The Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles, According to a Dietitian

Takeya's Water Bottle uses vacuum insulation to keep fluids cold for 24 hours

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The 9 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles, According to a Dietitian

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The Institute of Medicine recommends 15.5 cups of fluid per day for men and 11.5 cups of fluid per day for women. However, most people still struggle to get enough water each day. Owning a durable, functional, and perhaps even fashionable water bottle can help you remember to drink water.

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Using vacuum insulation, Takeya's Original Water Bottle keeps fluids cold for up to 24 hours. We recommend Contigo's AUTOSEAL Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle because it's budget-friendly and has an autoseal button for easy sipping.

Stainless steel water bottles keep water cold for hours, are better for the environment than plastic, and aren’t prone to breaking like glass water bottles. When looking for one, choose one that's insulated. We researched dozens of inversion tables and evaluated them for material, cost, ease of clean, and the number of hours fluids are kept cold. Each of the stainless steel water bottles chosen in this article was determined to be the best of these factors.

Here are the best stainless steel water bottles on the market.

Best Overall: Takeya Originals Insulated Water Bottle, 40-ounce

Takeya Originals Insulated Water Bottle, 40-ounce

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Vacuum insulation

  • Lid stays locked while drinking

  • Powder coated for durability

  • Prone to mold and sweating

  • May have a metallic after-taste

Who else recommends it? Men's Health also picked the Takeya Originals Insulated Water Bottle.

What do buyers say? 86% of 35,600+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

We recommend this stainless steel water bottle as our top choice because it's easy to drink out of, made for being on the go, and keeps water cold for 24 hours. Using double-walled vacuum insulation, it keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. It’s easy to add ice cubes with a wide mouth opening, but the leak-proof spout lid ensures you can sip without soaking your shirt. If you prefer, you can buy a lid with a straw instead of a spout.

The Takeya Originals bottle is available in 18, 24, 32, and 40 ounces, and each comes with a wide loop for carrying, so it’s easy to pick up one-handed at the gym or office. Their innovative Hinge-Lock keeps the spout lid locked back away from your face while drinking. What's more, it's made from premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which means that it doesn't leach chemicals or transfer flavors of whatever is in the bottle. The durable powder coating on the outside of the bottle is sweat-proof, making it easy to carry and ensuring no condensation.

 Capacity: 40 fl ounces | Lid: Locking twist cap | Weight: 1 pound | Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.75 x 11.63 inches

Best Overall, Runner-Up: YETI Rambler 18 oz Bottle with Chug Cap

YETI Rambler 18 oz Bottle with Chug Cap

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Color won't chip or fade

  • Prone to scratches

  • Insulation quality has mixed reviews

Yeti is a well-known, well-loved stainless steel water bottle brand. Designed for durability, Yetis are great for hiking, camping, and kayaking but are also excellent for taking to the office. That’s because, in addition to keeping water ice-cold for over 12 hours, the Yeti Rambler also keeps hot beverages, like coffee, piping hot for hours. 

The outside of the bottle has a DuraCoat color that won’t chip or fade, and it’s sweat-proof, so you can pick it up one-handed for easy drinking on the go. The Yeti Rambler is made from the highest grade 18/8 stainless steel, and its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps it free from condensation. The chug cap makes it easy to sip without spilling, whether in the car, the mountains, or the office. Just don’t use the chug cap with hot beverages.

The Rambler holds 18 ounces, which isn’t as much as some other bottles, but it fits in most cup holders and has a sturdy handle on its leak-proof lid, making it easy to tote. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

Capacity: 18 ounces | Lid: Screw-on | Weight: 1.1 pound | Dimensions: 3 x 9.5 x 3 inches

Best Budget: Contigo Autoseal Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle


  • Vacuum insulation

  • Fits most car cup holders

  • Autoseal technology

  • Body is not dishwasher-safe

  • Some parts are difficult to access and clean

Don’t let the price of the Contigo Autoseal Chill water bottle fool you into thinking this bottle is inferior to others. Water can stay cold for up to 28 hours in this stainless steel bottle that comes with its Autoseal spill-proof technology. Simply press the Autoseal button to drink and press the flip back down over the spout cover when done.

