The Best Skateboard Pads

Skateboard pads are not a fun place for a skater to spend money. Most skaters don't like to wear pads, but skateboard pads can save you from an injury that can keep you out of commission. Plus, wearing skateboard pads can help you feel more confident when skating. Regardless, if you are skateboarding on ramps of any large size, whether you think it looks cool or not, the smart money is on wearing pads.

TSG Knee Pads

TSG ("Technical Safety Gear") is a quality name in skateboard and snowboard safety gear. The TSG Force line looks great and has a strong, smaller design. They also strap on nice and easy, without having to slide them up your leg starting at the foot, like so many other knee pads. You can replace the plastic shield when it gets damaged, and these pads will protect your knees well.The TSG Professional and All Terrain elbow pads work very well, too. They are designed to keep you as cool as possible while skateboarding. TSG Also makes wrist guards.



Pro-Tec is a well-known name in skateboard safety gear. The company has several styles of pads, and you will likely be very happy with any of them. The Pro-Tec Drop-In knee pads are great for park and ramp skateboarding. They give a high degree of protection, shielding your knee in 180 degrees in the front.  Pro-Tec elbow pads work just like the knee pads, but for your elbows. On hard ramps, falling on your elbow is very common and painful. Pro-Tec also makes great wrist guards, the Pro-Tec Street. You can also get three-packs for kids.


187 Pads

187 pads have gotten good reviews on fit. They also wrap up high on the leg and cover the knee completely. The have an open back design so you don't have to remove your shoes to put them on. The straps they use are positioned so that they really hold the pads in place. There are two layers of foam cushion under the replaceable knee cap.


Triple 8

These are good pads for most park and smaller ramp skating. The padding is sufficient for glancing blows and sliding on the knees. But watch out for direct impact. If you do vert or pool skating, you’ll want something with more protection and impact absorption.Triple 8 Park pad sets for kids are affordable.



The Viking protective pad set comes with knee and elbow pads and is available in small, medium and large sizes. The pads are black, with gold rivets holding the large plastic shields in place. Traditional Velcro straps hold the pads on. Basically, the Viking pad set has everything you would expect. Viking pads aren't the best on the market, but the are good enough for most average skaters and the best price for pads of this quality.