The 4 Best Skateboard Trucks of 2021

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Our Top Picks
"A near perfect Amazon rating... tough and lightweight... Supercrush cushions and a grade 8 kingpin."
"A much lighter-weight board without missing any of the function of other great trucks."
"Excellent high quality and no-frills low height truck option."
"Longboard truck features a non-slip bushing seat for more predictable movement and added stability."

Best Overall: Independent Skateboard Trucks

Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11

The Independent Stage 11 skateboard trucks are not flashy. This set of two trucks comes in a simple silver color with a metallic finish—none of the bells or whistles of flashier trucks on the market. However, this reasonably priced set of trucks is well made, durable, and smooth riding. There’s a reason why these trucks have a near perfect Amazon rating.

The Independent trucks work on just about any type of skateboard and are ideal for decks between 8 and 7.4 inches in width. Featuring a 356 T6 aluminum hanger and baseplate as well as a Chromoly steel axle, these trucks are tough and lightweight. Additionally, you get Supercrush cushions and a grade 8 kingpin with this set. The 55-millimeter high trucks don’t hang up on grinds and have improved clearance.

Additionally, these US-made trucks boast great turning ability and stability. The only negative to these trucks is that they don’t come with hardware to attach to your deck.

Best Lightweight: Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc trucks look a little different than most other options on the market. They seem to simply have less material. The result of these skinny trucks is that you have a much lighter-weight board without missing any of the function of other great trucks. Additionally, the lightweight aluminum alloy composition keeps the trucks strong without adding unnecessary weight.

Available in light blue, pink, green, and more, these trucks are a fun way to make your board stick out as well. They fit a wide range of board types and sizes, with an ideal fit on a 7.75-inch deck. The Havoc trucks come with all the hardware you need for mounting as well as grip tape and wheels.

Customers love these trucks because they feel broken-in from the get-go and deliver a bundle of hardware at a low price. Havoc’s trucks are lightweight and perfect for kids or beginners who are starting to work on their own boards. 

Best Low Height: Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

Although mid-height trucks are great for street riding, many people prefer a low height truck for the skate park, choosing stability and smooth landing over a larger turning radius. Low-height trucks are ideal for tricks. Independent Trucks’ Silver 139-millimeter trucks are an excellent high quality and no-frills low height truck option.

These 4140 Chromoly steel axles are durable and have a fantastic, raw silver hue. The US-made trucks may be known to true skater heads as an updated version of the Independent Stage 10 trucks, now featuring a better-drilled baseplate for improved balance. The trucks have a grade 8 kingpin and a high center of gravity. The truck’s 8-inch axle makes this hardware ideal for decks any size between 7.5- and 8.5-inches. 

Best for Longboard: Caliber Truck Co. Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Great trucks are a key component of a great longboard. Whether you prefer a carvy ride or something more stable when you ride across campus or around with friends, you really rely on good trucks with a longboard. Caliber Truck Co makes some of the best ones out there with the Cal II 50-degree RKP longboard trucks.

These sleek and smooth trucks come in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, gold, and light purple. The adjustable trucks can be installed to be much more carvy or stable depending on your preference and can be changed with ease if you change your riding style.

The Caliber II is an improvement on the Caliber I by offering a much stronger construction. Additionally, this longboard truck features a non-slip bushing seat for more predictable movement and added stability. The Caliber II has a tighter fit for the pivot pin, better contact area with the bushing, and a better kingpin than past trucks. All of these technical improvements simply lead to a better ride.

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