The 9 Best Portable Basketball Hoops of 2022, According to Experts

Start shooting like a pro with Spalding’s sturdy The Beast glass hoop

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Whether you want to practice your jump shot, play basketball with the kids, or blow off some steam on the weekends, portable basketball hoops allow for the convenience of doing it all at home.

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Spalding’s The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop is our top overall pick, because it’s durable and easy to assemble, and it features a shatterproof glass backboard. We also recommend the Lifetime 90040 Adjustable Basketball Hoop for a sturdy, budget-friendlier option.

Unlike wall-mounted or in-ground hoops, all you need for a portable basketball hoop is some space to play. Portable hoops are typically less expensive, easy to move around, and adjustable, making the game more accessible—especially for younger players. “Portable baskets can be lowered down as low as seven feet, and there’s much more give to the rims, so they’re way more forgiving than permanent hoops,” says Todd German, basketball coach and director of McCracken Basketball Camps.

A high-quality portable basketball hoop not only needs to hold up to intense play, but it also should also be sturdy and durable enough to handle bad weather conditions. To select the best ones, we researched over 30 hoops from 10 trusted brands. We also consulted basketball coaches and experts for advice on key features like performance, portability, materials, adjustability, price, and durability. 

Based on our research, here are the best portable basketball hoops on the market.

Best Overall: Spalding The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System


  • Sturdy and durable

  • Easy to assemble

  • Wheels and a handle make it easy to move

  • Expensive

  • Heavy

Who else recommends it? BestReviews also picked the Spalding The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop.

What do buyers say? 83% of 300+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

If you want a portable hoop that can offer a professional game experience in your driveway, we recommend Spalding’s Beast system as our top overall pick. The shatterproof tempered glass backboard and durable rim make it safe for plenty of dunking.

The hoop is easy to adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet, so it can be used by players of all ages and abilities for years to come. A large, sturdy base holds 55 gallons of water or sand, keeping it steady and secure while you’re playing. And we love that the portable system features multi-wheel castors and a pull-out handle, so it’s easy to move despite its weight. 

Although it’s expensive, this high-quality hoop is an excellent investment for those who are looking for a durable, professional-grade system that can stand up to intense play.

Backboard material: Shatterproof tempered glass | Frame material: Steel | Height: 7.5' to 10' | Backboard size: 54” or 60”

Best Budget: Lifetime 90040 Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 90040 Adjustable Basketball Hoop


  • Adjustable height

  • Easy to assemble

  • Fade-resistant backboard

  • Some may prefer a larger backboard

Many high-quality, durable portable basketball systems come with a high price tag, but there are still deals to be found. A trusted, reliable manufacturer of portable hoops, Lifetime offers this budget-friendly option that we recommend for driveway play. It features a durable 44-inch backboard made from high-density polyethylene that’s resistant to fading, chipping, and cracking (although it may be too small for some).

Fun for the entire family, the system has a telescoping pole that adjusts the rim height from 7.5 feet to 10.5 feet in six-inch increments (no tools required). The 27-gallon base fills with water or sand for a stable foundation, yet it’s still easy to move to a different spot when necessary. A solid, well-supported steel rim and a weather-resistant nylon net add to the hoop’s durability.

Backboard material: High-density polyethylene | Frame material: Powder-coated steel | Height: 7.5’ to 10’ | Backboard size: 44”

Best Adjustable: Silverback NXT Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Silverback NXT Adjustable Basketball Hoop


  • Five-year limited warranty

  • Pro-style flex rim

  • Durable backboard

  • Assembly may not be easy for one person

  • Large base won’t fit in tight spaces

If you want the look and feel of an in-ground system with the flexibility of a portable one, we recommend the Silverback NXT. With a pro-flex rim and an extremely stable base, it allows you to practice your moves indoors or out. A durable, polycarbonate backboard provides you with arena-style performance and clear views as you’re playing.

The rim height is adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet in six-inch increments, so players of all ages and abilities can use it for training and competitive play. We like that moving the hoop is easy and painless, thanks to the system’s ErgoMove wheelbarrow design. It’s worth noting, however, that this hoop may be tough to assemble by yourself, and the large base means that you’ll need to find a spot with plenty of room.

Backboard material: Polycarbonate | Frame material: Powder-coated steel | Height: 7.5' to 10' | Backboard size: 50" or 54”

Best for Driveway: Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System


  • Easy to assemble

  • Good for tight spaces

  • Budget-friendly

  • Some may prefer a larger backboard

  • Not ideal for dunking

If you want a hoop that doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be easily moved into the garage when necessary, we recommend the Lifetime 1269 Portable Basketball system. It features a durable, shatterproof, 44-inch backboard with a professional-looking design, complete with fade-resistant graphics.