Made for one-handed drinking, this water bottle is perfect for traveling or commuting between the office, gym, and home. However, do not fill it with hot beverages. This one is best for water alone and not your morning java.

The Contigo Autoseal bottle comes in 24 or 32 ounces and has a small loop handle for easy carrying. Its sleek design allows it to fit in cup holders or easily slide into your bag. The lid can go in the top rack of the dishwasher but wash the bottle by hand.

Capacity: 24 ounces | Lid: Flip-top | Weight: .8 pounds | Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 11 inches

Best with Straw: Iron Flask 64 Oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle With Straw Lid

Iron Flask 64 Oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle With Straw Lid

Courtesy of Iron Flask

  • Double wall insulation

  • Includes 3 different lids

  • Fits most car cup holders

  • Hand wash only

  • Heavy and bulky

The Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle has the functionality of other stainless steel water bottles—keeping cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours—but it comes with a straw for simple sipping. In fact, it comes with three different lids: a straw lid, flip lid, and stainless steel lid. That’s a bonus of the Iron Flask if you’re deciding between comparable brands; other brands sell additional lids separately.

The Iron Flask was made for sports but ranging in six sizes from 14 to 64 ounces, it can just as easily be used as an everyday water bottle. The 14 to 22-ounce sizes fit in a cup holder, while the larger sizes do not.

The double-walled insulation keeps the Iron Flask condensation-free and easy to pick up with sweaty hands. It’s made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel that’s BPA-free and won’t leave a metal taste in your mouth. The logo is laser engraved so it won’t peel, and the bottle comes with a lifetime warranty.

Capacity: 64 ounces | Lid: 3 lids: carabiner straw, flip, stainless steel | Weight: 2.4 pounds | Dimensions: 13.07 x 5.43 x 5.35 inches

Best Screw Top: S'well Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17-Ounce

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Therma-S’well technology

  • Opening fits most ice cubes

  • Bottle fits most cup holders

  • Hand wash only

  • Bulky

  • Prone to scratches

S’well bottles were designed to be your “hydration accessory.” The company made stainless steel cool with its bright, vibrant colors and sleek design. And let’s be honest, some people need the cuteness factor to keep water consumption up. Available in three sizes, 9-ounce, 17-ounce, and 25-ounce, the narrower, sleek design of S’well bottles makes them easy to carry to work or workouts, as well as fit into cup holders and bags.

Since the mouth isn’t wide, these bottles are easier to drink out of without spilling. But the downside is that big ice cubes won’t fit inside. S’well uses triple-layered vacuum insulation that keeps cold beverages cold for up to 36 hours and hot drinks hot for 18 hours. You’ll never feel temperature or condensation on the outside of the water bottle.

S’well bottles only come with a screw-top but once secured tightly, it is leak-proof. S’well bottles are BPA-free and made from food-grade stainless steel. They are hand-wash only.

Capacity: 17 fl ounces | Lid: Screw-on | Weight: .7 pounds | Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 10.4 inches

What Our Editors Say

"Staying hydrated while being sustainable is a priority, no matter where my day takes me, which is what drew me to this 17-ounce S'well bottle. While the bottle's a bit heavy for leisure day trips, it doubles as a hand weight when hiking or taking recreational walks. I picked a vibrant coral color, "Birds of Paradise," which also increases nighttime visibility during evening walks. I also appreciate the fact that its narrowly-designed mouth minimizes spills, especially when taking sips during a car ride." — Tori Zhou, Associate Health Commerce Editor 

Best Insulated: Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Leakproof straw lid

  • Opening fits most ice cubes

  • Larger sizes don't fit most cup holders

  • Some may find the straw lid difficult to drink from

  • Prone to dents

It was hard to choose just one bottle that was the best insulated because, truth be told, most stainless steel water bottles have double- or triple-walled vacuum insulation. But people rave about this Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle that, get this, comes in seven different sizes and over 30 different colors. From as small as 14 ounces to as big as 84 ounces, Simple Modern's Summit water bottle is great for kids and adults alike. The 14 to 22-oz bottles fit in most cup holders.

