The Best Suspension Trainers, According to a Personal Trainer

The TRX All-In-One Suspension Trainer has everything for a full-body workout

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Suspension fitness training systems have helped revolutionize bodyweight workouts into convenient and challenging strength training. Composed of heavy-duty, anchored straps with handles and foot stirrups, suspension trainers use your own body weight to engage core stability, balance, and mobility. This makes for an ultra-efficient, total-body workout that improves flexibility, builds lean muscle, develops functional strength, and supports cardiovascular health.

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The TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Fitness System is our best overall selection and a complete system for a full-body workout. The FITINDEX Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit is a sturdy workout kit at a lower price point.

Suspension trainers are portable, easy to setup, and easy to use. We reviewed suspension trainers and evaluated them for quality, safety, comfort, durability, design, pricing, and value.

Here’s are the best suspension trainers on the market, according to a certified personal trainer.

Best Overall: TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Fitness System

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training Fitness System

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Adjustable foot cradles

  • Trial access to instructional app

  • Machine washable

  • Expensive

  • Foam handles may wear over time

Who else recommends it? Healthline and BestReviews both picked the TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Fitness System.

What do buyers say? 89% of 7,600+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

The OG of suspension training systems, the TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Fitness system is an easy pick for our best overall. TRX wants you to “make your body your machine.” Among their many home gyms, the TRX Home2 System is the brand’s most popular entry-level set designed to challenge any body type or skill level. Set up anywhere with two anchor options, a wrap-around anchor to clip to sturdy fixtures, and a padded door anchor that safeguards hardware.

"TRX Training was the first company to invent the single point suspension anchor that creates instability from the top-down, forcing you to create stability from the bottom up,” Marc Coronel, BA, TRX Senior Master Course Instructor, said. Customize a comfy fit with the adjustable foot cradles, slide-to-size straps, and grippy foam handles. A barrel-locking slide system features reinforced figure-8 line protection to keep the lines from buckling, while an “Equalizer Loop” keeps the straps at a safe, even length. 

With your purchase, TRX also provides a trial of their Training Club app and quick Concierge Team access. The compact unit can be easily wiped and is machine washable, and storage is swift with the drawstring mesh bag. Ultimately, the Home2 System is a solid option considering its reliability and ease of use.

Weight Capacity: Up to 350 pounds | Accessories: Bag, two anchors included, app trial | Portable: Yes | Anchor style: Door anchor, wrap-around suspension anchor, or ceiling mount (sold separately)

Best Budget: FITINDEX Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit

FITINDEX Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit


  • Includes resistance bands and fitness guide

  • Foolproof numbered straps

  • Rubber, non-slip handles

  • Door anchor not included

  • Initial setup and anchor carabiner take slightly longer than some sets

If you can’t swing for a high-end system, the FITINDEX trainer is for you. This wallet-friendly set packs quality plus value into an attractive price tag. It’s constructed with durable zinc alloy hardware, and non-slip rubber handles. And the novel nylon straps are easy to adjust with foolproof, numbered marks to ensure each is the same length every time. 

The set’s crew-locking carabiner securely connects straps to a non-slip extender strap, which can be mounted around trusty horizontal or vertical objects. Target more muscles by incorporating the set’s resistance bands and enclosed fitness guide into your routine.

A simple but sturdy setup, this budget no-brainer stores nicely into the included travel bag.

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 pounds | Accessories: Bag, door mount, exercises bands, and fitness guide | Portable: Yes | Anchor style: wrap-around anchor; door anchor sold separately

Best for Beginners: TRX Fit System

TRX Fit System

 Best Buy

  • Most affordable TRX system

  • Two workout downloads with purchase

  • Free workout poster

  • Foam handles may wear over time

  • Foot stirrups aren’t adjustable

The most budget-friendly TRX system on the market, the TRX Fit is a great entry-level set for those new to suspension training. The unit sports the brand’s signature yellow and black design and streamlined gray straps, but the quality is still distinctly TRX. Like other TRX systems, this lightweight, entry-level version comes with both door and wrap-around suspension anchors. Safety features include an innovative TRX locking loop at the top center of the straps toward the anchor to prevent cable slipping, and buckles are reinforced to help strap lengths stay put after adjusting.

Warm-up with the handy guide, workout poster, and basic moves chart, and cash in two free included introductory workouts to get a taste for TRX on-demand instruction. While the foot cradles are not adjustable, this set comfortably works for most body sizes.

The light, foam handles grip nicely without feeling cheap, and the set stores nicely in a mesh travel bag. “I found the TRX to be one of my favorites,” Eric Butler, Los Angeles-based fitness coach and CPT, said. Butler particularly praised the system's portability and easy function. “It’s worth the investment," he said.