The system is simple to assemble, and the three-piece telescopic steel pole lets you adjust the height from 7.5 to 10 feet. We also like that the base can be filled with either sand or water, and that the transport wheels make it easy and hassle-free to move, but the smaller backboard and lightweight construction mean this hoop isn’t ideal for slam dunks.

Backboard material: Polycarbonate | Frame material: Polyethylene | Height: 7.5' to 10' | Backboard size: 44”

Best for Kids: SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop with Adjustable-Height Pole

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop with Adjustable-Height Pole


  • Ideal for kids and beginners

  • Spring-loaded rim

  • Shatterproof backboard

  • Not regulation height

We recommend the SKLZ Pro Mini Portable Basketball Hoop for families who are short on space but want to give kids a chance to practice their skills. Although it doesn’t reach the regulation height of 10 feet, the system’s 3.5- to seven-foot range is ideal for younger players who are new to basketball.

Easy to move, the hoop is flexible enough to use anywhere, including your driveway, poolside, or basement. The durable, shatterproof polycarbonate backboard and spring-loaded rim make it safe for dunking. We love that it offers the look, functionality, and durability of a professional-grade basketball system in a smaller size at a budget-friendly price.

Backboard material: Polycarbonate | Frame material: Steel | Height: 3.5' to 7' | Backboard size: 33” x 23”

Best for the Whole Family: Lifetime 71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Lifetime 71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System


  • Durable and stable

  • Allows for dunking

  • Five-year manufacturer warranty

  • Thinner backboard

Suitable for everything from learn-to-shoot drills to driveway pick-up games, we recommend this Lifetime hoop for the families of basketball enthusiasts. With just one hand, the 18-inch standard steel rim can be easily adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet, so it grows with kids as they improve.

The durable and weather-resistant backboard combines a thinner, polycarbonate playing surface with a steel frame, and we like the padding along the bottom for added protection. The four-inch square, powder-coated steel pole offers plenty of stability, and the sturdy base is complete with wheels for easy transport. Unlike some portable hoops, this one is suitable and safe for dunking, thanks to the spring-back mechanism under the rim.

Backboard material: Makrolon polycarbonate | Frame material: Steel | Height: 7.5' to 10' | Backboard size: 54”

Best for the Pool: GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Basketball Game

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game


  • Quick and easy setup

  • Allows for dunking

  • UV-resistant backboard

  • Poolside use only

  • Not adjustable

For players with a pool, this GoSports poolside hoop will help you play some games while beating the heat. With a durable backboard and rim that are specifically designed for pool play, we recommend this hoop for any and all water games. The ultra-sturdy, tip-resistant base can be filled with water and is designed to withstand rough play and slam dunks. Made of engineered plastic, we like that this set is built to last and holds up to exposure from the sun, rain, and pool water.

Fast and easy to assemble, the hoop can be game-ready from the box in just a few minutes—but keep in mind that it’s not adjustable. The set also includes a ball pump and two water basketballs, so multiple players can shoot at the same time.

Backboard material: Engineered plastic | Frame material: Engineered plastic | Height: 40” | Backboard size: 31” x 23”

Best Indoor: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball


  • Easy to assemble and set up

  • Breakaway steel rim

  • Ball comes deflated

If cold or rainy weather puts a damper on your driveway game, you can keep practicing your three-pointers indoors with this sturdy, over-the-door hoop. The system is easy to assemble and, with a slide-on door mount, sets up in minutes. We like that the thick foam padding protects doors from dents and scratches.

Similar to high-quality outdoor systems, the hoop has a clear polycarbonate shatterproof backboard. It also comes complete with a breakaway steel rim that’s safe for dunking. A heavy-duty nylon net adds to the durability, while the replica graphics give it a professional vibe. It even comes with a deflated rubber mini-ball that’s perfect for swishing and dunking without causing damage.

Backboard material: Shatterproof polycarbonate | Frame material: Alloy steel | Height: N/A | Backboard size: 23” x 16”

Best for Travel: Franklin Sports Over the Door Basketball Hoop

Franklin Sports Over the Door Basketball Hoop


  • Budget-friendly

  • Easy setup

  • Protective foam backing

  • Net is not as durable

  • Backboard can get scratched

If you want an indoor-use hoop that’s extremely portable, this Franklin Sports over-the-door model is perfect for bringing to the office, setting up in a dorm room, or taking on a road trip. It’s engineered to fit on all regular-sized doors and comes with a half-inch of EVA foam backing to protect surfaces.

The dual-spring, nine-inch metal rim can withstand most dunking contests, while a shatter-resistant backboard and all-steel hardware add to the hoop’s durability. It even comes with a five-inch rubber basketball, so you’ll be all set to start shooting. Just note that this hoop isn’t as sturdy as some other options on our list, and the backboard may be easily scratched.

