The 7 Best SUP Boards to Buy in 2018

Hit the surf with right fit for your needs and expertise

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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Similar to surfing, it gets you out on the water on a board, but instead of sitting down to catch a wave, you remain standing (or at least try to remain standing) for the duration of the ride and propel yourself through the water with a paddle (thus the name paddleboarding). The other difference between surfing and SUP is the type of board you use.

SUP boards are typically wider than surfboards, and they’re built more with flotation in mind. Beyond that, however, they come in a variety of designs and sizes to accommodate all types of paddleboarders and their preferences. From those designed for beginners to those best for yoga and beyond, there’s a SUP board out there for everyone who wants to get their paddleboarding game on. Here, the best ones to consider.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board

This board from California-based company Isle gets high marks all around and is good in both flat water and for small waves. With a soft top and built-in grip, it’s great for beginners, but those with more experience will enjoy the ride on it too. The board is 10 feet and long, 31 inches across, and it will support up to 275 pounds. It comes with an adjustable paddle and a 9-inch removable fin.

If you ride it and don’t love it, no harm, no foul. They’ll take it back and give you a refund for up to 30 days (minus a 20 percent restocking fee). Customers say it’s a quality board, especially for the price and say they like its size and the fact that it’s lightweight (27 pounds).

Best for Beginners: California Board Company 10.5 ft. Stand up Paddle Board

California Board Company 10.5 ft. Stand up Paddle Board w/Bungee & Back Pack
Courtesy of Walmart

For beginners, this board by California Board Company is a great choice. It’s 10.5 feet long, 30 inches wide, and will support someone up to 300 pounds. It’s a solid board that’s lightweight and easy transport and maneuver through the water. Made of high-density foam, with a waterproof core, it also comes with a bungee, so you can strap a cooler to it or even a waterproof camera so you can get some awesome shots while you’re out on the water.

This version also comes with a surf leash system (no losing your board), an adjustable paddle, and a padded roof rack—everything you need to head out onto the water and get started. All that for under $600 makes it a great way to get your feet wet in this sport (or keep ‘em dry, as the case may be).

Best Inflatable Paddle Board: iRocker Inflatable CRUISER Stand Up Paddle Board

Inflatable surfboards offer the ultimate in portability, while still providing a solid ride. This one from iRocker is 10.6 feet long and 33 inches wide when inflated, with a weight limit of up to 350 pounds. Though it’s just half the weight of hard boards, it’s still ultra-durable and stable on the water.

It comes with a fiberglass paddle, a dual-action, high-capacity hand pump to blow it up quickly and a backpack to carry it all. There’s also an expanded front bungee area with D-rings to strap down your gear and an ankle strap to make sure you don’t lose your board should you fall. Customers rave about this board, saying it inflates easy, is sturdy and easy to maneuver through various waterways.

Best for Yoga: Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP Inflatable Yoga SUP Board

Hopping on a paddleboard can take your yoga practice to a whole new level, and this inflatable board is built to help you get there. From Advanced Elements, it’s extra wide (32 inches) to give you room for your downward dogs, upward dogs and everything in between. The board measures 10 feet long and has a full-length traction pad that makes it comfortable and easy to grip.

It comes with a hand pump that inflates it quickly and a carrying case so you can take it wherever you want to practice. Yogis love this board and say it inflates easily, is a snap to transport, and they like that it has a side shoulder strap instead of a carrying handle in the middle that can be in the way of their moves. Namaste.

Best for Kids: L.L.Bean Graphic Kids’ Stand-Up Paddleboard, 8'4"

L.L. Bean
Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Paddleboarding is a great sport for kids of all ages, and this board is made just for them. It measures just 8 feet, 4 inches, which is smaller than typical paddles boards, making it easier for them to maneuver. It will hold kids (or small adults) up to 120 pounds. Kids will love its bright colors and fun design, and it’s made tough to prevent damage.

The board has a foam core and a no-slip foam deck pad on top. A center fin makes it easier to control and keep on course. It can be used in flat water or in calm surf or rivers. Overall, it’s a great board to get kids started in the sport and make some family memories.

Best for Touring: Surftech Sport Touring TEKefx SUP

If you want to put some miles on your SUP board, you’re going to want a touring paddleboard, which is designed to go longer distances, be it in the lakes, the ocean, or a bay. This one from Surftech Sports gets top marks. It’s designed for maximum stability, glide, and efficiency, and it can be used in flat or choppy water. It measures 12 feet 6 inches long and 32 inches wide, so it’s bigger than a lot of other boards, but its design makes it fast and easy to maneuver.

Other details include bungee bow tie downs to transport your things, a built-in carrying handle and a standard single fin. This board is built to take you great places.

Best Hybrid: Ocean Kayak Nalu Hybrid Stand-Up-Sit-On-Top Paddleboard

Should you get tired of standing while paddleboarding, this board gives you the option to take a seat. From Ocean Kayak, it’s part paddleboard, part kayak, and it’s great for longer trips where you might want to switch back and forth between the two activities. You do, however, have to purchase the removable seat separately. The board measures 12' 6" x 30.5", and it will hold a rider up to 350 pounds.

Customers say love the versatility of this board and that it’s fast and stable. One reviewer, however, said that it doesn’t quite hold 350 pounds and starts to go below the water level when you get close to that weight limit.

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