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Lummi Island Wild is the best overall seafood delivery service

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Salmon deserves its reputation as both a healthy and delicious fish. Full of omega-3 fatty acids that support brain and heart health, this richly flavored pink protein is definitely nutritious—so getting more of it in your diet is a smart choice. However, depending on where you live, it may be difficult to find fresh, sustainably sourced salmon close to home. In this case, home delivery may be a better option.

Salmon delivery services provide convenience and nutrition for a variety of budgets and culinary preferences. Whether you’re looking for wild, farm-raised, fresh, frozen, or smoked salmon, there are enough “fish in the sea” to find a delivery service that suits your needs. We’ve rounded up the best salmon delivery services out there.

Best Salmon Delivery Services of 2022

Best Overall : Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild

Why We Chose It

With high-quality fish, top-notch sustainability practices, and plenty of variety, Lummi Island Wild is the whole package for salmon delivery. 

  • Small business with eco-conscious fishing practices

  • Good variety of salmon and other types of fish

  • Wild-caught salmon is high in nutrients and flavor

  • Buyers’ clubs and bulk purchasing can bring prices down

  • Smaller orders can be expensive

  • Fish comes from only one part of North America

  • Website doesn’t offer FAQs about service and delivery


Many people seek out a salmon delivery service because of sustainability concerns. With Lummi Island Wild, you can feel good about the source of your fish while enjoying its delicious, wild-caught flavor. This small business in the Pacific Northwest uses a practice called reefnetting, a fishing method long practiced by indigenous fishing communities in the Salish Sea. Reefnetting entices fish to swim into an artificial reef in their natural habitat, then releases any unwanted bycatch unharmed back into open water. Another sustainability bonus: Lummi Island Wild is the first solar-powered wild salmon fishery in the world.

Reviewers rave about Lummi Island Wild’s many varieties of salmon, including wild king salmon steaks, wild keta salmon fillets, and ivory salmon, as well as other species of fish like tuna and cod. Additionally, although pricing starting at about $12 per six-ounce portion is somewhat high, bulk buying and buyers’ clubs provide discounts (and shipping is free on orders over $99).

Lummi Island Wild also has two subscription boxes to choose from, their Wild Salmon Box and the Wild Combo Box. Whatever box you choose ships the second week of each month. The Wild Salmon Box is around $129 per month and contains a variety of hand-selected salmon fillets including king, coho, sockeye, and more. This box serves 12 portions. The Wild Combo Box costs around $169 a month, serves 14 portions, and contains a combination of seasonal salmon, halibut, tuna, or cod.

Best Variety : Vital Choice



Why We Chose It

There’s something for everyone with Vital Choice. Add a stunning variety of seafood (or even grass-fed meats) to your order, or simply choose from multiple salmon options.

  • Variety includes not only seafood but meats as well

  • Subscription delivery or a la carte ordering available

  • Focus on nutritious, minimally processed fish

  • Prices aren’t very budget-friendly

  • Does not sell farmed fish (which some customers may want)

  • Variety may be overwhelming


If you like salmon, you probably like other fish, too. When you want more variety—whether salmon types or other fish altogether—consider Vital Choice. This company features an enormous menu of wild fish, shellfish, meats, and broths.

As you navigate their extensive website, it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to place your own self-selected order or sign up for a subscription “Vital Box.” The three Vital Box choices offer anywhere from two to seven fish varieties per month and contain 10 to 22 servings.

Vital Choice’s mission is to help people achieve better health through nutritious food and supplements, which is why you’ll also find a selection of fish oils and other dietary support add-ons alongside foods. However, with so many products to choose from, some might find Vital Choice’s variety overwhelming.

It’s also worth noting that the company’s prices are rather high. One six-ounce portion of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, for example, costs about $14.50 (though prices decrease the more you order, and shipping is free on orders over $99).

Best Value : Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market

Why We Chose It

Fulton Fish Market not only offers multiple varieties of salmon (and dozens of other fish), its prices are among the lowest in the market.

  • Wide variety of salmon and lots of other fish

  • Budget-friendly prices

  • Lets you select your delivery day

  • Not all products are sustainably sourced or raised

  • Low prices may reflect quality difference

  • Corporation, rather than small business


We can’t deny that home-delivered salmon is pricey. If you’d like to eat more fish without breaking the bank, consider New York City’s Fulton Fish Market. Its farmed salmon starts at about $5 per 5-ounce portion or roughly $7 for 1 pound of tailpieces (with free shipping on orders over $99).

Weekly deals add to the savings, so check the website’s “Deals” tab if budget is a top concern. Bundles of various seafood products are another novel option that lets you stock up on seafood for less. Place a single order if you like, or create a subscription through the company’s Fulton Fish Drop program. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly deliveries let you curate your own delivery, or choose a pre-selected box.

Fulton’s extensive variety of products also means you have your choice of fish cuts, place of origin, and types of fish (we counted about 43 different fish species available for order). Fulton also supplies both farmed and wild-caught seafood but not all of its products are sustainably farmed or sourced.

