The 3 Best Skateboard Wheels of 2021

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"By not using a pro's name, those savings get passed to you."
"Made in the USA and guaranteed against defects of any kind."
"Super soft wheels with a hard core."

If you've worn out your bike and are looking for a new set of wheels, skateboarding is a solid option to stay active and get some screen-free time. A great set of skateboard wheels can make all the difference, whether you're cruising or commuting. 

Aside from adding some color and style to your board, many picks are infused with features — including built-in airflow vents and flat spot resistance, to enhance your speed and preserve their durability. Some wheels are more suitable for longboards, while others are more compatible with ramps. Key wheel qualities to look out for include size, weight, and hardness. 

Here are the best skateboard wheels on the market to improve your ride or complement your tricks. 

Best Budget: Mini-Logo A-Cut 101a Skateboard Wheels

Minilogo is a division of the huge Powell company called Skate One. Minilogo products are regular pro grade products but without the pro-grade look and price. The concept is to make boards and wheels that are just as good as anything else that Powell offers, but by not putting a pro's name on it and not hiring an artist to make it look cool, that saved money gets passed on to you.

Minilogo boards are generally just a solid color, and I completely understand when a skater would rather have a board that looks cooler. But for wheels, where any picture is going to be lost the moment you start skating, why not go for simple? Mini-logo wheels don't have some of the super tech design that other wheels have, but they're cheap!

Best for Speed: Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire skateboard wheels are extremely popular. Spitfire wheels are made in the USA and guaranteed against defects of any kind. Spitfire wheels are high quality, and we highly recommend them.

When it comes to selection, Spitfire has it. If you are looking for fast, try Spitfire's Firelight Core wheels, with built in airflow vents. Some people think stuff like this is only a gimmick, but other swear by 'em. Want to shave off weight? Try the Ligherer wheels, with their mini-cores.

Best Variety: Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels

Ricta Clouds SkateBoard Wheels

Ricta makes several different styles of skateboard wheels, and they are all good quality. The slim, light Boltz wheels are good for street skateboarding and are light and flat spot resistant. Ricta Cores, also called Ricta 78s, are super soft wheels with a hard core. They also make soft, light wheels called "Clouds" that they claim are great for filming, and crystal clear wheels as well.

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