Backboard material: Shatterproof plastic | Frame material: Steel | Height: N/A | Backboard size: 17.75” x 12”

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a serious player or just getting started, Spalding’s The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop is our top overall pick for its ease of use, durability, and high-quality materials. It offers the look and feel of a professional game, with the convenience of adjustability and mobility.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendlier, adjustable hoop that’s easy to move around, we recommend the Lifetime 90040 Adjustable Basketball Hoop. It’s well-made and is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

How We Selected the Best Portable Basketball Hoops

To find the best portable basketball hoops, we asked experts Jason Miller, manager of hoop sales and installation for Breakthrough Basketball, and Todd German, a basketball coach, which features they look for in a high-quality hoop. 

Then, we examined dozens of options from the top, trusted retailers. We considered price, backboard material, and durability. We also looked at where the hoops could be set up or installed and how easy they were to assemble.

What to Look for in a Portable Basketball Hoop

Backboard Material

Backboards can come in three different materials: glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Glass is the professional standard for indoor basketball games. It’s a durable material that provides great ball bounce and won't scratch or fade over time. However, it can easily break if hit with rocks, large branches, or other hard materials.

Acrylic backboards are less expensive than glass ones and are usually more resilient. They’re ideal if you're worried about backboard damage. However, it's important to note that acrylic scratches easily, so it won't retain its new look or provide great ball bounce over time.

Polycarbonate backboards are also budget-friendly and can be even more durable than the acrylic ones. Although the look and feel are similar to those of acrylic, the material is actually denser and tougher.


For a hoop you can use for years to come, look for one that is made of durable, shatterproof, and weatherproof materials. Adjustability is also a key factor, especially if you’re buying a hoop for young players and want it to last as they grow.


The type and size of the basketball hoop that’s right for you will largely depend on where you want to place it. Before selecting one, make sure you have an area that’s spacious, flat, and paved (if outdoors). Poolside hoops and over-the-door hoops are great options if you’re low on space or wanting to play indoors.


The cost of portable hoops varies based on size, materials, and durability. “You have to spend a lot of money to get portable baskets that play the same as permanent ones,” says German. However, it’s worth the investment if you want a high-quality, sturdy hoop that will last for many years. If you’re not sure how much use the hoop will get, you may want to consider a budget-friendly option with a smaller, acrylic backboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you make a portable basketball hoop?

    For a very basic DIY portable basketball hoop that you can use indoors, all you need is a wire coat hanger. First, form the wire hanger into a circle. Next, bend the hook so it’s at a 90-degree angle with the hoop. Now you have a ring that you can hook onto anything in the house and use to practice your shooting skills with a soft, light ball. If you want to make your hoop a bit more substantial, you can cut a backboard out of cardboard and tape it to the hoop. You can also use string or yarn to add a net.

  • What size portable basketball hoop should I get?

    Many portable basketball hoops are adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet, which is a great range that can accommodate kids as they grow and improve their skills. Backboards can range from 44 to 72 inches, which is the regulation size at the professional level. A 44- to 54-inch is a good backboard size for most skill levels and should provide enough space for shooting, rebounding, and practicing other skills.

    Another factor to consider when choosing a portable hoop is the size of the playing area available. “Small boards on a large playing area can look and feel out of place, and vice versa,” says Jason Miller, manager of hoop sales and installation for Breakthrough Basketball.

  • How do you assemble a portable basketball hoop?

    All portable basketball hoops should come with assembly instructions, so your first step is to carefully read the directions. Next, make sure that you have all of the necessary materials and tools. Determine whether the assembly is a solo job or whether you’ll need another set of hands to help.

    Once you have everything you need, fill the base to make sure it’s stable during play and harsh weather. The two most common fillers are water and sand, but you can also use a base gel that mixes with water so it won’t freeze in cold temperatures. Next, follow the instructions from the manufacturer to attach the pole, supports, backboard, rim, and net.

  • How much does a portable basketball hoop weigh?

    Portable basketball hoops can vary in height and weight, but most range between 55 to 350 pounds, with the average being somewhere around 140 pounds. Systems with glass backboards are typically much heavier than those with acrylic or polycarbonate ones.

    When shopping for a hoop, you should be able to find the weight listed in the product description. Keep in mind that the weight from the manufacturer is how heavy the system is when it’s not filled with sand or water.

  • How do you store a portable basketball hoop?

    During cold weather, if you’re not planning to use your portable basketball hoop, it’s best to store it in a covered area like a garage, shed, or carport. If storing your hoop in a covered area isn’t possible, you should lower the rim to the lowest height, cover it with a tarp, and secure it with bungee cords. If you've filled your base with water, be sure to drain about one-quarter of it to allow for expansion from freezing.

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