Best Smoothie Delivery Services

How to find the best smoothie delivery service for your lifestyle

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The days of trying to replicate your favorite smoothie or scrolling through the overwhelming online recipes are over thanks to smoothie delivery services. There are a variety of services available for every type of lifestyle. For folks on-the-go who lack the time to take out their blender, some services will ship ready-made smoothies or freeze-dried powders that just need to be mixed with the liquid in a bottle. For those with a little more time (and freezer space), there are options for frozen ingredients that can be placed in the blender with a favorite milk and put back into a ready to enjoy a to-go cup. If you follow a specific diet or have a particular goal in mind, some services can cater to vegan, paleo, anti-inflammatory, or weight loss needs. 

Smoothies are an excellent way to consume a potent dose of nutrients in one meal. They offer a quick and easy way to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables for daily goals. Great for picky eaters, folks with little time, or those who would rather not cook, smoothies provide a fast, tasty way to include more vegetables and fruit in the day. The services we reviewed offer blends that include vegetables, fruits, and superfoods like turmeric, chia seeds, and raw cacao. Many of these services offer smoothies that contain enough protein, healthy fats, fiber, and complex carbohydrates to take the place of a meal; others offer a potent dose of nutrients but lack the protein to make a complete meal.

Best Smoothie Delivery Services of 2022

Best Overall : Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Why We Chose It: Daily Harvest is our top pick for best overall company because of its large variety of smoothie options (over 20 different smoothie cups are available), high-quality ingredients, and solid reviews.

What We Like
  • Daily Harvest uses 95% organic ingredients in their smoothies and does not include additives or preservatives

  • Smoothies are easy to make; just dump frozen ingredients into the blender and add liquid

  • Many of the smoothie offerings are complete meals, meaning they have enough protein, fiber, and fat to keep you full

What We Don't Like
  • Freezer space is a must; these cups can take up a whole shelf or more in the freezer

  • If you are conscious about waste and sustainability, this service may not be for you

  • Each cups makes one serving, so it's not ideal for families

Verywell Fit is aware of a Daily Harvest recall related to customers being sickened after consuming its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles menu item. We are watching the situation closely and will consider this when we re-evaluate Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest emphasizes high-quality ingredients that taste delicious and pack a punch of nutrition. Organic ingredients are used for those that appear on the Environmental Working Group's "dirty dozen" list (the most pesticide-intensive fruits and vegetables). Though there is a lot of packaging involved in this service, Daily Harvest works to support a more sustainable food ecosystem by working with transitional organic farms that are in the process of gaining a USDA Organic certification.

Customers can choose between a weekly subscription of nine, 12, or 24 smoothies per box or a monthly subscription of 24 smoothies and they can pick from a variety of flavors. Additional frozen options include oat/chia bowls, flatbreads, and harvest bowls. The price changes based on the subscription box’s size; the most significant discount is 20 dollars off a pack of 24 items.

Best For Budget Conscious : Everipe



Why We Chose It: Looking for a healthy and easy way to blend up a tasty smoothie that will not break the bank? Everipe is our choice for the best budget-conscious smoothie delivery service.

What We Like
  • Ready in 60 seconds

  • Lasts in the pantry for up to one year

  • Free shipping and the price is $4.99 per smoothie compared to $9 or more for other brands

What We Don't Like
  • Limited flavors available

  • Low in protein

  • Barely any veggies

Compared to the other companies we reviewed, Everipe offers the most affordable service without skimping on quality. Their smoothies feature nutrient-dense ingredients like chia seeds, mulberries, hulled hemp hearts, and various fruits. Unlike other companies that freeze their smoothie ingredients, Everipe’s smoothie ingredients are freeze-dried and arrive ready to be stored in the pantry for up to one year.

Smoothies are sold in 4-pack or 5-packs and are available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for just $4.99 per smoothie. Pause, cancel, or change options anytime. Subscriptions are not required, though, and you can buy as many or as little as you want with no lock-in subscription plan. These smoothies are high in vitamins and minerals, but some varieties contain lower amounts of protein. Consider adding protein powder, Greek yogurt, or nut butter to boost the amount of protein and make these blends a complete meal or enjoy the smoothies as is for a snack.

Best For Meal Replacement : Realm



Why We Chose It: A meal replacement smoothie should contain enough macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) to power you through until your next meal. Realm does exactly that, offering a variety of flavors and options, all jam-packed with enough protein and nutrients to replace a meal.

What We Like
  • No preservatives, artificial coloring or additives

  • 18+ grams of protein per serving

  • Takes less than 30 seconds to make

What We Don't Like
  • Only three flavors

  • No variety pack

  • Limited veggies

Realm offers packages of five smoothie blends of freeze-dried and powdered ingredients that are shelf-stable and can be made into a nutrient-packed shake in less than 30 seconds. Flavors include Tropical Greens, Berry Fresh, and Bold Cacao. All you need to do is add the plant powder to a shaker bottle with liquid and enjoy. Every smoothie blend contains 18+ grams of plant-based protein from brown rice and peas and anywhere from 5 to 7 grams of fiber, so you are guaranteed to be fueled for the day. However, we wish there were more flavors available and more vegetables included in their freeze-dried powders.

Best For Shelf Life : Kencko



Why We Chose It: A smoothie that can sit on the shelf for up to one year? Kencko takes the pick for the best shelf life with their organic fruit and veggie powders.

