The 12 Best Running Belts of 2021, According to a Running Coach

Keep your phone, keys, and more handy on all of your runs

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Best Running Belts


Our Top Picks
A game-changer for runners who want to keep their essentials on them, it's designed to prevent moving, bouncing, or chafing.
The affordable pick has many of the same features of higher-end running belts, from water resistance to reflective accents.
The weather-resistant pouch may look small, but it expands and can securely hold energy gels and a large phone.
Ideal for long runs, the adjustable belt doesn’t ride up so you can stay comfortable, even during the final stretch of your race.
Keep notifications close by on long runs with this belt, complete with a touch-sensitive window so you can access your phone.
The clasp- and buckle-free belt offers a low-profile look and features two weather-resistant, zippered pockets.
Best for Holding Your Phone:
Tribe Slim Running Belt at Amazon
Its clear touchscreen-sensitive cover allows you to change your music or use a running app without having to pull out your phone.
Bad weather days are no match for this belt, designed with a waterproof TPU lining to protect your valuables from sweat and rain.
Its design makes it easy to quickly remove and replace the included BPA-free bottles, allowing you to stay hydrated on the run.
If you prefer a lightweight, streamlined design, Lululemon's running belt is complete with an adjustable strap for customization.

If you like to run with your phones, cash, and other items, you probably already know that carrying them in your hands or pockets can be annoying and unsafe. Armbands with storage can be convenient, but they often feel constricting and can lead to painful chafing. With lots of different style and storage options, running belts are a convenient and comfortable hands-free way to carry your essentials on the go.

Here are the best running belts for all different needs, preferences, and budgets.

Best Overall: FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt

FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt
  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • Doesn’t bounce or chafe

  • Durable and versatile

  • Fits under clothing

  • Not water-resistant

The popular FlipBelt has been a game-changer for runners who want a comfortable, versatile way to carry their essentials. It features a continuous main compartment, with three openings in which you can tuck your phone, gels, or other items and get easy access. Additionally, the zippered pocket is perfect for securing valuables or medical devices.

Available in seven sizes that fit waists from 18 to 48 inches, it stretches and pulls on like a pair of pants, so you can wear it wherever it feels most comfortable on your waist.

A sleek, streamlined belt, it doesn't move, ride up, or bounce as you hit the road. Made of a high-quality, breathable micropoly/Lycra fabric, the FlipBelt wicks away sweat and moisture, keeping you dry, comfortable, and chafe-free. It comes in several different colors, from basic black or gray to vibrant neon yellow or aqua.

Storage: Four pockets, one with zipper | Care: Machine wash and tumble or hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 18 to 48 inches

Best Budget: Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

  • Lots of storage

  • Good for low-light conditions

  • Sweat- and water-resistant

  • Larger phones are a tight fit

This affordable belt from Sport2People is comfortable, roomy, and has many of the same features of higher-priced running belts, making it an excellent value for the money. Light and durable, it has two stretchy pockets that expand to hold your phone, gels, keys, money, and more.

The elastic belt keeps everything secure, so you don't have to worry about it bouncing or rubbing when you run. The water-resistant material and reflective accents also made it a good choice for running in unfavorable weather or low-light conditions. The adjustable strap makes it a comfortable option for waist sizes from 27.5 to 40.5 inches.

Storage:  Two large zippered pockets | Care: Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 27.5 to 40.5 inches

Best for Carrying Gels: SPIbelt Large Pocket Running Belt

  • Low-profile and comfortable

  • Lightweight but durable

  • Bounce-proof

  • No hole for headphones

A leader in the running belt market for years, SPIbelt is known for its high-quality, high-performance running belts at reasonable prices. This SPIbelt may look small, but it expands and can securely hold a large phone, keys, energy gels, and other small personal items. It also has a weather-resistant pouch and zipper to keep valuables dry while on the run.

With its no-bounce design, the SPIbelt won’t ride or shift while running or doing other activities. It's adjustable and can fit waist sizes of 24 to 58 inches.

Storage: One large zippered pocket | Care: Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 24 to 58 inches

Best for Marathons: Fitletic Running Race Belt

  • Versatile and comfortable

  • Durable, water-resistant materials

  •  Convenient energy gel loops

  • Only one pocket

With plenty of room for running nutrition and other essentials, the Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt is perfect for long runs and distance races such as a marathon. The zippered, stretchy, water-resistant pouch can safely and securely hold your phone, credit cards, cash, and other essentials.

