The 8 Best Soccer Balls of 2019

Pass, shoot, and dribble with these options

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive workout that you can enjoy outdoors with friends, you can’t do much better than soccer. Besides being fun, the game is a real endurance test for your body: 90 minutes of passing, shooting, and defending burns serious calories and challenges your cardiac and respiratory systems.

If you’re looking to add an effective new activity to your workout regimen, or if you’re already a soccer fan, you just need one thing to get started: the perfect soccer ball. We did the research for you and found the best soccer balls for your individual gameplay needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball

Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re a soccer fan looking to buy a new ball, chances are you've watched the World Cup at least once. The one constant among the thrilling games was this official game ball by Adidas—a great overall soccer ball pick that fans and beginners alike can pick up on Amazon. Its look is inspired by the 1970 “Telstar” design used for Adidas’ first World Cup ball, which was created to show up well on black-and-white TVs. This year’s model is a little more high-tech, with an embedded NFC chip that lets you pull up information about the ball on your smartphone.

Customers praised the feel of this ball, saying that it has a good tactile surface. It also feels light, providing a perfect glide through the air during passing or shooting.

Best Budget: Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Soccer balls don’t have to be World Cup-official to be good quality. The Mikasa Sports Serious Soccer Ball’s design may not be flashy, but the butyl bladder holds air well and the synthetic leather is firm enough to stand up to a good kick (but won’t give anyone a concussion if they take a tough header). Most importantly, you can pick one up without breaking the bank.

From team practice to pick-up games, these balls can handle a lot of abuse, but be warned that they aren’t approved for “official” competitions like high school or college games.

Best Training Ball: Senseball

Just as most people discover that they’re right- or left-handed, soccer players quickly figure out that they’re left- or right-footed, too. Breaking through to the next level of soccer training means playing well with both sides of your body, and that’s where SenseBall comes in. The attached handle and cord create a pendulum with the ball, so players can train their lower bodies for perfect control in fast-paced situations.

Both adult and child soccer players love this product, saying that they couldn’t get their soccer-obsessed kids to put it down. It also comes with access to tons of instructional videos online to teach players different exercises and drills.

Best for Trick Shots: KickerBall by SwerveBall



If you’ve ever struggled to get your shots to curve into the goal as smoothly as David Beckham, you may want to look into spending some time with the KickerBall. Deep grooves and ridges around each panel help create a ton of curve as the ball spins through the air, creating a huge bend in your shot. It’s not a replacement for a regular game, but if you’re looking for a fun break from normal soccer, the KickerBall is worth a look.

Customers loved the crazy amount of bends, dips and curves the ball gives with just a fraction of a spin. One person even said that he and a friend spent hours coming up with new tricks using this soccer ball.

Best for Hard Ground: KixFriction Soccer Ball

Playing soccer on a hard surface like asphalt or concrete usually causes a soccer ball to roll too far, leading to wasted time spent chasing down the ball rather than playing. This happens because the ball loses friction normally provided by grass as it rolls. The KixFriction Soccer Ball adds rubber panels between the seams on the outside of the ball, mimicking grass’s drag effect so you can easily play soccer on any surface.

Overall, this is a versatile training ball for anyone looking for more control when dribbling or passing.

Best for Night Soccer: GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball

Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a field with strong lights, soccer games are usually limited to the daylight hours. However, GlowCity’s line of light-up soccer balls can extend your gameplay into the night. Each ball comes with two small but powerful LEDs, illuminating it from within for a sci-fi vibe. Its impact-activated design lights up when it moves and automatically powers down after inactivity, so you won’t burn up battery life if you forget to shut it off.

Best Durability: One World Play Project Ball

The One World Play Project Ball was designed specifically for use in the rocky, uneven areas where soccer is usually played in third-world countries—resulting in the world’s toughest soccer ball. You can kick it across broken glass, against barbed wire, or even run it over with a truck, and this ball will re-inflate itself within seconds. As a feel-good bonus, for every ball that the One World Play Project sells, they donate money towards purchasing play equipment for impoverished communities around the world.

Best All-in-One Soccer Kit: GOLIT Pop-Up Soccer Goal Set

Having a soccer ball in the trunk of your car is essential for pick-up games during cookouts, camping, or trips to the beach. But with the GOLIT Pop-Up Soccer Goal Set, you can have two pop-up soccer goals, a ball with an air pump, and six disc cones (for dribbling exercises or marking boundaries) for less than the price of a single high-end ball. Plus, it all folds up and fits inside a travel bag for easy assembly and toting.

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