The 7 Best Rollerblades of 2021

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Best Rollerblades

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Our Top Picks
"The soft boot design of these Zetrablade skates allows them to mold to your feet, providing a comfortable fit."
"Whether you’re a casual or first-time skater, this pick makes it easy for you to master the art of recreational roller blading."
"A solid option for first-time skaters, the shock-absorbing wheels keep you balanced on whatever terrain you tackle."
"Intermediate skaters who are gaining more confidence with their wheels can expect to reach moderate speeds with this pair."
"Ideal for performance skaters who are more experienced on the pavement, it makes a solid choice if you prioritize agility."
"A great option for morning and evening commutes, the fit is designed to lightly hug your foot with its buckles and laces."
"Perfect if you enjoy or are experienced enough for higher speeds, its mid-size wheels ensure that you won't lose control."

Rollerblading—also known as inline skating—can be a great way to work up a sweat. The activity combines the freedom of running with the speed of cycling, allowing you to explore your neighborhood in an entirely new way. Plus, since rollerblading requires you to balance on two thin rows of wheels, you can rest assured knowing you’ll build a little strength any time you head out for a quick jaunt.

If you’re a first-time rollerblader, you’ll want to seek out a pair of skates that make it easier to balance. Look for features that encourage stability—like a durable frame, ankle straps, and ample padding. If you’re looking to take your rollerblading skills to the next level, go lighter and lower-profile.

Here are the best rollerblades for every level.

Best Overall for Women: Rollerblade Women's Zetrablade Inline Skates

Rollerblade Women's Zetrablade Inline Skates

Rollerblade’s Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skates are comfortable, durable, and easy to use—an ideal combination for recreational skating. If you’re a first-time roller skater, don’t worry—the skates boast a low center of gravity, which will make maintaining your balance a whole lot easier. The skates are also designed with a durable frame, which will stabilize your ankles and feet as you stride.

Inside the Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skates, you’ll find a plush performance liner. This padding will help ensure you get a snug fit each time you strap on your skates, and it will also cushion your feet so you can comfortably conquer longer routes. At the base of each skate, you’ll find four performance wheels. These were designed with beginner and intermediate skaters in mind, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, controllable ride as you build your skating skill set.

Best Overall for Men: Rollerblade Men's Zetrablade Inline Skates

Rollerblade Men's Zetrablade Inline Skates

Whether you’re a casual or first-time skater, Rollerblade’s Men's Zetrablade Inline Skates are a worthy choice. The skates were designed with durability in mind. Their performance wheels promise a smooth ride for beginner and intermediate skaters. And their strong, protective shells will help you stay stable as you skate. From top to bottom, the skates were crafted to help you balance—making it easy to master the art of recreational rollerblading. 

Unsurprisingly, the interior of the Men's Zetrablade Inline Skate is as thoughtfully designed as its exterior. The skate is lined with performance padding, which will keep your feet feeling snug and secure as you skate. The plush lining will also cushion your feet, alleviating some of the pressure that tends to accompany beginner or recreational skating.

Best for Beginners: LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates

Durable, comfortable, and easy to clean, LIKU’s Black Professional Inline Skates are an excellent pick for first-time skaters. The rollerblades boast a thick, durable shell that will protect and stabilize your foot, making it easier for you to balance.

Thanks to a series of buckled straps and high-density laces, this shell will stay firmly in place, hugging your foot as you move around. If you find yourself on more textured terrain, don’t worry: The skates’ wheels are equipped with shock-absorbing aluminum alloy bearings, which promise to keep you comfortable—even if things get a little bumpy.

Because thick shells can get heavy and uncomfortable, LIKU’s Black Professional Inline Skates are lined with ventilation holes. These will encourage airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. Once you’ve finished skating, you can take off your rollerblades and remove the cotton liners padding their interiors. These liners are easy to slip in and out of the skates, making it incredibly hassle-free for you to keep your skates clean and odor-free. 

Best Intermediate: Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Women's Inline Skates

Rollerblade’s Zetrablade Elite Women's Inline Skates are designed to accommodate entry-level and intermediate skaters. But despite their range, they’re still reasonably priced. The skates boast a durable shell, which is held in place by a series of buckles, straps, and laces.

