Best iPhone Apps for Strength Training

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There are many apps for iPhone and Android devices that help you work out. They cover everything from strength training and running to just about any other physical activity you prefer. It can be hard to figure out which might actually be good.

Explore a selection of great apps for your iPhone to help with your resistance and strength training. Whether your focus is weight loss or bodybuilding, one of these should be great for your workout. Android versions may also be available.

Target Weight for Adults

Target Weight for Adults is a weight tracking app that inspires and encourages as you track your weight loss goals and target your ideal weight. Enter your existing weight and updates as you progress. You can also monitor body mass index and get lifestyle tips.

This one is not too complicated and seems to work well as an inspirational and motivational tool.


RunKeeper is a free app that tracks your cardio activity whether you're running, cycling, or walking. Cardio is a useful aspect of a weight training and bodybuilding program—even if you aren't a dedicated runner—because it helps in weight control and body shaping.

RunKeeper is a sophisticated app with many features and functions. These include tracking your runs, times, calorie expenditure, and much more. It even has heart rate monitoring with the appropriate sensors. This is probably the best of its type and it's also available on Android.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is highly rated and offers a free version with more than 400 exercises. It seems to be regularly updated and supported. Fitness Buddy offers the usual tracking and workout help, hints, and tools. It has to be one of the best general training apps out there.

Fitness Buddy+ is a paid version with over 2400 exercises and 1000 HD videos. Android and Windows users can also find a version of Fitness Buddy.

iMuscle 2

iMuscle 2 has over 650 3D images and animations of a vast range of strength and resistance training exercises. You can learn about muscle anatomy and physiology, create and share workouts, read tips, rotate and zoom images, enter personal details, search for exercises and body parts, and a lot more. It is certainly one of the more visually impressive apps available.

There are also Mac OS, Windows, iPad and Android versions available.


FitnessBuilder is free to start and offers in-app purchases to unlock specific uses. This app has a huge library of over 5600 images and videos, and a vast range of options and upgrades. In it, you will find workouts, graphs, plans, nutrition news, expert advice, body and weight tracking, workout progress and web access.

For some, it may be too much to choose from, but it may prove to be a good value for your money if you stick with it. FitnessBuilder has a web-based version as well as one for Android.

Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer

The Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer app is one of the earliest fitness apps (formerly called iFitness Pro) and it always gets high ratings. The app has hundreds of exercises and stretches with good instruction, as well as a 90,000 item food database and calorie counter function. Track your progress, of course. This one is very nice to use.

GymGoal Pro

Gym Goal Pro is a premium workout helper and tracker with all the main exercises you need. It has a database of over 50 workout routines to suit most purposes. The interface is efficient and functional.

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