The 7 Best Protein Powders for Women to Buy in 2018

Fuel your day with the right formula for your needs

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When it comes to protein powder there is no one size fits all. Since protein can provide a range of benefits including muscle building and weight loss, it is best to choose a formula that targets what you want to achieve and adheres to your dietary restrictions.

The most common of protein powders is whey protein, which gets its protein from the liquid that is generally thrown out when producing cheese (or that liquid that forms on top of your yogurt). While whey is a great tasting protein at an affordable price, it might not work for those who are vegan or dairy free. For those who are vegan, you can opt for formulas that use vegetables (think peas, greens, and more) to bulk up their protein content. Besides these two, there are plenty of protein options in between. When choosing one, it all comes down to your taste, use, and dietary preference. From muscle building protein powders to super green meal replacements, these are the best protein powders for women to buy.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bodylogix Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder

With whey being the most popular in protein powder choices, our best overall pick includes that tasty formula. Bodylogix offers a limited ingredient protein powder that is void of artificial flavors while offering non-GMO protein that’s sourced from grass-fed cows. Sweetened with stevia, the product is gluten-free, lactose-reduced, features NSF certified ingredients and label claims, and consists mostly of whey isolate. This protein comes in three different sizes (1.6 pounds, 1.8 pounds, and 4 pounds) to suit your protein needs.

Reviewers claim this is the best protein powder they have ever tasted, with one claiming it tastes like brownie batter.

Flavors: Caramel chocolate, decadent chocolate, unflavored, and vanilla bean
Protein: 24 grams per 1-scoop serving

Best for Weight Loss: FitMiss Delight Protein Powder

If losing weight is your priority when starting a regime of protein powder, the FitMiss Delight line is most tailored to your needs. Made of a vegetable-based protein (including stuff like flaxseed, broccoli, spinach, and more) this formula provides you with high protein in a low-calorie, low carb, and gluten-free form that keeps you full. This powder does also contain milk and soy to give it added protein. Each scoop only contains 90 calories, so when it is mixed with water or a low-calorie milk, you won't be getting a lot of extra calories.

Reviewers note big results in losing weight when they replace a meal with a shake from this powder. They note that when paired with added exercise and portion control, they saw big results in as little as two weeks.

Flavors: Chocolate, cappucino, vanilla chai
Protein: 16 grams per 1-scoop serving

Best for Athletes: Klean Athlete Klean Isolate

With 20 grams of protein per serving, and only 100 calories, this is a great all-around protein powder, especially for athletes. The whey protein provides essential amino acids for muscle building, including branched chain amino acids. The product’s lower lactose content ensures great digestibility as well. It also has electrolytes so it will help replenish you after a serious sweat session with its sodium and potassium. A lot of reviewers suggest mixing it with a sports drink for the ultimate refuel.

Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, unflavored​
Protein: 20 grams per 1-scoop serving

Best Vegan: Garden of Life Organic Raw Fit

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For those who stick to a vegan lifestyle (or anyone looking to up their vegetable intake), the Garden of Life Organic Raw Fit shake powder is your best bet. This powder gets its protein from peas, seeds, legumes, and sprouted organic greens. This formula is great for pre- or post-workout, and will help satisfy hunger while also keeping you full through the day.

Besides a nice dose of protein, this also has Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract, which burns body fat and keeps your blood sugar stable and Organic Ashwagandha to control cortisol levels (which add to belly fat) and help curb stress eating.

Want to take a look at some other options? See our guide to the best vegan protein powders

Flavors: Chocolate, coffee, original, vanilla
Protein: 28 grams per 1 scoop serving

Best Egg-Based: Julian Bakery Paleo Protein Egg White Powder

While whey seems to be the most popular ingredient in protein powders, there are various other options, including this egg-based one from Julian Bakery. Since eggs have a high amount of protein alone, this formula uses just egg white powder and sunflower lecithin to give you the fuel you need with minimal ingredients.

There are many delicious ways to enjoy this protein, mixed with coconut or almond milk, or baked into things like muffins and cookies for a protein-packed punch.

Flavors: Blueberry tart, chocolate, vanilla
Protein: 25 grams per 1-scoop serving

Best Brown Rice Protein: NAKED RICE - Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Another option for vegans is brown rice protein powder. This version from Naked Nutrition gets it content from sprouted brown rice. it also uses no artificial sweeteners, uses non-GMO ingredients and is gluten, dairy, and soy free. Another concern amongst protein powder users is the high levels of metals found in some brands—this company does independent testing for heavy metals and melamine, so you know you are getting a pure powder.

Reviewers have noticed that they've felt better after using this than after formulas with more ingredients. Some note the taste can be chalky—so they recommend adding it to a smoothie as opposed to using with just water or milk. Also, the price is on the higher end.

Flavors: None
Protein: 25 grams per 2-scoop serving

Best Casein: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein Powder

Casein is similar to whey in that it is made from cow's milk, but it provides a thicker formula, thus leaving you fuller for longer—which equals weight loss. Besides leaving you with a full belly it also is ideal for muscle rebuilding, so a great option for after big workout days. It is recommended to drink this before bed or between meals for its most effective use. Since this is made from milk, you'll also get 60 percent of your daily amount of calcium, which most women lack.

Reviewers comment that this is thick like a milkshake, so either add more milk to thin out or embrace it as is. For those looking to stave off hunger, this does the job.

Flavors: Banana cream, chocolate peanut butter, creamy vanilla
Protein: 24 grams per 1-scoop serving

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