The 7 Best Shoelace Clips of 2019

These products take away the need to retie your laces again and again

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Tying your shoelaces shouldn’t take too long, but if you’re constantly putting on and taking off your shoes or your laces frequently come untied, you may want a more efficient and reliable solution. No-tie shoelaces are useful for people who have trouble tying their shoes, such as the elderly, young children, or people with disabilities or medical conditions. They’re also handy and safer for athletes who want to get in and out of their shoes quickly and don’t want to worry about their laces coming untied.

All of these no-tie shoelaces are easy to use and turn your shoes into convenient slip-ons. If you want to simplify your routine and stop fretting about shoelaces coming untied, check out this list to find the best ones for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System get our top ranking thanks to their ease-of-use, versatility, and affordability. These shoelaces are perfect for kids, adults, athletes, elderly, and those with medical conditions or disabilities who have trouble tying their shoes and can be worn with athletic, casual, or dress shoes. Unlike other no-tie systems, Xpand shoelaces have flat laces and don’t require a bulky object to lock laces in place. The unique Lace Anchor technology secures the laces in place while remaining adjustable, so you can simply slip into and out of them without having to fuss.

Another cool feature is the “stealth mode,” which allows you to install the locking clip inside your shoes, so it’s not visible. Xpand No Tie Shoelaces are available in dozens of different colors, so you choose ones that match your shoes and personality best.

Best Runner-Up, Overall: Lock Laces

The original no-tie lacing system, Lock Laces are very popular among triathletes, runners, and other athletes who want to quickly get in and out of their running shoes. You can use them to turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons by removing the old shoelaces and lacing up with the elastic Lock Laces. Then you simply thread each end of the laces through the passages on the spring-loaded lock device. With your foot in the shoe, you can adjust the tension of the laces and then lock them in place for a customized fit. You can easily tweak them if you want a tighter fit for racing and then need to loosen them once you’re finished.

Lock Laces are one size fits all and will fit in adults’ and kids’ shoes. This pack comes with three sets of laces and each pair works for lacing one pair of shoes.

Best Budget: StoutGears Reflective No-Tie Shoelaces Lock System

The StoutGears Reflective No-Tie Shoelaces Lock System offers many of the same features of other no-tie laces, at a cheaper price. Quick to install and easy to use, these laces are perfect for sports and outdoor activities and are also a great option for kids and seniors who have trouble tying their shoes. They distribute pressure evenly over your foot and reduce pressure points at the top of your foot to keep your feet more comfortable.

Each package of shoelaces comes with two lock pieces, two end clips and two laces suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes. They come in several different colors and also feature some reflectivity, to improve your visibility when running at night or early morning.

Best for Athletes: Nathan Lock Laces

Nathan Lock Laces are a fantastic, high-quality option for active people who are worried about their laces coming untied and also want to easily slip in and out of their shoes. Triathletes in particular love that they can use them to save some time at transitions by not having to tie their shoes. They feature elastic laces combined with a spring activated locking device. Once you install the laces and the lock, you never need to tie your laces, but can adjust the fit with the lock. You can trim the laces to your ideal length and then keep the ends contained in a clip.

These well-made laces come in a variety of colors and are reflective to help you be seen in low-light conditions.

Best for Casual Wear: Kiwi Boingz No-Tie Laces

KIWI Boingz-No-Tie-Laces White 2 pairs
Courtesy of Walmart

These Kiwi Boingz No-Tie Laces laces are made of a stretchy, elastic material designed in a spiral, so they stay in place without tying. Comparable in price to regular shoelaces, they’re an affordable option for people who have trouble tying their shoes. The elastic material will stretch as you move your feet, while still providing enough tension to keep your shoes from falling off.

They’re a cinch to install by just lacing up your shoes with them after you remove your old laces. Since they don’t have a locking device, you may not be able to get as tight of a fit as you do with some other no-tie laces. But they’re a reliable, inexpensive option for casual shoes.

Best for Kids: Homar No Tie Shoelaces

These fun, colorful no-tie shoelaces are perfect for kids who haven’t learned to tie their shoes yet. With a short length of shoelace for each set of eyeholes, these durable shoelaces are easily installed by putting the lace-tips into the eyelets. The lace-tips anchor the laces to your shoe, providing a custom and flexible fit.

Made of silicone, Homar No Tie Shoelaces are waterproof and can be cleaned easily by wiping them with a wet cloth, so they hold up during kids’ messy and wet adventures. They’re available in kids’ sizes and come in various colors, so your kids can pick their favorites.

Best Reflective: Lock Laces Reflective

If you frequently run in low-light conditions, you should be wearing lots of reflective gear and shoes are a great place to add some reflectivity. These laces from Lock Laces are an easy way to improve your visibility and stay safe on the roads when it’s dark. As oncoming headlights from a car or overhead street lights hit your shoelaces, they’ll emit a bright glow so others will see you coming. Like regular Lock Laces, they’re simple to install and are perfect for those who have trouble tying regular shoelaces or just want to save some time and hassle. They’re available in blue, yellow, pink, or gray.

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