Best Fresh : Sena Sea

Sena Sea

Sena Sea

Why We Chose It

It can be hard to find wild-caught, never-frozen seafood for delivery. Sena Sea brings the fresh flavor of Alaskan salmon directly to your door.

  • Fresh, wild-caught salmon for delivery

  • Subscription boxes and one-time orders available

  • Family-owned by third-generation fishermen (and women)

  • High price point

  • Single portions not available

  • Less variety than other services


Not every salmon delivery service offers fresh fish. This may sound counterintuitive (since freshness is certainly a priority), but there’s solid logic behind shipping fish frozen. Salmon harvesting season lasts only a few months, so freezing fish allows it to be sold and distributed year-round. That said, some companies do offer fresh, non-frozen salmon for home delivery. This family-owned business harvests its fresh salmon with sustainable fishing practices, then sends them to your door ASAP.

Sena Sea’s fresh sockeye and king salmon ship from Alaska on a seasonal basis, so check their website for availability. Otherwise, you can always choose from Sena Sea’s selection of flash-frozen wild-caught salmon, white fish, shrimp, and crab. The company offers both one-time orders and subscription boxes with free shipping on orders over $99. Meanwhile, combination boxes allow you to mix and match your favorite seafood.

The primary drawback with Sena Sea is its high price point: Expect to pay about $95 for four, 6-ounce portions. However, prices do come down with bulk purchases and subscriptions. Another caveat for single folks or smaller families: it’s not possible to purchase less than one pound of Sena Sea’s fish; quantities start at two eight-ounce portions and increase from there.

Best Frozen : Wulf’s Fish

Wulf’s Fish

Wulf’s Fish

Why We Chose It

Wulf’s Fish supplies restaurants around the country with wild-caught and responsibly farmed salmon—but its “super-freezing” process and reasonable prices mean you can enjoy their products in your home kitchen, too.

  • Unique super-freezing process locks in flavor and nutrition

  • Easily navigable website

  • Moderate price point

  • Less emphasis on sustainability

  • Smaller variety of salmon than some other services

  • Subscription services are pre-set, not customizable


Aimed at culinary professionals, Wulf’s frozen fish may appeal to your inner chef. This delivery service, which focuses on multiple varieties of fish and lobster, is touted by restaurateurs nationwide. (And to spark your culinary creativity, their easily navigable website provides a wealth of chef-inspired recipes.)

Wondering how frozen fish could be served at fancy restaurants? Thawed salmon can actually be just as tasty as fresh—especially when it’s processed using a technique called super freezing. Wulf’s Fish freezes their fish more quickly and at a much lower temperature than a conventional freezer, resulting in a finished product that’s very similar to its original form (and with a near-identical flavor, texture, and nutritional profile).

Using Wulf’s, you have the option to select your own combination of salmon and other seafood in a single order, or you can opt for a subscription service. Just note that subscription boxes are pre-set with their own assortment of farmed and wild items.

Wulf’s pricing is middle-of-the-road compared to other delivery services, with frozen salmon starting at about $14 per pound and shipping calculated by order. And although Wulf’s assures customers that their fish are all sustainably sourced, it provides less information about the origin, farming, and fishing practices than many other services.

Best for Sea-to-Table : The Wild Salmon Co.

The Wild Salmon Co.

The Wild Salmon Co.

Why We Chose It

For wild-caught salmon at a stellar price, you can’t do better than The Wild Salmon Co. This family-owned business sells from Alaska until its supply is exhausted.

  • Competitively low prices

  • Wild-caught Alaskan salmon from a guaranteed source

  • Second-generation small business

  • Limited variety of fish

  • Comes from just one area of Alaska

  • Available until product is gone, so may sell out quickly


All salmon is excellent for your health, but the kind fished in wild rivers, lakes, and oceans offer some unique advantages. Wild-caught salmon is lower in calories and fat than its farmed counterpart and has an excellent ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of salmon from the sea (and support a small business while you’re at it), check out The Wild Salmon Co. 

According to the company’s website, much of the salmon passed off as wild-caught really isn’t. But with The Wild Salmon Co’s guarantee, you’ll know for sure that the fish on your table came from one very specific location: the chilly waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

On the other hand, if variety is what you’re seeking, this service might not be for you. The Wild Salmon Co features a limited number of salmon (and other fish) varieties and sells them until they’re sold out. But at rock-bottom prices (10-pound boxes are roughly $17 per pound), you may want to hook them before they’re gone.

Best for Farm-Raised : SoPo Seafood

Sopo Seafood

Sopo Seafood

Why We Chose It 

For quality farm-raised salmon, SoPo’s prices can’t be beat. This small business newcomer has quickly built a nationwide following.

  • Extremely competitive prices

  • Committed to high-quality farmed and wild-caught salmon

  • Comprehensive website provides lots of information

  • Limited variety of salmon types

  • Shipping can be expensive, calculated by order

  • No subscription service offered


Although wild-caught salmon gets lots of glory, you may prefer to choose farm-raised salmon for a lower price point, more omega-3s, or to mitigate overfishing concerns. Maine’s SoPo Seafood tops our list for farmed salmon for their competitive prices and high-quality Atlantic fish. (And, for the record, the brand does also sell wild-caught salmon.)