Simple Modern uses double-walled insulation technology and, in addition, coats the outside of the inner wall in copper for added insulation. Users report that ice cubes remain days after filling the water bottle. It also keeps hot drinks hot for 12 to 18 hours.

The outside finish is durable and stays free from condensation. There are a variety of lids to choose from for the Simple Modern Summit water bottles. The straw lid is a favorite for easy sipping on the go; it’s leak-proof when closed and BPA-free.

Capacity: 32 ounces | Lid: Straw lid | Weight: 1.1 pounds Dimensions: 10.8 x 3.9 x 3.8 inches

Best with Infuser: GROSCHE Chicago Infuser Water Bottle

GROSCHE Chicago Infuser Water Bottle

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Includes extra long infuser

  • Double-walled vacuum insulation

  • Each purchase benefits the Safe Water Project

  • Hand wash only

  • Prone to rusting

If you know the importance of staying hydrated but hate the taste of water, this stainless steel infuser water bottle by GROSCHE is perfect for you. Both the bottle and the infuser are made from BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel. The two-part infuser is double the length of most infusers to better disperse the flavors of fruit or tea.

The double-walled vacuum insulation of the GROSCHE Chicago bottle will keep tea hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. The lid is leak-proof and easy to flip open or shut for easy drinking on the go, whether you're out cycling, at the gym, or in a meeting. The interior of this bottle won’t leave a metal taste in your mouth, and you will never feel condensation on the outside. 

As if these reasons aren’t enough to love this unique bottle, GROSCHE is a company on a mission. Every GROSCHE product you buy funds over 50 days of safe water for someone in need. The company has had a net negative carbon footprint since 2010, and 91 percent of their waste is diverted away from landfills. The only downsides of this bottle are that it’s slightly smaller than other water bottles, holding only 15 ounces, and hand washing is recommended.

Capacity: 15.2 fl ounces | Lid: Spin lid | Weight:  .7 pounds | Dimensions: 2.56 x 2.56 x 9.06 inches

Best for the Gym: Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Spout Lid

Courtesy of Target

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation

  • Leakproof spout lid

  • Mouth fits most ice cubes

  • Prone to mold and dents

  • Bulky

You can tell by the name of this bottle, Takeya Actives, that it was made for the gym. It combines the benefits of a wide mouth bottle for easy refilling and cleaning with a spout lid for easy sipping. No one wants to attempt a quick swig of water out of a wide-mouth bottle in the middle of a workout. The spout lid is leak-proof, insulated, and comes with a wide loop to make it easy to carry.

Takeya’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the bottle and lid condensation-free, which is important when you have sweaty hands. This water bottle keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

Takeya Actives water bottle comes with a removable, protective silicone bumper that prevents the bottle from scrapes and dents. The bumper also makes it quiet to set down on the floor in yoga class, so you don’t disturb anyone. Takeya uses only food-grade, BPA-free stainless steel, and recyclable materials. This Actives bottle is available in 18-oz, 22-oz, and 24-oz sizes and fits most car and bicycle cup holders. The lids are dishwasher-safe, but Takeya bottles should be washed by hand.

Capacity: 64 ounces | Lid: Spout lid | Weight: 1.8 pounds | Dimensions: 5.09 x 5.09 x 11.27 inches

Best for Travel: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 20 oz. Bottle

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 20 oz. Bottle

Courtesy of Hydro Flask

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Slim

  • BPA-free

  • May rust or dent

Hydro Flask water bottles are made for adventurers. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, going to the beach, or taking a road trip, this 20-ounce wide mouth Hydro Flask is the perfect water bottle to take along. It’s slim enough to fit in a cup holder in the car or slide into the water bottle pocket of your backpack, but the wide mouth opening makes it easy to fill up on the go without a mess. The great thing about wide-mouth water bottles is they can easily fit ice if you’re an ice-cold water fan.