The six exterior loops make it easy to grab your energy gels without having to pull everything out of the pouch. Plus, you can use the toggles to attach your race bib, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of safety pins on race day. The soft, adjustable belt doesn’t ride up or chafe, so you won’t feel uncomfortable or sore, even during the final stretch of your race. This ultra-soft belt is adjustable to 24- to 42-inch waists for a comfortable, snug fit.

Storage: One large zippered pocket | Care: Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 24 to 42 inches

Best for Long Runs: Sporteer Kinetic K1 Running Belt

  • Comfortable and secure

  • Touchscreen window

  • Fits large phones

  • Only one pocket

If you’re running long, you may want to carry your phone to listen to tunes and be prepared in case of an emergency. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 Sport Belt was specifically designed to fit large phones and cases and gives full access to your phone screen through its touch-sensitive window.

The lightweight, bounce-free design and soft, sweat-resistant mesh/foam backing keep you comfortable when running for distance. While this belt is designed with large phones in mind, there’s also extra space in the internal pockets to carry ID, sport gels, keys, cash, and other small items.

It’s adjustable and fits waist sizes 24 to 40 inches.

Storage: One large pocket | Care: Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 24 to 40 inches

Best Minimalist: Nathan Zipster Running Belt

Nathan Zipster Running Belt
  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Lots of storage

  • Stylish

  • No hole for earphones

The ultra-comfortable Nathan Zipster running belt is sleek and light, making it ideal for racing, but it’s also stretchy enough to fit all your race day essentials. It’s a good choice for runners who want a minimalist belt, without any clasps and buckles.

The low-profile belt pulls on like a pair of shorts and stretches to sit comfortably on your waist. It features two large, weather-resistant zippered pockets on the front and back and two side flap-top pockets that provide easy access to essential items.

Constructed with super-soft flexible fabric, it moves with you and allows for excellent range of motion. Available in six sizes—from extra-extra-small to extra-large—it fits waists from 23 to 48 inches.

Storage: Four pockets (two zippered)  | Care: Machine wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 23 to 48 inches.

Best for Holding Your Phone: Tribe Slim Running Belt

  • Easy access to phone

  • Separate pockets to organize items

  • Inexpensive

  • May not be comfortable for larger waist sizes

If phone storage is your main priority in a running belt, this one from Tribe is reliable, well-designed, and an excellent value for the money. The phone pocket has a clear touchscreen-sensitive cover that allows you to change your music, check a text, or use a running app without having to pull out your phone. An additional zippered pocket on the side is ideal for storing other essentials.

Made of a stretchy Lycra, it moves with you, so it feels comfortable and not at all bulky. The belt has an adjustable elastic strap that fits waist sizes from 28 to 50 inches.

Storage: Zippered phone pocket, small side zippered pocket | Care: Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 28 to 50 inches.

Best Waterproof: Aikendo Slim Running Belt

  • Water-resistant pouch

  • Sleek and streamlined look

  • Good value

  • No water bottle holsters

Featuring a minimalist, stylish design with a large zippered pouch, the Aikendo running belt is a perfect companion for runners who don’t let bad weather keep them inside. It’s made of soft, breathable Lyrca that stretches to fit you comfortably.

The pocket has a waterproof TPU lining that protects your phone and keeps other valuables safe and dry from sweat and rain. With an adjustable elastic strap and sturdy buckle, it fits waist sizes from 28.7 to 41.3 inches.

Storage: Large zippered pocket | Care:  Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 28.7 to 41.3 inches.

Best with Water Bottles: URPOWER Running Belt with Two Water Bottles

  • Lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant material

  • Convenient for hydration

  • Hole for headphones

  • Extra strap hangs down on smaller runners

  • Only one pocket

If you like your running belt to serve double duty, this hydration belt is the perfect way to carry your phone and fluids. The belt’s design makes it easy to quickly remove and replace the included two BPA-free 6-ounce bottles, allowing you to stay hydrated on the run.

Additionally, the water-resistant pocket offers plenty of space for your phone, as well as keys, money, or other essentials. With a fully adjustable strap, the belt comfortably fits waists from 23 to 53 inches and can even be used as a shoulder bag.

Storage: Large zippered pocket; two pockets for water bottles | Care:  Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 23 to 53 inches.

