The 8 Best Snowshoes to Buy in 2018

The right footwear to help you hit the snow with ease

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Snowshoeing is a fun way to experience the beauty and serenity of snowy, winter weather while getting a good cardio workout. Wearing the right snowshoes can enhance your outdoor adventure even more, so it’s important to pick the right snowshoe features for your size, needs and experience level.

To help you sort through the options, check out this list of the best snowshoes. Keep in mind that a snowshoe's recommended load or carrying capacity refers to your weight plus the weight of your gear. If you’re not exactly certain which size would be best, go with the smallest snowshoes that will support your weight. Also, some snowshoes come with a carrying bag and poles, so be sure to check the product descriptions to know exactly what’s included.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall: MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes

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With its superior design, performance, and versatility, the MSR EVO 22 Snowshoes rise above the competition and are an excellent value for the price. A step-up from entry-level snowshoes, they’re built for trails and are suitable for hiking on rolling to steep terrain off the beaten path, even in tough weather conditions. They feature steel traction rails and brake bars that are molded directly into the snowshoe decks, providing a secure and lasting grip. The simple, non-moving parts design also decreases the potential for parts breaking or not working properly. The weather-resistant DuoFit bindings are easy to adjust, even while wearing gloves, and can accommodate a wide range of boots and other footwear. These snowshoes are very lightweight, allowing for maximum efficiency during your hikes, even on rolling terrain. They’re also extremely versatile—if you want the maneuverability of a smaller snowshoe for flat, packed conditions, you can add on the modular flotation tails (sold separately). 


Best Budget: Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, but high-quality, snowshoe for use on packed snow and moderate terrain, the Chinook Trekker Snowshoes is an excellent entry-priced choice. Lightweight and comfortable, they feature a strong aluminum frame with an ergonomic design. The freeze-resistant bindings give a secure fit and are easy to adjust, even with gloves on. They also feature heel straps that keep your feet secure, as well as heavy-duty aluminum crampons for excellent grip and traction. Even at such a bargain price, they also include a carrying bag featuring adjustable backpack straps, side handles, a mesh ventilation window, and Velcro pole carriers. These durable snowshoes also come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Best for Women: Winterial Snowshoes for Women

While some snowshoes don’t specify gender, others are designed specifically for women, with a narrower, more contoured frame design, smaller sizes, and bindings designed to fit women’s footwear. These snowshoes from Winterial are perfect for women for all those reasons and more. They’re lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, extremely durable, and stand up to even the harshest cold weather conditions. The aluminum teeth and heel strap treads provide solid grip and traction, even on the hillier terrain. These snowshoes come with a convenient carrying bag as well as two anti-shock poles that are adjustable to your height. They’re available in fun colors such as pink, green, and blue. 


Best for Men: ALPS Adult All Terrain Snowshoes

Although these snowshoes from ALPS can used by men or women, they’re designed for larger boots and heavier loads. Comfortable and lightweight, the shoe frames are made of aluminum tubing and the decks are made of durable, lightweight Nytex material. The bindings are molded around a man's boot to cradle and pad the arch and ball of the foot, providing a comfortable fit. The lacing system holds your feet securely and the Fast-Loc buckles make getting them off and on fast and easy. Available in four different sizes, they also come with a carrying tote bag and a pair of anti-shock walking poles.


Best for Beginners: Enkeeo All Terrain Snowshoes

If you’re new to snowshoeing and not interested in tackling steep hills or rough terrain, the Enkeeo All Terrain Snowshoes are a great entry-level choice and an excellent value for the price. They feature a strong, wide metal frame, providing a stable platform and maximum flotation, which works great for powdery snow conditions. The bindings easily adjust to most footwear and, along with the ergonomic, streamlined design, ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The shoes’ curved rear end minimizes the dragging effect when moving forward and allows you to move backward easily, so you’ll walk or hike more efficiently. The aluminum crampons also give you outstanding traction and grip on the snow. And, although snowshoes aren’t about style, you’ll look pretty sharp in this cool black and orange pair. They’re available in several different sizes, based on carrying load, and come with a carrying bag. 


Best for Advanced: Atlas Endeavor Snowshoes

Have your sights on rough terrain and steep hills during your snowshoeing treks? The Atlas Endeavor Snowshoe are a sturdy, high-quality option. With stainless steel crampons, they offer excellent traction, even on ice and frozen, hard terrain. The Endeavor’s design is an elliptical shape around the shoe area, which creates a stronger and stiffer frame. They also feature an original patented SLS or Spring Loaded Suspension design that keeps the snowshoe close to your foot to decrease fatigue and allow for better maneuverability, especially on steep inclines. The bindings are easy to use and work well, even in icy conditions. Another plus for these snowshoes is that they pack down easily, making it simple to stow and transport them.


Best for Younger Kids: Tubbs Kids Snowflake Snowshoes

Kids' snowshoes vary based on the intended age. Smaller sizes are meant for younger children and casual snow play, while larger models offer some of the same technical features of adult snowshoes. The Tubbs Kids Snowflake Snowshoes are the perfect starter option for kids aged three to six. Easy to use and lightweight, they feature a two-step binding that makes getting them on and off a cinch. They’re ideal for when the snow is too deep for kids to go out and play in it. Kids can customize the snowshoes to their style with the included pack of stickers.


Best for Older Kids: Lucky Bums Youth Snowshoes

If you’re looking for snowshoes for your older kids (6 years+), the sturdy Lucky Bums snowshoes are an excellent option. They’re built to last with a virtually indestructible aluminum frame. The adjustable bindings are easy to use and provide a secure fit, while the metal toe crampon allows for solid grip and traction in the snow. Kids can walk or run in them efficiently, as the hinge lifting the tail of the shoes provides for extra mobility and speed. They’re available in various sizes, based on weight, and also come with a carrying bag and manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

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