What We Like:
  • Organic fruits and vegetables

  • Carbon-neutral shipping and compostable packaging

  • No blender required

What We Don't Like:
  • Low in calories, not enough energy to be a meal

  • Low in protein

  • Only monthly plans available

On a mission to help people eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber, Kencko offers consumers a simple way to eat more plants. The instant smoothies are made from organic fruits and vegetables, with nothing added and nothing is taken out except water. The fresh produce is flash-frozen and slow-dried to capture its nutrients, fiber, color, and flavor in a convenient powder.

Each smoothie contains roughly 85 calories and gives the same nutritional benefits as two and a half cups of fresh produce. These smoothies do not contain enough calories for a meal on their own, so consider adding a serving of healthy fat and protein to boost the nutrition profile and make your smoothie more filling.

Smoothie packs are excellent for travel and would be a great option as a nutrient-dense snack. Subscription plans are offered monthly, and shoppers can choose between packs of seven, 20, or 60. When purchased as a 60 pack, smoothies are only $2.49 apiece.

Best For On-The-Go : Revive Superfoods

Revive Superfoods

Revive Superfoods

Why We Chose It: Revive Superfoods is our top pick for the best on-the-go smoothie because of each smoothie’s ability to fuel a busy day as well as the packaging that doubles as an easy-to-go cup.

What We Like:
  • Over 15 different flavors

  • Most smoothies contain a vegetable

  • High in fiber

What We Don't Like:
  • Not all ingredients are organic

  • Freezer space is a must

Revive Superfoods offers customers chef-crafted superfood smoothies packed with protein and pre-portioned with clean, nutritious ingredients. With a wide variety of flavors ranging from coconut cream to pumpkin and chill, there is a blend to satisfy every taste.

We like that these cups contain not just frozen fruits and superfoods but also vegetables. Veggies like cauliflower, zucchini, and kale make their way into some of these frozen cups. Shipping is free, and customers can choose a weekly or monthly subscription: nine, 12, or 24 cups for the weekly plan OR 12, 24 cups for the monthly plan. Each cup makes one smoothie; all you have to do is blend with liquid, pour back into the cup, put on the lid, grab a straw and you are good to go.

Best For Ready Made : Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

Why We Chose It: Splendid Spoon’s plant-based, nutrient-rich smoothies are our top choice for best ready-made smoothie option.

What We Like:
  • 16 different flavors

  • High Pressure Processed to extend shelf life and maintain the nutritional properties of the raw ingredients

  • No blending or shaking required

What We Don't Like:
  • May not be that filling, low in calories and protein

  • Pricey: One smoothie is $13

If blending or mixing is not your thing, Splendid Spoon has you covered with their vegan, ready-to-sip smoothies. The 16-ounce bottles arrive fully refrigerated and prepared. Offering a variety of flavors that are rich in nutrients, this is a service that will keep you nourished with minimal effort. Though these smoothies are packed with fruits, vegetables, and superfoods like flaxseed and chia, one serving is pretty low in calories so you may opt to drink the entire bottle (two servings) for a meal and stick to half the bottle as a snack.

Note that ease does come with a price; compared to the other services reviewed, these smoothies are a bit more expensive. Their breakfast plan, a box of five smoothies, costs $65. For $30 more, shoppers can opt for their breakfast + lunch plan, which includes five smoothies and five soup/grain bowls.

Final Verdict

When it comes to smoothie delivery services, there is one to fit every lifestyle, taste, and dietary need. Offerings range from freeze-dried shelf-stable powders that can be mixed with liquid to individual smoothie cups filled with frozen ingredients that just have to be blended with liquid. Some blends may need to be boosted with protein powder or other ingredients to make a complete meal where others are full of protein, fat, and fiber. Our top recommendation is Daily Harvest based on their nutrient-dense smoothies, high-quality ingredients, and tasty flavors.


What Is a Smoothie Delivery Service?

Smoothie delivery services are companies that deliver ready-made smoothies or smoothie ingredients to your door. You can pick your flavors or blends online and build your own customized box of items.

How Much Does a Smoothie Delivery Service Cost?

Services range in price from $2.99 per smoothie to $13. Prices vary based on the size of the delivery.

Are They Made For Specific Diet Needs?

Most smoothie services cater to a variety of dietary needs. Whether customers are following a weight loss plan, anti-inflammatory diet, paleo, or vegan lifestyle, there is a company for everyone.

Are They Available Through a Subscription?

Yes, and plans can be canceled or paused at any time. Subscriptions range in price depending on the box size or amount of smoothies ordered at once.

Do They Need to Be Refrigerated?

It depends on the service. Some products must be kept in the freezer, others in the fridge, and some are shelf-stable. It is best to refrigerate any smoothies after preparing them.

Are They Ready-Made or Do I Need to Blend Them?

Many smoothies need to be blended or mixed in a bottle. Some companies send cups with frozen ingredients that just need to be combined with liquid in the blender and others send nutrient-packed powders that can be mixed in a bottle. We reviewed one company that delivers ready-made smoothies.

How We Chose the Best Smoothie Delivery Services

Similar to meal delivery services, as the popularity of these companies increases, so does the range of quality. We considered more than 10 companies and reviewed price, flavor variety, shelf-life, ease, ingredient quality, and customer reviews when choosing our top picks.

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By Sydney Greene, MS, RDN
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