The 8 Best Softball Bats of 2019

Knock one out of the park

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Softball is a fun sport for men and women of any age. Whether you’re looking to play in a slow pitch league after work or have a little leaguer eager to hit home runs, it’s critical that you get a great bat.

Before you buy a softball bat, there are a few things that you should know to look for. First, make sure you get the right size. You can measure yourself by calculating your wingspan and then using an online sizing chart. Kids also have a one-size range, with 3- to 3-foot-6-inch children using a 26-inch bat, while adults have another.

You also want to look at the bat’s weight. It varies based on length—look at the drop weight ratings. Heavier bats will have slower speeds but more power. Light and longer bats deliver speed with less force. Also consider the bat requirements of your league, whether you’re playing fast or slow pitch, and the grip on the bat.

With all of that to consider, we're here to help you sort through the noise. Below, our picks for top softball bats.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Louisville Slugger LXT X18 Fastpitch Bat

The producers of one of the most popular baseball bats of the major leagues also make one of the best softball bats available. Instead of being made from one piece of wood, this bat is made in three parts with composite material ready for fastpitch softball.

The LXT X18 bat has a 2.25-inch wide barrel made with PBF technology for the largest sweet spot of all Louisville Slugger bats. What sets this bat apart from the competition is its “ultra-balanced swing weight.” With a -10 drop, this bat gives you a fast swing and greater control. Additionally, the super lightweight X-Cap helps swing speed. The 0.875-inch diameter handle and synthetic grip, as well as the vibration-dampening three-piece construction, all help the batter have a more comfortable plate appearance. Certified by the ISA, NSA, USSSA, ISF, and ASA, this bat is ready for it all and comes with a one-year warranty.

Best for Budget: Easton SP16S50 S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat

If you’re just looking for a bat that will let you play in the backyard or host your family’s annual softball game, you don’t need a performance bat and you definitely don’t need to pay performance prices. Instead, opt for the Easton S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat.

This aluminum alloy bat is tough enough to handle rough play by the kids and hard hits by adults. The 12-inch barrel is strong and swings fast. The handle is slim and features a versatile grip. This USSSA- and ASA-certified bat doesn’t have the rare materials or bells and whistles of other bats on the market, but it can help you have a fun game of softball. It’s a good option for many softball players who want to buy smart.

Best for Kids: Easton Ghost Youth Softball Bat

Easton Ghost Youth Softball Bat

Courtesy of Amazon

Little league is a tradition for many American families. It’s a fun way for parents to bond with their children over a shared activity and a great way to learn teamwork skills. For girls and boys who play softball, the Ghost Youth Softball Bat from Easton is a great choice.

This youth-specific bat comes from the well-known line of Easton Ghost bats, which deliver a reliable, durable product that can crack the ball past the warning track. Approved for use in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF play, this bat is just as good for league play as it is in the backyard. The Youth Ghost is made of ALX50 military grade aluminum, which helps your youngster deliver a powerful hit time after time without any sign of wear. With its -11 barrel weight and range of sizes, this bat hits the sweet spot for younger players.

Best for Beginners: DeMarini Uprising Slowpitch Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Uprising Slowpitch Baseball Bat is a great choice if you're looking for an affordable, easy-to-use bat. Ideal for slow pitch games, the Uprising will allow even the newest softball players a measure of control over their hits. The 34-inch bat comes in several weight options and is approved for use in ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA leagues.

The bat sports a 2.25-inch barrel and the comfortable hybrid performance grip so your fielding hand won’t get sore. The one-piece bat is made of DX1 alloy from barrel to handle for exceptional durability and power to pop the ball over the fence. The Uprising comes at a great price too, so you won’t mind letting your teammates take turns using this great bat.

Best for Women: Easton Double 10 Barrel Ghost

Softball is a popular sport for women of all ages. From competitive high school and college teams to rec leagues for adults. Whether you’re picking up the sport for the first time or you’ve long been a softball talent, the Easton Ghost Double 10 Barrel is the kind of bat that will impress your competition and let you place the ball exactly where you want it.

This fastpitch bat features the lowest barrel compression in softball, which enhances the impact of your swing every time. Although the CONNEXION+ technology in the Double 10 Barrel bat won’t let you feel the vibrations of your hard hits, you’ll sure hear it. This bat packs satisfying sound that Easton calls “best-in-class” acoustics.

This Ghost bat features a resin matrix soft outer barrel and a high-performance inner barrel. Both barrels are full-length and use an innovative composition. The softer outer barrel delivers that super low compression and flexibility, while the inner barrel is the hard backbone that power-packs your hits. Any serious softball player will love this bat. It's sleek, stylish, and deadly over the plate.

Best for Men: Demarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Whether you’re playing in a hyper-competitive men’s league or a casual after-work game that’s more about the drinks afterward than the play on the field, you’ll need a good bat for men’s softball. The Demarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat is an excellent option. It’ll allow former baseball players to get the distance on the ball that they want and beginners to swing like the big-leaguers. 

The ONE OG bat is designed for slow pitch softball and will help you take advantage of this version of the game. The 12-inch S.ONE composite barrel and alloy handle give you a stiffer bat that helps you hit deep into the outfield and out of the park. The bat’s deep concave cap also adds to its stiffness and increases the barrel’s sweet spot. This bat comes with a one-year warranty and a is approved for ASA, NSA, USSSA, and ISA play. 

Best for Fastpitch: DeMarini CFX 11 Fastpitch Bat

Fastpitch softball requires experienced, precise pitchers and practiced, accurate batters. If you’re a new or avid fastpitch softball player, prep for your next game with a new bat. The DeMarini CFX bat lets you translate your fastpitch skills into hits, RBIs, and runs. 

Available in multiple lengths and weights, for men or women, this bat is expertly made. Constructed of a paraflex composite material, the CFX 11 is 22 percent stronger, with better weight distribution, flex, and pop. The 3Fusion end cap also helps deliver better weight and hitting control. This bat has a two-piece design to enlarge the barrel’s sweet spot and decrease the impact of bad hits.

Don’t worry about feeling the impact of fast pitches with the CFX 11. This bat has a grip, RCK knob and handle specifically designed for the batter’s hands and reduces vibration. DeMarini explains that this bat even redirects vibration from the handle back into the barrel for added power.

Best for Slow Pitch: DeMarini Steel Slow Pitch Bat

DeMarini Steel Slow Pitch Bat

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

It’s coming in slow. It’s coming across the plate. Smash it out of the park with the DeMarini Steel Slow Pitch Bat. Certified by the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF, this bat ideal for official noncomposite league play as well as casual recreational use. Made with a carburized steel barrel, this bat certainly deserves its place in the DeMarini Steel series.

This bat features a two-piece construction with a 13-inch, steel barrel and a ZnX aluminum alloy handle. The steel delivers the power batters want while the aluminum provides the flex. The handle also features a RCK knob and 0.6-millimeter grip for a comfortable feel with each swing.

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