The 8 Best Skateboard Decks to Buy in 2018

Without a deck, your skateboard would just be a “skate”. The deck is the piece of wood that connects the trucks, wheels and hardware into one cohesive unit ready to ride, flip and jump. Often made of multiple plys of maple and/or bamboo wood that are pressed together, a deck can be strong, light, flexible and designed to your style.

Decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose a mini-board, a cruiser, a drop-through or a standard deck for your favorite set of wheels and hardware. Widths range too from a few inches with a 22-inch board to the wide size of a true cruiser. Some decks are flat as possible while others are significantly concave for optimized turning. You can buy a deck with artwork and grip tape already attached for a quick install or you can get a bare-bones wooden deck to truly customize.

Whether you’re building your first board from scratch or replacing the deck on your favorite board from nose splintering for the 30th time, finding the right deck for you is critical. Check out some of our favorite skateboard deck options today to see what fits your needs best. 

Best Overall - Bamboo Skateboards Galaxy Series Cosmic Cloud Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Galaxy Series Cosmic Cloud Skateboard Deck

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When you’re searching for one of the best skateboard decks on the market, it’s important to not go overboard. You don’t need one that is made from the rarest wood or has the most unique design. The best boards may be the ones that balance cost, design and quality. Afterall, with healthy use, you’ll eventually have to replace your deck anyway. You want the one that will give you the most functionality and happiness while you use it.

The Bamboo Skateboards Galaxy Series Cosmic Cloud Skateboard Deck is an excellent option. This concave board is made exclusively of a bamboo hybrid, rather than pure maple. This means the deck is lighter, stronger, more flexible and can even absorb shock better. The non-carbonized, light-wood deck is made of 6-ply wood and is in its fourth generation of designs.

Unlike some deck options, which are completely bare, the Bamboo Skateboards Galaxy Series Cosmic Cloud Skateboard Deck features heat-stamped artwork on the underside of the board, including several geometric and interstellar designs, including a beautiful nebula. Bamboo Skateboards claims these boards last their customers three weeks longer than other decks. The company sells the boards in three sizes: 7.75-by-31.5-inches, 8-by-31.75-inches and 8.25-by-32-inches.

Best Budget - Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

If you’re just looking for a simple, bare deck, without designs, grip tape or frills, you should prepare yourself for sticker shock. Often costing upward of 40 dollars, these naked boards cost more than complete starter skateboards. However, Blank Decks does offer its Warning Skateboard Deck at a low and convenient price.

The Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck is available in 7.75- and 8-inch widths. The solid maple deck is tough and strong. The board has a fairly steep concave design with a raised nose and tail. This simplistic deck design comes in a randomized set of colors and is manufactured in China.

Due to its low price, this deck has become a popular option for art projects as well as replacement boards. If you want a blank canvas to design and create your own skateboard art, this blank board is perfect. You can create skateboard art for the bottom of your deck while you ride or mount it to your wall as a display of an affordable canvas. 

Best for Beginners - Element Quadrant #14 Skateboard Deck

Element is one of the top names in skateboarding. Anyone who has been to the skatepark will recognize its distinctive design in moments. Get into the fun with the Element Quadrant #14 - a great deck option for beginners who don’t want to rely on a cheap stock deck when they ride.  

The Element Quadrant #14 board is 8-inches wide and 31.75-inches long, from nose to tail. This deck features a bare top that needs grip tape and a design on the bottom with four quadrants featuring the Element symbol in alternating red and black backgrounds. The wheelbase between the trucks is just over 14 inches while the nose is 7 inches and the tail is 6.325. 

This board is an excellent option for beginners because of its simplicity and durability. The lightly concave design allows for simple turns but doesn’t require the rider to be an excellent navigator. You can start off riding this deck down the street and use it as you learn ollies, kickflips and how to drop in to a half pipe. It will withstand it all and look good doing it. 

Best Blank - Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Make your deck and your board exactly how you want it. Design this skateboard from the ground up with a completely blank and natural board. The Moose Blank is one of the best bare options on the market, allowing you to completely customize your artwork, add the grip tape you want and attach it all to the best hardware available.

