The 8 Best Skateboards of 2019

Cruise the streets with these favorite picks

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If you’re considering starting skateboarding or looking to buy a new board there are several factors to consider. If you or the skateboarder you’re shopping for is taller than 5-foot-3-inches or older than 13, you should probably buy a full-size board with a deck at least 7.5" wide. From there, size has to do with preference. A 7.875" board may be better for technical tricks or street riding while an 8.125" board is better for ramps.

To really shop for skateboards, you need to learn about which trucks you want (low, mid or high), what size wheels do you need (48, 52, 56 or 60 millimeters and how hard?), what type of grip tape and what type of hardware you need. These considerations are better for more experienced skateboarders and especially those who are building a board from scratch or augmenting their favorite deck.

But why not start with a whole skateboard? A complete board will already have the wheels, trucks, and deck in place to let you start riding immediately. If you’re interested in buying a complete skateboard for the first time or the fifteenth, check out some of our top skateboard picks.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: MINORITY 32-inch Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 32-inch Maple Skateboard

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The MINORITY 32-inch skateboard is the kind of board that beginners will find comfortable but a pro can jump on easily and have fun too. Available for a low price and in an array of designs, this board is perfect as a gift as well.

The MINORITY board is 32" long and 8" across. The deck is made of 7-ply maple hardrock wood that is cold pressed for a sturdy and solid feel, holding up to 220 pounds with its concave design. The complete skateboard has a smooth ride and is made for tricks and skatepark riding as well as basic travel.

With the MINORITY, you get ABEC-9 bearings and quick 52-millimeter, 102A hardness, polyurethane wheels. The 5" aluminum trucks with PU bushings and a carbon steel kingpin give you a durable and lightweight base for your board that allows for responsive turning and easy landings.

This board is strong and tough. It will ride well and safely for new skaters as well as those who are more established. Simply pick the design you love and get started. 

Best Budget: KPC Pro Skateboard

Like cycling, surfing and plenty of other sports, it is easy to sink a bunch of money into your gear. However, with skateboarding, you don’t need to build it from the ground up with the most expensive parts right off the bat. Instead, why not start with an affordable board and take it from there. The KPC Pro Skateboard is a good skateboard, with great parts, at an excellent price.

The KPC Pro is simple and it works. The board’s 32" x 8" deck is made with Canadian Maple with a concave design. This typical and comfortable deck design allows you to switch between tricks and easy rides. This value board sports good hardware, with aluminum trucks, 52 millimeters 99A urethane wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings as well as 80 grip tape. This board is perfect for ambitious beginners who want to feel comfortable on a board every step of the way. 

Best for Beginners: Krown Rookie

There a lot of boards out there for beginners. But what sets the Rookie apart from the pack is the size. This complete board sports a 7.5" x 31.5" deck, the narrow, lightweight width that best fits the needs of a new skater. Krown explains its Rookie to be a step above the typical skateboard from Target or Walmart and it’s made with good component parts. However, its design is also easy to control for more intuitive riding.

In addition to the narrower deck and the fun designs on the bottom of the board, the Krown Rookie throws in plenty of other benefits. The 5" aluminum trucks give you a durable grinding surface that’s also light as you begin to learn tricks. The 52-millimeter 992A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings and mounting hardware all help you have a smoother ride with a sturdier feel when you’re on the Rookie. This board is a great gift idea for any potential skateboarders in your life. 

Best Electric: Acton Blink Lite

From college campuses to city commutes, electric skateboards have become an increasingly common way to get from point A to point B. Although you can’t necessarily do the same tricks that you may be used to with a traditional skateboard, these unique vehicles require substantially less exertion and expertise. A fun and affordable electric skateboard option is the Acton Blink Lite.

The Lite lives up to its name at less than 8 pounds, but this powerful machine can carry riders who weigh as much as 180 pounds. The board runs on a lithium-ion battery that has an impressive range of up to 5 miles. The skateboard includes a Bluetooth remote for easy control and can go as fast as 10 miles per hour. Action Blink recommends this electric board for students. The board looks just like a skateboard, with a wooden deck and a gripped top, however, you’ll quickly notice the difference the second you buzz by. Acton offers a six-month warranty. 

Best Longboard: Playshion 39-Inch Drop Through

Unlike a standard skateboard where you may quickly get tired of riding and want to start doing ollies, heel flips,​ and 1440 flips, a longboard makes you want to ride forever. A great longboard lets you float across the pavement, carving up the road as you go, flowing toward your destination with pleasure and grace. The Playshion Drop Through longboard is a great, versatile board that can work well for beginners as well as more seasoned skaters.

This 39" longboard can really cruise with its fast rolling 70x55-millimeter SHR 78A polyurethane wheels. The board’s deck has a drop-through design and is made of 8-ply flex hardwood maple. True skaters will appreciate the 7" aluminum trucks, ABEC 7 bearings, and polyurethane red 90A bushings too.

The board is designed for cruising, freestyle riding, and transportation. It is not for tricks and does not have a concave deck. The maximum weight on the Playshion board is 250 pounds. It’s a great board. All you have to do is pick which stylish, colorful design you want and start riding.

Best for Kids: Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard

Skateboards have become a garage staple for many children and a fun way to get around the neighborhood and try a few tricks. However, instead of getting the skater kid in your life a full-size board, why not get them a small board that’s even more fun. Merkapa sells a 22" mini board with a plastic deck and LED light-up wheels.

Designed for beginners, the 22" Merkapa board is perfect for youths as well as adults who weigh less than 180 pounds. The board comes in a variety of colors including orange, green, and blue. However, this colorful board isn’t just all flash—it’s component parts are legit. The board boasts 45-millimeter 78A polyurethane wheels, 3.25" high-quality aluminum v-truck, and ABEC 7 bearings. The light-up wheels don’t require batteries or charging. The electricity generated by each kick and push is enough to keep this fun board powered indefinitely. 

Best for Tricks: PUENTE 31-inch Complete Skateboard

The best skateboards for doing tricks have smaller widths and lengths, allowing for optimal control whether you’re in the air or on the ground. The PUENTE 31" skateboard is a popular trick board for exactly this option.

The popular skateboard is not just well-shaped for toe-grabs and kickflips, but it's also tough enough to take the punishment. The 7-ply maple deck is “ultradurable” and can support an impressive 396 pounds. The extra grip tape on the top of the deck and the 5" magnalium trucks only add more toughness to this board you’ll surely be grinding on across a railing.

PUENTE also sports ABEC 9 high-speed bearings, anti-shock 95A polyurethane wheels, and soft bushings. The board has a concave design and a double kick tail to let you perform every trick in the book and any that you can come up with on your own.

Best Cruiser: Quest Super Cruiser

The Quest Super Cruiser is designed to roll. From its ABEC 7 speed bearings and its 7" lightweight aluminum trucks to it long, curved deck, every aspect is designed for cruising. This curvy, surfboard-shaped skateboard is made of the classic multiply hardwood maple as well as bamboo. The 44" deck gives you plenty of room for a comfortable stand and shifts your weight for the optimal ride.

The thick, fast wheels of the Super Cruiser match the color of your deck—so be sure to pick a color you love. Quest designs and builds all of their boards in-house and to the specifications of the original cruisers that carved up the boardwalks of Southern California. 

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