Weight Capacity: Up to 350 pounds | Accessories: Bag, two anchors | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: Door anchor, wrap-around suspension anchor, or ceiling mount (sold separately)

Best Advanced: TRX Pro4 System

TRX Pro4 System


  • Professional-grade quality

  • Adjustable foot cradles

  • Locking carabiner

  • Locking carabiner requires Allen wrench

  • Outdoor debris can decrease Velcro hold over time

The TRX Pro4 doesn’t mess around. Designed for serious athletes and professional settings, design and materials level up on this advanced set. An upgraded construction features textured, rubber handles to prevent slipping and blistering, and adjustable foot cradles that fit any size.

With thicker, sturdier straps, the set comes with an extension line for use with both door and wrap-around anchors. Like all TRX trainers, it can be sanitized easily with a wipe or tossed in the laundry before line-drying, something crucial when there are multiple users. 

Most likely to stay put in a gym setting, the Pro4 touts a locking carabiner that’s adjusted with the enclosed Allen wrench. The heavy-duty durability and whopping 10-year warranty make it a popular suspension trainer for personal trainers, small gyms, or home users that plan to put in a lot of miles.

Weight Capacity: Up to 350 pounds | Accessories: Bag, two anchors, app trial | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: Door anchor, wrap-around suspension anchor, or ceiling mount (sold separately)

Best Portable: TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

TRX GO Suspension Trainer System


  • Weighs less than 1 pound

  • Extremely portable

  • Travel pouch included

  • Foam handles may wear over time

  • Foot stirrups aren’t adjustable

Jet-setters and backpackers among us can conveniently train anywhere with the TRX Go Suspension Trainer Kit. Weighing less than 1 pound, this slim travel trainer is the lightest of all TRX systems but boasts some serious stability that supports just as well as its sibling sets. This little trainer works smarter, not harder, with TRX’s top-locking harness loop to keep you safely heading toward those gains. 

This wee set carries huge potential with two workout guides and TRX’s seven foundational moves training poster and intensity variations. Routines are handy on the go via a three-month trial of TRX Training App’s digital workouts.

As you hit the road, utilize scaled-back, compact versions of the highly versatile TRX door and wrap anchors, perfect for indoor or outdoor sessions. When it’s time to get going, pack everything up neatly and discretely with the small, drawstring pouch.

Weight Capacity: Up to 350 pounds | Accessories: Bag, two anchors, app trial | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: Door anchor, wrap-around suspension anchor, or ceiling mount (sold separately)

Best for Seniors: NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Bodyweight Trainer

NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Bodyweight Trainer


  • Easy, uncomplicated setup

  • Comfortable, non-slip foam-rubber hybrid handles

  • Instruction manual

  • Separate, built-in anchors may be challenging for some users in setup

  • Foot stirrups aren’t adjustable

Bodyweight training has proven beneficial for all ages, but especially for seniors due to its ability to improve functional movement in everyday activities. Accomplish this by incorporating straightforward suspension training into your routine. One system that will get you going is the non-intimidating Twin Pro trainer by NOSSK. Lightweight and easy to hang, it’s made in the US from safe, durable hardware with a lifetime guarantee.

The rubber handles are textured for non-slip comfort and the adjustable buckles, zinc alloy mounts, and strap clips keep you safe as you lean into your workout. Independent straps with built-in door anchors attach or wrap around trusted objects inside or outside. The minimalist set fits into a drawstring bag to take anywhere or tuck away.

With few pieces and clear instructions, this trainer’s setup is a snap.

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 pounds | Accessories: Bag, door anchor, manual  | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: Built-in door anchors, strap clip anchors, and wrap-around anchor

Best for Outdoors: TRX Tactical Gym

TRX Tactical Gym


  • UV resistant

  • No locking carabiner (for swift mobility)

  • Full access to TRX FORCE program

  • Foot stirrups not adjustable

  • Most expensive TRX unit

Designed for diehard athletes on a mission, the Tactical Gym is the ultimate outdoor trainer. True to its roots, TRX employed feedback from extreme operators like first responders and military athletes to create the most mighty TRX system to date. The elite set has mastery in mind, and it’s at its prime in the wild to keep anyone committed to crushing goals and pushing limits, even outdoors. “TRX force kit, in my opinion, is the most complete system out there,” Coronel said about the model. 

With a UV coating and industrial-strength construction, TRX Tactical has rubber grips and bigger, oversized foot cradles to accommodate boots, sneakers, and all-terrain shoes. They ditched adjustable, Velcro straps to prevent function-skewing debris. No locking carabiner makes adjustments swift with the lightweight aluminum D-rings.

The Tactical System stays steady with door and extension anchors, and accommodates higher, more gnarly vertical anchor points with an “Xtender Strap.” When things get muddy, just machine wash Tactical and carry to the next course using the mesh running backpack. As mobile as they come, try the Trainer’s Club app or your full access to TRX FORCE App, a 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program plus 4-week Pull-up Program.

