What Are the Best Running Belt Packs?

How to Carry Your Long Run or Race Essentials

If you're training for a long distance running event, such as a marathon or half marathon, you may have already realized the need to carry your energy gels and other items during your long runs and the race itself. Some people carry their necessities in a hydration belt, but if you're planning on using the water stops during the marathon, you'll need something else to hold all your stuff. These running belt packs and carriers can hold a lot, but still won't be too bulky.

The SPIbelt may look small, but this sleek belt expands and can securely hold a cell phone, keys, up to five energy gel packs, and other small personal items. The Performance series model features an increased size of the pocket, so it can hold large phones. It also has a weather-resistant zipper to keep valuables dry while on the run. The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities. It's adjustable, so it can fit waists 24 to 52 inches.

The Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt is perfect for the long distance runner. It has six elastic slots to hold your gels on your belt for easy access. The zippered, stretchy, and sturdy pouch is made of neoprene and will keep your cell phone or iPod (any size) dry. It also has an inner pocket to keep your ID, credit cards, or cash secure.

This waist carrier from Amphipod features two big internal compartments that can hold your keys, cash, electronics, energy gels, phone, jelly beans, and other essentials. Its hybrid mesh technology wicks away moisture and circulates air between your back and the pack, so it won't feel hot and constricting. It also has a fully adjustable belt for a comfortable fit.

This lightweight neoprene belt has reflective belt keepers for safety. It has a large zippered pocket big enough for your smartphone and a small zippered pocket for smaller essentials. It comes in a variety of colors and trims.

If you prefer an arm carrier, this Armpocket Armband can fit your cell phone, MP3 player, car keys, and gels. Other features include a vented strap, moisture-resistant fabric, memory foam padding, three storage compartments, dual earbuds, and eco-friendly materials. The armband is available in three sizes and several fun colors.

The Flipbelt does away with fasteners that can irritate you by being a continuous loop of material. The main compartment is also continuous, with four openings in which to tuck your essentials and give easy access. There is a zippered pocket for extra security. There are many imitators, but FlipBelt was the original.

The Amphipod micropack is perfectly sized to carry keys, cash, energy gels, or a small MP3 player. It fastens securely and the pouch rests on inside of the waistband, giving you very easy access to contents.

If you want a running belt that also gives you the option to carry some hydration, Fitletic's Hyda belt may be the one for you. Worn low on your hips, this belt contours your body to eliminate bounce and allows for single-handed access of bottles. Its upgraded enlarged, water-resistant pouch can fit large phones It also features two exterior energy gel loops for on-the-fly access.


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