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Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned pro, you probably love the thrill and motivation boost you get from trying out some new running gear or nutrition. But who has the time to research and shop, especially when you’d rather be running? Subscription boxes make it easy for you to sample the latest and greatest in running products, all delivered to your front door on a regular basis.

Curated by running and nutrition experts, they’re packed with healthy snacks, recovery tools, skin care items, apparel, gels, energy bars, and much more. Some subscription boxes focus on food, while others are put together with beginner runners in mind. If you’re training for a marathon, need some running inspiration, or want to support your running-obsessed family member, there’s a running box to satisfy your needs.

Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The RunnerBox

The Runner Box

 The Runner Box

Why We Chose It: The RunnerBox is the best overall choice due to its affordability, value, and wide variety of products. Each box is packed with quality items geared toward runners of all levels, from newbies to experienced.

What We Like
  • One of the more affordable boxes

  • Wide variety of items included

  • Offers exclusive discounts for products

What We Don't Like
  • Only available every other month, not monthly

  • Can’t customize for dietary or product preferences

Whether you’re new to running or have lots of miles under your belt, you’ll appreciate the assortment of quality products in each RunnerBox.

From energy-boosting snacks and fitness supplements to safety gear and self-care products, each item is researched, tested, and selected by a team of running experts who have athletes’ interests and preferences in mind.

Past boxes have included bars, chews, hydration tablets, snacks, headphones, running belts, as well as seasonal running gear. Plus, you get exclusive subscriber discounts for some products, so you can order more of your favorites.

Boxes ship every other month. There are three subscription options: a pay-as-you-go offering, which is roughly $29 per box; a six-month subscription for about $27 per box; and an annual membership for around $25 per box.

The RunnerBox also offers some limited edition and specialty bundles, which are perfect for gift-giving.

Best Budget: StrideBox



Why We Chose It: Compared to other running and fitness-related subscription boxes, StrideBox is one of the most affordable bundles and doesn't skimp on quality.

What We Like
  • One of the least expensive options available

  • Wide variety of products

  • High-quality items

  • Curated by nutrition and fitness experts

What We Don't Like
  • Smaller box compared to other services

  • Some items are small samples, not full size

  • No customization

For runners who like to sample new nutrition or the latest fitness gear without spending a fortune, StrideBox is an affordable option.

With a focus on snacks for runners, you’ll get samples of foods that can fuel your workouts and boost your post-run recovery (think energy bars and gels). Each box also contains running accessories such as sunglasses, skincare items, and water bottles.

You can expect to receive between roughly four to seven items in each shipment. Plus, you’ll get some inspiration, such as a new healthy recipe or a new workout to try. along the way, you'll ideally discover new brands as StrideBox discovers new companies and forges new partnerships.

Boxes cost around $20 a month, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. StrideBox also offers gift subscriptions for roughly $25 a month, with discounts offered the longer you subscribe.

Best for New Runners: Fun Run Box



Why We Chose It: Designed with new runners in mind, Fun Run Box is more than just samples of energy bars and cool running gear. With tips for beginner runners and fun monthly challenges, you’ll get advice and inspiration to keep running.

What We Like
  • Products appeal to all levels of runners

  • Includes running tips and motivation

What We Don't Like
  • More expensive than other boxes

  • No customization for dietary preferences

If you’re new to running, Fun Run Box is a great way to get started on the right foot. Boxes include sports nutrition samples, running apparel and gear, and pampering products. Most of them have a theme and are customized based on gender and clothing and shoe sizes.

Each month, you’ll get support and inspiration to keep up your running habit, with expert tips and monthly challenges. You also get access to a private community of runners for socialization and motivation. Additionally, you’ll get a new running challenge to inspire you to take your training to the next level, so you're always pushing yourself.

Fun Run Box shipments are about $37 if you want a pay-as-you go option, but the price decreases with longer subscription plans. A three-month plan is around $35 per month, a six-month plan is roughly $33 per month, and an annual plan is approximately $30 per month.

Although it’s pricier than some other boxes, the selection and quality of products, as well as the running tips and motivation boost, make it a good investment.

Best for Snacks: Fit Snack

Fit Snack

 Fit Snack

Why We Chose It: For a great selection of healthy snacks from reputable brands, Fit Snack delivers month after month. Designed with athletes in mind, the boxes are a convenient, fun way to try out new snacks without having to commit to buying large packages of them.

What We Like
  • Products from well-known, high-quality brands

  • Ability to pause your subscription

  • Diverse selection of items

What We Don't Like
  • Can’t customize for allergies or special diet

  • Some products are sample size

When that post-run hunger suddenly kicks in, you need some healthy snacks to reach for so you can take the edge off without binging on junk food. Enter Fit Snack: a monthly subscription box that includes samples of whole food-based, nutritionist-approved snacks.

You can sample energy bars, lean protein jerky, granola, drinkable soups, healthy chips, and more. Previous boxes have included items from popular brands known for healthy products, such as Top Seedz, Lesser Evil, and Barebells.

