The 7 Best Sleep Trackers to Buy in 2018

Stay on track of how many Zzzzs you are catching at night

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Sleep is such an important thing, but do you get enough of it? According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder, with insomnia reported as the most common. And 35.3 percent adults report less than 7 hours of sleep during a typical 24-hour period.

Medical studies have related a lack of sleep to various health problems and cognitive impairment, with some of the most common being high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, lack of alertness, impaired memory, and relationship stress.

If you’re not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep on a regular basis, or are having an off moment in your normal sleep pattern, a sleep tracker may be of great use.

If you have sleep problems, you can use sleep trackers to collect highly detailed data, and perhaps use it to work with a sleep specialist to create a better night’s sleep. Microelectronics and software have created some pretty impressive sleep tracking devices that work to monitor various inputs, like physical activity, direction, location, sound, skin conductivity and heart rate.

But what makes a good device? The following 7 are the best options for a variety of needs, whether you want something wearable or not.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: FitBit Ionic

The FitBit Ionic is the company’s most modern device to date, featuring the Fitbit OS, which is a wearable operating system that powers the watch. The device has a range of fun features, including advanced fitness tracking, tons of sensors including a more accurate heart monitor than the FitBit Blaze, a new SpO2 blood oxygen sensor, GPS, water resistance, a wallet feature for on-the-go paying from your watch with supported cards, and much, much more. The design is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and has three physical buttons on the sides for super easy access to everything you may need. While the face of the device proves quite large for readability, it is a barely-there watch that is great for sleeping comfortably.

The smartwatch does what FitBit is known for: tracks steps, stairs climbed, calories burned and heart rate, while also offering newly improved sleep tracking algorithms to let you know information like when you fell asleep, your light, deep and REM sleep cycles, and the time you woke up. It has a topnotch battery life of four days, and alerts you far before it’s too low, so you can have plenty of time to charge it before you go to sleep. The new Sleep Stages app allows you to review sleep patterns by analyzing data from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor, and even provides you Sleep Insights, which provide you helpful tips for improving your sleep routine. The sleep sensors are so advanced that they can even detect issues such as sleep apnea. It’s the type of device that delivers all-in-one features for your active and healthy lifestyle.

Best Budget: Letscom Fitness Tracker

You don't have to spend a lot to keep track of your sleep. This budget favorite will not only log the hours you are sleeping (or not), it will also monitor your active minutes, calories burned,  steps taken, and your heart rate to give you the complete picture of your health. 

This model comes in five different colors and can be charged easily by plugging it into a USB outlet (read no more wires!) and one charge can last up to 7 days. You can also sync this up to your phone so you can track your progress easily and even monitor your runs with GPS.

Reviewers say this works great at a budget price. There are some complaints about it breaking after a few days but thankfully this purchase has a one-year warranty so the company should be contacted ASAP if you see if any problems. 

Best Hands Off: BeautyRest Sleeptracker Monitor

If you’re looking for something that requires no starting or stopping your device, syncing your data, or even changing batteries, BeautyRest Sleeptracker Monitor is a wonderful option. It monitors your sleep without having to strap it onto your body, but rather consists of a processor box and a sensor system. There are two sensors, so both you and your partner can track your sleep individually when placing the sensors underneath the pillow. The sensors connect to the processor by wires. The sensors serve to monitor respiration and heart rate, as well as sleep patterns. The device’s app provides you with readings and sleep data, while the sleep cycle alarm wakes you up at the most opportune time. The system is the only one of its kind that is Alexa-enabled and works with other smart home devices like Nest thermostats and Philips Hue lighting. You’ll also get individualized sleep coaching through the device.

Best Bedside: Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

If you want to keep your sleep tracker off of you and in your room, try Withings Aura Smart Sleep System, which monitors your sleep, has a light and sound unit to both relax you and help ease you into sleep, as well as to gently wake you up come the morning. It consists of a strap that you sleep on, along with a bedside unit for measuring environmental factors related to your sleep, as well as light and sound creation. The mobile phone app allows you to review your results.

You’ll get a fading glowing light on a timer, with red wavelengths made to trigger melatonin production. The bedside unit plays music to help you fall asleep and wake up, the smart alarm wakes you up during your lightest sleep period, and the device tracks your time awake, time restless, time it took to fall asleep, as well as your time spent in the different sleep cycles. It also monitors your heart and breathing rate, along with your movement during the night.

Best Pillow: ZEEQ Smart Pillow

THE ZEEQ Smart Pillow offers a range of notable features. It wirelessly plays music to soothe you to sleep, as well as other helpful audio tracks from apps without bothering your partner. The pillow is great for people who snore since, along with measuring sleep motion, it also measures snoring decibels. Each morning, you’ll receive a SleepScore as well as a daily report that shows you how long you slept and how well. The Smart Alarm feature has your pillow wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle time. The memory foam pillow, which features an adjustable foam cluster fill, even regulates temperature and wicks away moisture.

Best Headband: Sleep Shepherd Blue

This intriguing device works to track your sleep via a biofeedback system that uses customized binaural beats and electroencephalograph (EEG) sensors to monitor your sleep patterns. The headband is adjustable for your comfort and is made of a super lightweight, breathable fabric. The binaural beats feature low-frequency audio tunes within small speakers. The companion app works to measure and monitor your sleep behavior, as well as save your sleep sessions to help you target your sleep trends using brainwave data and motion and sleep orientation information.

Best Watch: Withings Activité

If you want something that looks as simple as a watch, Withings makes a great wrist accessory that’s fashionable enough for your daytime outfit while doubling as a sleep tracker, among other things. Designed in Paris, the watch has a stylish Swiss Made analog, features an eight-month battery life, records your steps, distance and calories burned, recognizes when you’re running or swimming automatically, and is water resistant up to 165 feet. As for sleeping, it delivers simply and effectively, tracking sleep automatically and providing you details on the time it took to fall asleep, duration, cycles, and interruptions.

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