Though the shell is sturdy enough to keep your feet feeling stable and supported, it also allows for some range of motion—the skate’s upper is crafted from mesh, a more breathable and lightweight textile than you’d find on many skates.

Inside the Zetrablade Elite Women's Inline Skates, you’ll find ample padding. The skates are cushioned with a comfort performance liner, which will keep your feet cozy without weighing them down too much. The soles of the skates are lined with performance wheels, which are designed to give you a swift, smooth ride. You can expect to reach moderate speeds—and to feel in control as you do so.

Best Advanced: Atom Luigino Strut Inline Skates

Atom Luigino Strut Inline Skates

Atom’s Luigino Strut Inline Skates are low-profile and lightweight—and with good reason. The rollerblades are designed for performance skaters, who care more about speed and agility than about stability and security.

Whereas many inline skates boast a boot-like silhouette, Atom’s Luigino Strut Inline Skates look more like a low-top sneaker. This absence of ankle bulk makes the skates easier to move around in, allowing performance skaters to nimbly tackle skates. 

But the Atom Luigino’s silhouette isn’t the only thing performance skaters will love. The skate’s carbon fiber shell is stiff but lightweight, offering ample protection without weighing you down. A series of waxed laces will help you get a snug fit every time you slip on your skates, and Atom’s Nano Buckles will ensure the laces stay securely in place as you move around.

Finally, the skates boast a convertible frame that can accommodate three or four wheels, allowing you to customize your set-up based on your preferences.

Best for Commuting: LIKU Unisex Fitness Inline Skates

LIKU’s Unisex Fitness Inline Skates were designed to take you anywhere. You can wear them to the rink, to the park, on the road, or even on paved trails—making them an excellent option for your morning and evening commutes.

The lightweight skates boast an integrated frame, which promises to keep you stably on your feet, even as you brake or tackle nimble turns. The skates are also equipped with shock-absorbing bearings, which promise to keep your rides feeling comfortable and smooth.

The interior of the skates is padded with a removable cotton liner. The liner is shaped like a sock, and it’s held in place by a stretchy band that promises to hug your foot just right. Slide on the liner, then slip into the skate, and fasten it securely using the skate’s triple closure system. A series of buckles, straps, and laces will work together to keep your skates hugging your foot every time you go rollerblading.

Best for Speed: K2 Trio 100 Women’s Urban Inline Skates

K2 Trio 100 Women’s Urban Inline Skates

Many recreational rollerblades are designed to offer control and stability—not speed and performance. So if you’re looking for a faster ride, you’ll need to seek out a pair of skates equipped to handle higher speeds, like K2’s Trio 100 Urban Inline Skates. The rollerblades are equipped with 100-mm wheels, which will allow you to speed up your skates without losing control. (For context, many entry-level skates come with 80-mm wheels, and many performance skates come with 125-mm wheels.) The skates are also equipped with ILQ 7 bearings, which promise to hold up under more intense conditions.

Of course, comfort is important, no matter how fast you’re skating. So K2’s Trio 100 Urban Inline Skates are lined with padding that’ll cushion your feet, keeping you comfortable, even during longer, tougher skates. The rollerblades fasten via a series of laces and straps, allowing you to customize your foot-hugging fit—and to make sure your skates stay firmly in place once you have.

The K2 Trio 100 Women’s Urban Inline Skates are currently available in sizes 10.5–11.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a nice pair of rollerblades, Rollerblade’s Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skates offer comfort, value, and stability—still at a reasonable price.

What to Look for in a Rollerblade


When rollerblading, you want a snug, secure fit. Look for features like straps, buckles, and laces. These will allow you to fasten your inline skates just right.


Rollerblades can be stiff. To mitigate discomfort, find a pair that are lined with plush padding.


If you’re a first-time skater, you’ll want a pair of rollerblades that help you keep your balance. And boot-shaped skates—which stabilize your ankle, as well as your foot—tend to do that. If you’re a performance skater, you’ll want a shorter, lower-profile skate that allows for more range of motion. 


Entry-level skates tend to have smaller wheels than performance skates. So if you’re looking to tackle tough terrain at high speeds, it’s probably worth investing in a higher-performance pair. But if you’re happy skating at moderate speeds on sidewalks and streets, you won’t need to pay too much attention to your wheels—most should work just fine.

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