The 6 Best Protein Snacks

Tasty snacks with the good-for-you benefits of protein

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Our Top Picks
Tortilla chips with the benefits of protein.
100 percent, natural and smoked turkey, with no gluten or MSG.
Best Protein Bar:
Pure Protein Bar at Amazon
Popular with exercise fanatics.
Best Vegan Protein Snack:
SimplyProtein Bar at Amazon
Contains no whey or milk protein.
Low carb but with necessary nutrients.
A delicious way to improve your protein intake.

Best Overall: Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips

If you're a chip lover on the hunt for a protein-rich snack, Quest's Tortilla Style Protein Chips are definitely your thing. Ideal for a quick bite after the gym or an accompaniment to your lunch, these protein-rich chips are crunchy, flavorful, and contain a whopping 18 grams of protein per serving.

Those 18 grams come from whey and milk proteins, and each serving contains 140 calories and 4 grams of net carbs. These chips are baked, not fried, and free of soy and gluten. Sold in 8-packs of snack-sized bags, Quest also sells other flavors of their protein chips including chili lime, bbq, and ranch.

Best Budget: Old Wisconsin Turkey Sausage Snack Sticks

Compliant with paleo, keto, and other high-protein, muscle-building diets, eating more meat is a simple way to get the additional protein you need. Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks are a tasty, portable, and easy way to get more grams directly from meat on-the-go and without meal prep.

The Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks have no gluten or MSG and a made of 100 percent natural, smoked and spiced turkey. Each serving features 7 grams of protein, 80 calories, and less than one carbohydrate. The USA-made snacks are like beef jerky or dried meat, but they’re more compact and much less expensive.

Best Protein Bar: Pure Protein Bar Variety Pack

Popular with exercise fanatics and anyone who needs a nutrient-rich pick-me-up when they’re out of the house, protein bars deliver the goods in a compact, delicious package. Pure Protein makes some of the best ones on the market.

Available in chocolate deluxe, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate chip, these bars taste great and have at least 20 grams of protein. Pure Protein uses whey protein in their products, which are particularly popular with athletes.

Best Vegan Protein Snack: SimplyProtein Bar

Even more so than vegetarians, vegans need to be conscious of how they’re getting their protein. Luckily, there are SimplyProtein Bars.

Available in multiple flavors, including chocolate caramel, peanut butter chocolate, and chocolate coconut, SimplyProtein Bars are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Each bar boasts 15 grams of plant-based protein. They are also high in fiber and have 150 calories and 17 grams of carbs in each bar.

Best Low Carb Protein: TWIN PEAKS INGREDIENTS Keto Friendly Protein Puffs, Nacho Cheese

Twin Peaks Brand Protein Puffs are a convenient and delicious protein-packed snack. They're easy to stash in your car or at your desk, and each serving has an impressive 21 grams of protein and a mere 2 grams of carbohydrates.

These puffs are made with milk proteins and come in six flavors: nacho cheese, sour cream and onion, mesquite barbecue, garlic parmesan, jalapeno cheddar, and margherita pizza.

Best Dessert: Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie

The Quest Nutrition Protein Cookie is a popular (and delicious) protein-packed treat. Available in six flavors, there’s something for everyone with a sweet tooth. With 15 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber, these aren’t your average cookies. You can enjoy this gluten- and soy-free treat after lunch or on its own. With less than one gram of sugar, these cookies are flavored with stevia and erythritol.

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