Weight Capacity: Up to 350 pounds | Accessories: Bag, three anchors, training app  | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: door anchor, wrap-around suspension anchor, extension anchor

Best Weight Capacity: Bodytorc Suspension Trainer

Bodytorc Suspension Trainer


  • Access to online library of stretches and exercises

  • Detachable handles and multi-purpose slings

  • Split strap design for customizable grip

  • Carabiner locking screw is small, requires Allen wrench

  • Ceiling mount sold separately

Built like a tank, the Bodytorc Suspension Trainer can really pull, or shall we say hold, some serious weight. Impressive enough to hang with leading brands, Bodytorc is a fraction of the price but holds some stellar specs. Designed with double-stiched, high-grade nylon webbing, the system’s reinforced straps, optional locking carabiners, and anodized cam buckles make it a safe option for bearing heavier loads.

Comfort meets customizability, with an optional split or single anchor design, depending on preference or skill level. Numbered arms make it super quick to adjust for accuracy or measure your progress. The detachable handles and foot straps are versatile for use with other exercises and clip-on equipment, like Olympic rings or ropes.

The foot straps are padded, making them gentle for heavier users when performing arm exercises, stretches, or ab-busting, hanging knee raises. The kit contains a door anchor and extension straps for elevated split anchor or hanging ab exercises.

Sold separately, the brand offers exercise bands as well as their own ceiling mount. Finally, you can skip in-person gym sessions and work at your speed when you tap into Bodytoc’s free online library of exercises, geared toward beginner to advanced users.

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 pounds | Accessories: Bag, door anchor, extension straps, versatile foot/elbow cradles, exercise library  | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: Door anchor, two wrap-around extension arms

Best for Small Spaces: Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

 Dick's Sporting Goods

  • Streamlined anchors and straps

  • Durable, rubber foot cradles

  • Split anchor design for customizable width

  • Bulky handles and foot cradle

  • Foot stirrups aren’t adjustable

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, the Lifeline Jungle Gym is a good fit for you. This streamlined set is scaled down for compact, but effective, workouts. Strong enough to take a beating, this harness hangs tough with buckles that adjust quickly as needed between multi-planar progressions. Easy-to-wipe rubber handles and foot cradles give the sturdy feel of a home gym without all the equipment. Post the enclosed, full-color wall chart or follow the downloadable workout video for all skill levels.

An interesting feature of the trainer is its “split anchor” system, meaning its anchors are found on the ends of each strap so you can widen or decrease the width to accommodate varying statures for targeted exercises. The brand amps up this design feature’s ability to target more muscle groups than single anchor versions to get you that total-body workout you crave.

Weight Capacity: Up to 300 pounds | Accessories: Bag, extender strap, poster with workout video | Portable: Yes | Anchor type: Separate wrap-around and built-in door anchors, single non-scuff door anchor

Best Set: KBANDS Advanced Training Kit

KBANDS Advanced Training Kit


  • Includes lots of accessories

  • Lifetime warranty on bands

  • Sturdy

  • No main bag for all three systems in kit

If you’re after a kit that can offer a ton of variety, KBANDS delivers the goods. It sports high-quality, reinforced, and adjustable bodyweight straps, a door anchor, and an anchor strap for wrapping around gym equipment or reliable home mounts. The split anchor design and D-rings allow for flexible placement and width.

Besides the suspension trainer, the kit comes with upper and lower body-specific resistance band systems to tackle your full body regimen. The KBANDS Leg Resistance Bands and KB Powerbands for the upper body focus on comprehensive strength, endurance, and power with the help of complimentary digital trainers. The high-quality bands, leg straps, and foam handles adjust to any body size.

While it can seem like a lot of pieces, everything coils up nicely into one of three respective carry bags for easy toting.

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 pounds | Accessories: Bag, door anchor, anchor strap, upper and lower body resistance systems, free training videos | Portable: Yes (independent from full set) | Anchor type: Strap clip anchors, door anchor, wrap-around extension anchor

Final Verdict

Regardless of the unit chosen, stability training systems are an excellent option for beginners to advanced athletes. The TRX Home2 (view at Amazon) sits at a feasible price point as an all-around great option for anyone wanting to learn and progress in suspension training to reap its health benefits safely. It’s portable yet sturdy and has a great track record for brand reliability and exercise programming. 

 If you’d rather begin with something more economical, you’ll get great value with the well-rounded FITINDEX Resistance Trainer Kit (view at FitIndex).

What to Look For in a Suspension Trainer

Quality and Safety

Like a solo trust-building exercise, a quality suspension training system will safely catch your fall. “Suspension training is open and accessible to anyone and all, no matter your age, gender, size, or goal,” Coronel says. Go with a reputable brand with a good track record that backs their product with quality inspections or guarantees. Look for descriptions of industrial-grade materials, reinforced strap stitching, and sufficient load-bearing weight capacity for your needs.