Best Adjustable: Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt

best running belts
  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Stylish

  • Separate pockets to organize essentials

  • May not fit larger phones

  • Limited color options

If you prefer a lightweight, streamlined design, this running belt from Lululemon is worth considering. Versatile and comfortable, it has an adjustable strap that can accommodate waist sizes 26 to 50 inches.

A zippered, stretchy pouch on the back keeps your phone secure and the two drop-in pockets on the sides can stash your key, credit cards, and fuel. Lululemon’s soft Ultralu fabric is breathable and wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and chafe-free.

Storage:  One zippered pocket, two drop-in pockets | Care: Machine wash, lay flat to dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 26 to 50 inches.

Best Plus Size: Dimok Water Resistant Running Belt

  • Separate pockets

  • Great value

  • Water-resistant

  • Tight fit for larger phones

For a stylish and affordable running belt that fits a wide range of sizes, this Dimok running belt is a solid choice. The adjustable elastic straps fit waist sizes from 28 to 49 inches and the stretchy material adds to the overall comfort.

With one large zippered pocket and two smaller pouches, the belt keeps your essentials secure but easy to access, and the water-resistant neoprene material protects them from the elements.

Plus, it has features that are often found in higher-priced belts, such as an earphone hole and reflective stripes.

Storage: One large zippered pocket, two side pockets | Care:  Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 28 to 49 inches.

Best for Running With Your Dog: G-Run Hydration Running Belt with Bottles

  • Holds water bottles

  • Lots of storage

  • Water-resistant

  • Limited color options

When you’re running with your dog, you need a belt with plenty of room to hold necessities for both you and your pooch. With lots of storage space and holsters for water bottles, this belt has all the practical features and usefulness of a dogwalker’s fanny pack, but with a much more streamlined, sporty style.

The large front zippered pouch has two inner pockets, so it’s easy to organize and carry all your essentials, including dog treats and waste bags. Additionally, the belt comes with two 10-ounce water bottles to help keep both of you hydrated.

Available in three sizes, this belt can accommodate men or women with waist sizes of 20 to 50 inches.

Storage: Large zippered pouch with two pockets  | Care:  Hand wash, hang dry | Fit: Fits waist sizes from 20 to 50 inches.

Final Verdict

For a running belt that can comfortably and securely hold your phone and other essentials, the FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt rises to the top for its quality, performance, and storage options. With a sleek, streamlined design, the versatile belt moves with you, so you almost forget that you’re wearing it.

If you’re looking to spend a little less, the Sport2People Running Pouch Belt stands out as a high-quality, reliable option that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

What to Look for in a Running Belt


Consider exactly what you’ll be using your belt for and what you want it to hold. Some running belts have one big pocket, while others have separate ones so you can keep your essentials organized. If you like convenient access to your phone, you may want a belt with multiple pockets so you can easily pull it out.

A zippered pocket can securely hold valuables such as money or keys, but some runners prefer open pockets or gel loops for easy access to their nutrition. If you want to run with a large phone, be sure to read the belt’s product description and reviews carefully to ensure that it will fit.


Look for lightweight, stretchy, and flexible materials that are breathable and durable—such as Lycra, nylon, and polyester. If you plan to run in wet conditions, belts made with neoprene, which is water-resistant, can help protect your essentials.


You’ll definitely want a snug and secure fit to eliminate bouncing and shifting, which is distracting and can also lead to chafing. The belt should also have an even weight distribution, so it doesn’t throw off your balance or affect your running gait.

Many running belts can be adjusted to fit a variety of waist and hip sizes. It’s easier to get a custom fit with adjustable belts, but they may be a little bulky and have buckles that can pinch or irritate the skin. Other belts are one-size-fits-all and pull on like a pair of shorts, so you don’t have to worry about clasps that snag your clothes or chafe your skin. However, it can be harder to get an exact fit with these types of fixed-size belts.


How to Wear a Running Belt

Finding the sweet spot for your running belt is important to make sure it feels comfortable and doesn’t slip or bounce. For best results, place the belt so it goes around your hips and position it right on your belly button line. If the belt has a buckle or clasp closure, adjust the strap so it feels secure and fasten it.

How to Clean a Running Belt

Some running belts are machine-washable, so you can just throw it in with your workout clothes. However, if a belt has reflective elements or water-resistant material, putting it in the washing machine or dryer may degrade their effectiveness. In that case, hand wash the belt in a sink using cold water and laundry detergent and then hang dry.   

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