparel are like SPF ratings for sunscreen. This rating system indicates the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate the fabric. The higher the rating, the greater the protection. We love that Sweatty Betty’s Zero Gravity High-Waisted 7/8 Running Leggings have a UPF 40+ sun protection rating. The density of the fabric also helps with sun protection. Fabrics made with a tighter weave allow less light to pass through. Darker-colored fabrics also provide better sun protection than lighter colors. 


Brands sometimes use seams—the stitchwork that joins two pieces of fabric—for function and design. Contoured seams can add dimension to the fabric and accentuate or lengthen one’s figure. In leggings, we suggest looking for flat and flush seams, or flat-lock seams, in areas of high friction to reduce any chafing and prolong the life of the leggings. 

Seamless leggings, like Sweaty Betty’s Infinite Seamless Leggings, are another option to consider for the most durable construction and a second-skin-like fit. This style typically only has one seam along the inside of the leg to sew the fabric together. Since seams are the weakest part of a garment, this style is one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting legging styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do Sweaty Betty leggings cost?

    Sweaty Betty leggings generally cost between $78-$128, depending on the style and features. Our list's budget-friendliest Sweaty Betty leggings typically cost $88, whereas our best overall pick, the Power Workout Leggings, were $100 when we published this list.

    Prints that are being phased out are often discounted. Sweaty Betty also offers an array of promotions, like 20% off your first order, 30% off for fitness professionals with a valid qualified teaching certificate, and a 20% off student discount through Student Beans or UNiDAYS. 

    Sweaty Betty also has a free loyalty program, “Insiders,” offering exclusive partner discounts, early access to sales, and a 50% off birthday promo.

  • Should you size up or down in Sweaty Betty leggings?

    Each style of Sweaty Betty leggings runs slightly different, depending on the fabric and level of compression. In general, we agree with Lawson, who finds Sweaty Betty leggings fit true to size. There are a few styles designed with highly compressive waistbands, like the Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Workout Leggings, where we suggest sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

    If you’re in between sizes or unsure, take a cue from Braganza, who normally sizes up rather than down. She says nothing is worse than too tight leggings where camel toe becomes an issue.

  • How long do Sweaty Betty leggings last?

    As an avid runner and triathlete, Lawson’s leggings go through repeated wash and wear from daily workouts to three-hour runs. She finds that leggings last two to three years, depending on the quality and how well you care for them. For those who have strenuous wear and tear on their leggings, a high-quality pair, like one of our top picks from Sweaty Betty, can last much longer, especially if you take the proper care precautions and limit unnecessary washing.

    One sign to look out for in a worn-out pair of leggings is stretched or sagging fabric or a waistband that no longer stays put when it once did. When the elastic in synthetic fabrics or a waistband has overstretched or has simply worn out, it can look baggy and no longer do its job.

  • How do you care for Sweaty Betty leggings?

    Always refer to the legging’s care tag for specific washing instructions. In general, Sweaty Betty leggings should be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and air-dried. For best results, you should turn your leggings inside out before washing.

    Heat deteriorates the elasticity of the fibers, so take the proper precautions to prolong the life of your leggings and avoid using the dryer if possible. Washing your leggings multiple times a week will also cause them to wear faster, so keeping more than one pair in your weekly rotation is important.

    Sweaty Betty suggests avoiding fabric softeners as they decrease the performance features, specifically the sweat-wicking capabilities of their leggings.

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