The 7 Best Shaker Bottles to Buy in 2018

Nix the clumps with these handy protein mixers

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If you are into mixing protein powder into your water, milk, smoothie, and beyond, then having a shaker bottle to make sure you crush up any clumps is essential for a delicious tasting beverage. And while you might just want to order the first one that comes up in your quest, it is great to know that there are surprisingly a lot of differences in these simple looking bottles. Some are more suited for bringing to the gym, while others have a handy container to store the protein so you can mix on demand. What's more, these bottles can go beyond the protein world and mix up healthy salad dressings, batters, and whatever else needs a good shaking. 

To help you find the best fit for you. Here, the best shaker bottles for all your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

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The BlenderBottle is pretty much the Holy Grail of shaker bottles in the health and fitness world thanks to a patented mixing system that uses a wire whisk ball, and with over 16,700 customer reviews and 77 percent 5-star, we can see why. Not only does the little ball mix all of your add-ins like a pro, but it will never rust, chip, or peel, so you can leave it inside the 28-ounce container without a worry. It’s suitable for anything from smoothies and protein shakes to fiber drinks—even batters, dressings, or other chunky liquids that need a good jostle. And the best part is it’s dishwasher safe, affordable, and the flip cap (that has an easy carrying loop) won’t close on your nose. It also comes in an array of colors so you can designate one for each member in your household or match it to your favorite workout wear.

Best for Workouts: Hydra Cup Dual Threat Shaker Bottle

When you’re in need of pre-game energy and post-game recovery, the Hydra Cup will save you with its two-sided cylinder (each side holds 12 oz). Mix and match your drink options with a protein shake on one side and water or an electrolyte replenishing beverage on the other, keep things extra icy by filling one section with cubes, or simply use one side as a storage container for keys, cash, and other small goods when you’re getting your workout on. Another plus is you‘ll never worry about spillage again since it fits into most cupholders, whether you’re in your car or on the treadmill.

This bottle is made in the USA, is BPA-free, leak-proof, and has over 1,400 reviews—so what are you waiting for?

Best for Storage: 321 Strong Stackable Shaker Bottle

This 21.5 ounce bottle comes with two storage compartments (one 150 mL container and one 200 mL container) that stack onto the bottom along with a 3-section pill organizer tray, so if you’re someone who likes to shake things up on-the-go (and keep your supplements on hand), 321 Strong’s version is for you. And unlike other similar models that have metal balls or whisks free floating around inside, this spring whisk stays in the lid, so you won’t have any rattling noise issues when you’re trying to concentrate on more reps.

It is BPA-, BPB-, and phthalate-free and is top rack of the dishwasher safe. It is also an Amazon Choice product with reviewers stating this is a handy all-in-one unit.

Best Set: SmartShake Original Bottle

For a truly easy way to carry your drinks, snacks, and supplements, SmartShake’s Original Bottle with accompanying storage compartments is the perfect set. The bottle itself has a 20-ounce capacity, which leaves you with plenty of room for storing your liquids, plus a carabiner and leak-proof lid so that you don’t have to worry about spillage when you’re on the go.

Conveniently, this SmartShake bottle also boasts a snap-on power mixer for straining powdered drinks, plus two other separate compartments and a pill separator. Users on Amazon love the SmartShake Original Bottle for its ample storage, excellent design, and long-lasting durability.

Best Budget: Contigo Shake and Go Fit Shaker Bottle

If you’re someone who is worried about replacing your shaker bottle all the time, Contigo’s a great deal since it comes at an affordable price. Aside from the attractive price tag, it has all the benefits of a more expensive unit: measure markers, a rounded bottom, and weighted ball to cut through powder buildup, a leak-proof lid for easy shaking and mixing, and it’s top rack dishwasher safe. It’s also available in multiple colors and in 20 oz. and 28 oz. sizes to tailor to your fueling needs.

Best All-in-One: Gnker Portable Juicer with Travel Sport Bottle

Electric fruit and veggie blender, baby food maker, automatic shaker…is there anything the Gnker doesn’t do? With all the perks of a blender-meets-shaker bottle (in a portable size), you can use this 13 oz. multitasker a variety of different ways since it has six blades built into the base. You can also charge it with a standard USB charger, so no more searching for batteries. We love this unit for anyone who goes straight from the gym to office and doesn't want to spend a fortune on protein shakes at the juice bar.

Best Electric: PROMiXX The Original Vortex Mixer

Since the PROMiXX was designed by the same makers as the Vortex mixing devices, you know you’re getting a great quality deal with this shaker. Not only does it look cool (and very high tech), but the battery-powered go-to gadget is 100 percent leak-proof, so finding your bottle exploded into the bottom of your bag won’t be a concern anymore. Buyers also love it for the measure markers and zero clump factor, saying the blade (which is a special engineered blunt blade to be precise) gets even the toughest ingredients like gritty whey powders and coarse nuts to blend up fine. Also, cleaning this thing? Couldn’t be easier: Just add water and a drop of detergent, then activate. Voilà.

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