Each box is packed with up to 10 items that always include two or more of the following types of health essentials: organic, vegan, gluten-free, raw, GMO-free, high protein, low sugar, or all-natural. Every month you’ll get at least one entirely new and different snack, as well as workouts created by an expert personal trainer/nutritionist.

Boxes cost about $29 per month. You can pre-pay for a three- (roughly $28), six- (about $27), or 12-month (around $26) subscription, and the cost decreases the longer you subscribe upfront.

Best for Trail Runners: Cairn



Why We Chose It: Cairn is a great option for trail runners and ultrarunners who appreciate and prefer high-quality, specialized products and are always looking for the latest and greatest running nutrition and gear.

What We Like
  • Wide variety of products

  • High-quality, often newly-released items

  • Full-size products

What We Don't Like
  • No ability to customize and exclude products with nuts or other allergens

  • Some boxes may not be worth the price if you don’t need one or more of the items

For trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts, Cairn’s outdoor box is loaded with incredible gear, seasonal goodies, and other items.

Each monthly box offers useful products like hydration packs, safety gear, apparel, and snacks. Past shipments have included granola, sunglasses, running belts, reef-safe sunscreen, and a mini medical kit. Cairn wants to keep subscribers in the know about new products, so many of the items are brand-new to the outdoor gear market.

There are four subscription offerings to choose from: Monthly boxes cost about $30 each; a six-month subscription is roughly $28 per month ($170 for six months); an annual membership is approximately $27 per month ($329 for the year); or you can pay a quarterly rate of about $250.

No matter which subscription option you choose, you can cancel at any time.

Best for Post-Run Recovery: BroteinBox



Why We Chose It: BroteinBox is a convenient way for runners to get more protein, which is needed for muscle building and repair. The boxes are filled with delicious, healthy protein-packed foods from reputable brands, giving runners a nice variety of post-run recovery snacks each month.

What We Like
  • Great selection of quality products

  • Well-known, popular brands

  • Includes at least one new product every month

  • All items are full-sized

What We Don't Like
  • Pricier than some other snack boxes

  • No customization for gluten-free, vegan, or other dietary preferences

If you like to have your pantry or gym bag stocked with high-protein snacks, BroteinBox gives you a regular supply of foods to help you recover quickly and feel prepared for your next runs or workouts.

Included in BroteinBox's monthly shipments are some of the newest, most popular snacks so you can test them out. In each box, you can expect roughly 10 to 13 of the best-tasting, healthiest protein snacks from top-notch brands.

Previous boxes have included protein bars, beef and turkey jerky, energy gels, protein powders, and protein chips. If your tastebuds get bored eating the same bars day after day, you’ll appreciate the diversity of snacks in each BroteinBox.

There are three subscription offerings: A monthly membership costs about $43 per box; a three-month plan costs roughly $125; and a six-month membership is approximately $240.

While the subscription is pricier than some other fitness snack boxes, it’s still a solid value for high-quality, protein-filled products.

Final Verdict

No matter which of these boxes you choose, you’ll get a variety of exceptional products that are appealing to runners. They’re all designed by experts who know what athletes want and expect, so you’ll get useful items in shipments and not a lot of fluff. Some boxes feature just snacks and sports nutrition, so don’t choose one of those if you also want to get running gear and other fun surprises in your boxes.

For an all-purpose running subscription box, The RunnerBox tops our list due to its affordability, value, and diverse selection of items. If you want to spend a little less per box, StrideBox is also an excellent choice for runners, from newbies to experienced.

What Are Running Subscriptions Boxes?

Running subscription boxes are regular deliveries of running gear and foods to your doorstep that help you stay energized and excited about running. Boxes are curated by running and fitness experts and may include running gear and clothes, sports nutrition, snacks, self-care items, and more.

How Often Are Running Subscription Delivered?

Subscription plans are usually monthly, but some are offered less frequently on a bimonthly or seasonal basis. Many customers choose recurring deliveries, but some companies also sell individual boxes for those who want to purchase a gift or try out the subscription.

What Is Included in a Running Subscription Box?

From sports nutrition and healthy snacks to running clothes and injury prevention products, running subscription boxes can contain a range of products for running enthusiasts. Some companies focus on food, while others emphasize running apparel and tech. Boxes may center around a particular theme or include products that are suitable for that season. In some cases, you can customize your boxes by your size or interests.

How Much Do Running Subscription Boxes Cost?

The cost of running subscription boxes varies depending on the size of the box and the number and quality of products. An entry-level subscription plan ranges from around $20 to $43 per month. Most companies offer a discounted monthly rate if you prepay for a longer subscription plan.

How We Chose the Best Running Subscription Boxes

When selecting the best running subscription boxes, we looked at 18 different fitness-related subscription boxes and determined which ones were the most beneficial for runners. To narrow them down, we considered several factors, including cost, contents, cancellation policies, customization, frequency options, and how the products in each shipment compared to retail costs. We also considered customer feedback and online reviews. The prices and value of the boxes were key factors when choosing our top picks.

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