This bottle keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot up to 12 hours, and no condensation will build up on the outside. Made from 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, this Hydro Flask is BPA- and phthalate-free. It comes in various fun, bright colors with a slip-free coating on the outside that makes it easy to grasp. It’s dishwasher-safe, and all Hydro Flask water bottles come with a lifetime warranty. The Leak Proof Flex Cap helps prevent spills, but this bottle is also compatible with the Hydro Flip Lid and the Wide Mouth Straw Lid by Hydro Flask.

Capacity: 20 ounces | Lid: Flex cap | Weight: .7 pounds | Dimensions: 3.35 x 3.15 x 8.9 inches

Final Verdict

You can’t go wrong with Takeya Originals (view at Amazon) or Actives Stainless Steel Water Bottles (view at Amazon), which keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, plus are spill-proof, portable, durable, fashionable, and cost-effective.

What to Look for in Stainless Steel Water Bottles


Depending on what you’ll be using the water bottle for, you may want a specific type of lid. For example, if you’re playing sports or at the gym, you’ll likely want a straw or spout so you can grab a quick sip.

A wide-mouth lid is nice if you want to add ice to your water bottle or will be pouring liquids from another container into the water bottle. Some wide mouth lids also come with interchangeable straw and spout lids. 


Water bottles range in size and can hold 12 ounces all the way to 84 ounces or more. A 64 to 84-ounce stainless steel water bottle is a great option if you're playing tennis or a sport where you might be in hot weather for several hours and want your water to remain cold. A 17 to 32-ounce water bottle is nice for everyday activities like going to work or the gym.

Since stainless steel works for hot and cold beverages alike, consider if you plan to put coffee or tea in your bottle. If so, you might want a bottle that’s closer to 17 to 32 ounces. Some bottles, like the S’well bottle, are more narrow, while others are wide. Many of the wide bottles do not fit in cup holders and are bulkier to tote around. If you plan to take the water bottle in the car, on a plane, on a bike ride, or on a hike, for example, a slender model will be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you clean stainless steel water bottles?

    Some stainless steel water bottles can go in the dishwasher, but others should be hand-washed, so check on the company website to see what they recommend. If hand washing, use dish soap and hot water, clean with a scrub brush, and air dry. Use a smaller scrub brush made for straws to clean straws, spouts, and lids. If you want to deep clean your bottle, you can fill it with half water, half vinegar, shake it up and let it soak for a few hours or overnight. Then rinse with warm water and dry.

  • Are stainless steel water bottles safe?

    Yes. Stainless steel does not leach chemicals when heated. Look for 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which refers to 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel and is one of the highest grades of stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and commonly used in the food industry.

What Experts Say

“Staying hydrated is key for not only your body’s performance but also mental clarity and productivity—and it’s possible to reap the benefits of hydration without resorting to single-use plastic bottles. Stainless steel is a long-lasting material that is resistant to corrosion and does not leach chemicals when exposed to heat, making it a great choice for water bottles. When choosing a stainless steel bottle, consider what you’ll be using it for; if you’re active in sports choose a lightweight and slim bottle that can easily be carried, or if it’s your everyday water bottle choose one that fits in your bag or car’s cup holder. Overall, choosing a high-quality bottle made with materials that will last the test of time is better for you and better for the environment.” —Kristina Todini, RDN

Why Trust Verywell Fit

Lainey Younkin, MS, RD, LDN, is a registered dietitian always looking for ways to help her clients drink more water. She has personally owned a number of the stainless steel water bottles on this list because she can’t stand lukewarm water and loves any bottle that keeps her H20 ice cold for hours.

Her clients also love these stainless steel bottles and are evidence that a cute water bottle can indeed help you stay adequately hydrated, as long as you don’t lose your water bottle when you’re on the go. But hey, if you do, it’s a nice excuse to try another brand.

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