Ensure buckles, clips, anchors, and mounts are made of strong, durable metals like zinc alloy or aluminum, and any pins or fabric stitching at connecting points are uniform and undamaged. Buckles should stay taught without shifting or coming loose, which could cause serious injury during use. For additional fitness safety, look for a set that can be washed or sanitized by wiping down or throwing in the laundry.


For longevity, go with a set that can take a beating. In addition to straps that are strong and thick, make sure handles are made of high-quality rubber or foam. Mount hardware and anchors should be sturdy, versatile, and easy to attach.

If you plan to train outdoors, consider a set that can withstand the elements and terrain. Working out on the beach? Avoid straps with Velcro that sand can get stuck in and worsen fastening ability. Live in a rainy or humid climate? Look for straps and mounts that are hearty and weatherproof to keep fraying and rust at bay.


Those who claim “no pain, no gain” are clearly choosing the wrong equipment. Feel the burn, not the pain with a set that adjusts to appropriate lengths for your height plus slack to spare for multiple exercise variations. Rubber handles with grip treads are best, as opposed to harder plastic or cheap foam which can be irritating and cause blisters.

Anchor design should be geared toward comfort during moves, as well as wear and tear. Avoid jerky hooks or janky carabiners that could slide or twist out of position.


Besides yielding results, a big selling point of suspension trainers is their compact and lightweight design. “They’re great for a person who works out at home,” Butler said. “I even throw it in my gym bag when I’m on the road.”

Look for a set that allows for ease of portability and storage. Whether it remains in your home gym or travels with you, a streamlined design will pack or store much better than extra bulk. It’s a bonus if additional mobile accessories—like a travel bag or resistance bands—are included. Scaled-down door anchors are handy for temporary lodging spots and wrap-around anchors work great for beams and outdoor fixtures like basketball hoop poles or trusty trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can suspension trainers build muscle?

    Beyond your typically brutal calorie-burner, several scientific studies back suspension trainers as a legit, efficient way to build muscle. A suspension trainer can progress or regress exercise intensity based on your body’s relationship to the equipment’s anchor and the ground. This resistance engages muscle, builds core strength, and improves mobility and flexibility.

    The science behind the claims continues, with experts seeing significant lean muscle hypertrophy (or growth) in studies due to muscular activation as a result of suspension exercises. In fact, one study found that a circuit training program using two instability training devices is as effective as traditional strength training. Additionally, for all ages, but especially aging adults, challenging stability can reduce injury risk and build overall confidence in mobility.

    “Not only will suspension training provide great functional strength, core stability, and balance, you’ll most definitely put on muscle with a consistent routine,” Butler said. “Similar to calisthenics or bodyweight workouts, suspension training allows your body to be its own machine. Manipulating proper reps, tempo, and time under tension is a recipe for quality muscle gains.”

  • How do I adjust suspension trainer straps?

    Depending on your set, most, if not all, suspension trainers have adjustable straps for customizing length for proper fit and use for your workout. If your equipment has strap buckles, it may have a locking mechanism for safety, so thoroughly read the manual instructions before attempting to adjust.

    The important thing to remember is to unlock and relock any safety feature, slide both straps to the same, safe, and appropriate length for the exercise, and check that straps are laying flat and untwisted.

  • How do I anchor a suspension trainer?

    Most suspension trainers on the market have multiple ways to be anchored and even supply the hardware. If your kit came with a door anchor, wedge it between a partially open door and close until securely latched. You can utilize anchor straps (which wrap around branches or clip onto existing fixtures) for spaces without doors, like studio apartments or outdoor areas.

    Heavy-duty metal X-mounts are another great option, but should only be secured to load-bearing walls, beams, or overhead studs. Regardless of the mount used, be sure to install the unit with ample space from nearby walls to give you enough room for all planes of motion as you work out. Consult with a professional for the weight-bearing strength of mounting surfaces.

  • What are the best suspension trainer exercises?

    The beauty of suspension training is the potential for efficient, full-body engagement, regardless of the move. A well-designed suspension training program will help you reap the full benefits the workout has to offer. When planning your program, aim for a comprehensive plan that works you from top to bottom, engaging your core throughout and challenging your stability and strength endurance. 

    Compliment your suspension regimen with supersets that double down for faster results using opposing moves with little rest in between. TRX Senior Master Course Instructor, Marc Coronel, B.A., said some of his favorite suspension training exercises are the TRX Squat Row, TRX Atomic Pushup, TRX Hamstring Curl to Hip Press, TRX Power Pulls, and TRX Cossack Lunge. When performing suspension training moves, “maintain proper posture by keeping an active plank at all time,” he advises while performing each," Coronel said.

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