SoPo is an almost brand-new company—started in 2020—but has quickly developed a following of loyal fans who praise the freshness and quality of their home-delivered fish. It’s hard to argue with low prices of about $14 per pound for two pounds, especially when the product supports local fishermen on the shores of Maine. And even though SoPo doesn’t offer a subscription service, they do allow you to set the date you’d prefer to receive your seafood.

Best for Smoked Salmon : SeaBear Smokehouse

Sea Bear Smokehouse

Sea Bear Smokehouse

Why We Chose It

A long history of smoking salmon makes SeaBear experts at creating a delicious variety of shelf-stable fish.

  • Tremendous variety of smoked salmon products

  • Family-owned business since 1957

  • Additional products available, such as pre-made meals and party platters

  • Limited information about sustainability

  • Some items are pricey

  • Recurring subscriptions not available


If the savory flavor and longer shelf life of smoked salmon are your priorities, SeaBear has you covered.

This company features an impressive variety of smoked salmon and lox, as well as ready-to-eat pouches of salmon and salmon jerky, gift boxes, and even pre-made meals. A family-owned business since 1957, SeaBear has been serving up smoked salmon to customers in the Pacific Northwest for over 60 years. Now they ship their products nationally and even to some other countries.

SeaBear’s prices start at about $10 for eight ounces of smoked salmon “trim” (a.k.a. smaller pieces). However, some people may find the price of $12 for four ounces of traditional smoked salmon steep, and recurring subscriptions aren’t a feature with SeaBear. Plus, although many products are non-GMO certified and the company’s website claims they source from “highly responsible” salmon farms, not much more information is listed about sustainability practices.

Shipping is calculated on a by-order basis.

Final Verdict

The best salmon delivery service is one that uses environmentally friendly practices to deliver a superior product at a reasonable price. We were seriously impressed with Lummi Island Wild’s exceptional commitment to sustainability and the variety of options. It didn’t hurt that they’re a small business that promotes community with giveaways, recipes, and local events in the Pacific Northwest. 

How to Choose the Best Salmon Delivery Service

If you’ve decided to take the plunge with ordering salmon online, it’s important to consider several factors. First, how many people are you feeding? If you’re solo, select a service that allows you to place an occasional small order, rather than signing up for a recurring subscription. 

Budget, of course, is another element. As you set your price point, weigh it against your priorities of sustainability, quality, and the choice to support smaller, locally-owned businesses. Then there’s the question of what type of salmon suits your cooking preferences (and taste buds): Do you enjoy the savory taste of smoked salmon or the rich taste of fresh fish?

Frozen Salmon vs. Fresh Salmon

Frozen foods tend to have a bad reputation, but for fish, freezing can actually be a very good thing. When salmon is harvested at the peak of freshness, it doesn’t stay fresh for long. For this reason, freezing is useful for sealing in flavor, texture, and even nutrients, allowing you to enjoy these qualities days or weeks later. So don’t be afraid of frozen salmon. Simply follow your delivery service’s thawing instructions when you’re ready to eat your fish. 

Fresh salmon, on the other hand, is a rare treat only obtainable at certain times of the year. Some delivery companies offer seasonal fresh salmon around harvest time. Keep an eye on your service’s website for announcements about fresh salmon availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Salmon Delivery Services Cost? 

In general, expect to pay more for a salmon delivery service than you might pay at a grocery store seafood counter. The question of how much more depends, of course, on the service and product you choose. Budget-friendly services like Fulton Fish Market and The Wild Salmon Co. come in at the low end with salmon starting at about $7 per pound, while some higher-end deliveries like Sena Sea start at $82 per pound for wild-caught fresh fish. Some services, such as Vital Choice, offer discounts based on volume.

How Do Salmon Delivery Services Package Their Fish? 

Since freshness is a top priority for home-delivered seafood, most salmon delivery services choose to freeze their fish. Many companies use a flash-freezing process that locks in flavor and nutrients, providing a product that, when thawed, mimics salmon that’s never been frozen at all. However, a few offer fresh salmon on a seasonal basis. You’ll also find canned and smoked salmon from many providers.

What Types of Salmon Can You Order From a Salmon Delivery Service?

The beauty of a salmon delivery service is its variety. In contrast to your local supermarket, which may have a limited selection of salmon, delivery companies offer an abundance of options, including wild, farm-raised, multiple species, different cuts, and even fish with added flavorings. Plus, if you have a location preference for your salmon, you’re in luck: Home-delivered seafood may come from all corners of the globe. With the right service, you can order almost any type of salmon you’re looking for.


To narrow down the wide world of salmon delivery services, we first selected only services that offer nationwide delivery (with a couple of exceptions that don’t service Alaska and Hawaii). Other top considerations included price, sustainability efforts, and variety of salmon species, cuts, and origins. Small, family-owned businesses that foster local economies also rose to the top of our list.

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