The Moose Blank Skateboard deck is a made with a 7-ply composition and features Canadian Maple wood. The board is 8.25 inches in length, but Moose Blank offers shorter boards as well, fitting men and women of just about any size and skill. The deck itself has a modern concave, making turning a breeze for beginners and pros. The nose and tail are particularly steep for tricks - “perfect for shredding,” says Blank Moose. Although this board is 100 percent blank, Moose Blank offers stains and dips for monochromic board designs as well. There are also Moose Blank sets for sale, which provide a set of blank decks at a discount.

Many people turn to Moose Blank bare decks for the artistic implications. But outside of thinking of the maple deck as a canvas, it also is a well-crafted and durable skateboarding option. Customers love this tough board because its concave and steep tail make it a breeze for any kind of riding. 

Best Womens - DAPANLA Skateboard Deck

Unlike golf or tennis, skateboarding is a sport where there isn’t a difference between the equipment needed for men and women to compete together. Women skate, flip and bruise just like the guys they’re at the skatepark with. The only consideration women may want to account for is that people who are shorter or smaller often want a shorter board for optimal control. The DAPANLA Skateboard Deck is a great deck that is slightly smaller, but can do it all.  

The DAPANLA deck is 7.5-by-31-inches in size, on the smaller side of good quality, real skateboard decks, which makes it ideal for smaller and shorter people. Unlike many decks on the market today, the DAPANLA deck comes with non-slip grip tape on the top. The underside of the deck is similarly decorated, with a range of DAPANLA designs including the fun cartoon avocado board that is sure to turn a few heads for its uniqueness. 

This deck also features a medium concave that allows for simple turning, but in a way that remains controllable. The maple deck is flexible and shock absorbent, made of hot-pressed multi-ply wood. This board is great for female skaters and is an excellent gift option. 

Best Mini Cruiser - Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Deck

Mini Cruisers have exploded in popularity in recent years. These short and skinny boards are may not have the versatility of a standard skateboard, allowing for a full range of tricks and travel. However, these compact boards are ideal for urban and college living where space for storage and riding are both minimal. If you want to ride a mini-cruiser, but you hate the plastic decks or you want to build your own, check out the Bamboo Skateboard mini cruiser deck.

The Bamboo Mini Cruiser deck is 6-inches-by-22.5-inches with that classic cruiser shape. The board is made with 6-ply bamboo and maple construction, which is lightweight, flexible and eco-friendly. Bamboo Skateboards claims this board has a turning radius not seen in most mini decks. The small, blank deck is heavy duty and durable in a way not all mini cruisers are. The non-carbonized board is ready for you to slap on the grip tape and artwork you want and then get riding.

Best Longboard - Loaded Boards Poke Longboard Skateboard Deck

It’s not just standard deck sizes that are available for creating or replacing your board. You can just as easily get a great longboard deck to work on in your basement or garage. One of the best and best reviewed options out there is the Loaded Boards Poke Longboard Skateboard Deck. This standard-design longboard deck has it all to help you make the ideal board. 

The deck is expertly constructed with a vertically laminated bamboo core and bamboo veneer exterior, all attached with triaxial glass and epoxy as well as a course grip tape top. The grip tape is arranged in an unusual and stylish, yet functional design. The 34-inch board features a 13-degree nose angle and a 18-degree tail angle. With its directional shape, you’ll easily be able to cruise on this board or pull a few tricks. It is a lightweight and flexible deck.

With a 20.75-inch wheelbase and micro flares for added wheel clearance, you won’t be getting any bite when you carve. Loaded Boards describes the concave of this longboard deck as “ergonomic radical,” although most would call it mild and versatile. You can freeride, carve, pump and commute on this deck with ease. 

Best Drop-Through - Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Deck

It’s not just cruisers and standard designs, you can get a great drop-through skateboard deck for your collection as well. Build a longboard from the ground up or replace your old one with the Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Deck.

Made with bamboo and fiberglass, this board is tough, flexible and ready for anything. The construction is designed to feel and act like a snowboard. The drop-through design is perfect for freestyle longboarding, commuting, carving, pumping and more. It gives you better stability and more wheel clearance. The board is definitely best designed for carving but tricks and kicks are easily done as well.

The Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Deck has a unique grip tape design on the top and a stylish artwork on the bottom. The deck has mild concave and is cambered. The board is available in three different flexes, fitting people with weights from 75 pounds to 270. 

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