The 6 Best Padded Bike Gloves of 2023

Gearonic Shockproof Short Gloves are durable and lightweight

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Preparing for a bike ride requires the right gear, from a well-fitted helmet to sunglasses. And what nears the top of the list of biking essentials is a solid pair of padded bike gloves. While standard bike gloves prevent calluses and soreness, padded gloves add another layer of comfort and protection so you can focus on your ride.

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The GEARONIC Shockproof Short Gloves are our best overall pick for their affordability and quality material and padding. The INBIKE Cycling Gloves are an inexpensive option that are good for beginners.

Padded gloves are designed to reduce pressure, minimize the impact of the handlebars, and absorb shock from the road. They can make all the difference if you are logging a lot of miles. Look for gloves that are breathable with lots of cushioning and flexibility. We reviewed the bike gloves on this list for comfort, durability, grip, and affordability.

Here, the best padded bike gloves on the market. 

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Best Overall

GEARONIC Shockproof Short Gloves

Gearonic Biking Gloves

Courtesy of Amazon

With such an inexpensive price tag, some cyclists might be skeptical of these gloves, but their excellent value, quality, fit, and performance make them our top overall pick.

Made of high-quality, durable materials, these lightweight but ultra-padded biking gloves are an excellent choice for any cyclist. The foam pads on the palms are placed to soften the impact of the handlebars, reducing your risk of pain, soreness, and hand numbness. They also feature a breathable mesh back (so your hands don’t get too sweaty) and elasticized microfiber for additional comfort. The lightweight material and the fingerless open thumb design make these a perfect glove for warm weather or indoor cycling.

Users love the gloves’ excellent grip, cool design and, of course, inexpensive price tag. They’re available in several sizes for men and women, so you can get the fit that’s right for you.

Price at time of publication: $12 in blue

Best for Beginners

INBIKE Cycling Gloves

INBIKE Cycling Gloves

Courtesy: Amazon

If you’re new to cycling or spinning and aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to make a long-term commitment, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on bike gloves. These gloves from Inbike are the perfect pair for beginners: they’re inexpensive and they’ll keep you comfortable while you’re riding.

With soft gel padding all across the palm, they provide the comfort and shock absorption that cyclists of all levels need. They also offer excellent protection in case you fall from your bike. Perfect for spring, summer, or fall riding, they’re made of a lightweight, breathable Lycra and mesh fabric.

The gloves feature terrycloth fabric on the inside, which you can use to wipe sweat or a runny nose. They come in several different sizes and have a low-profile Velcro closure at the wrist, so you can adjust for a custom fit. And if you decide to give up on cycling, these versatile gloves can also be used for weight lifting and other gym exercises.

Price at time of publication: $20 in blue, in medium palm girth

Best for Long Rides

PEARL IZUMI Men's Elite Gel Glove

Pearl Izumi Gloves

Courtesy of Backcountry

Cyclists who log lots of miles need extremely comfortably gloves to avoid the hand pain and fatigue that can happen during long rides. A category leader in quality biking accessories, Pearl iZUMi certainly doesn’t disappoint with their Elite Gel Gloves. You’ll ride in comfort, even during very high mileage treks, thanks to the gel padding and soft and durable synthetic leather on the palm.

Users rave about the gloves’ perfect fit that minimizes palm bunching and provides superior grip and slip resistance. Other cool features are the soft wiping surface on the thumb and the removal tabs that make taking them off a cinch. You’ll pay a bit more for these gloves, but they’ll last a lot longer than some less expensive ones.

Price at time of publication: $38 in fog, medium

Best for Women

PEARL IZUMI Ride Women's Select Gloves

Pearl Izumi Gloves

Courtesy of Backcountry

Another quality product from Pearl iZUMi, these gloves are made specifically for women, so the fit and padding placement are designed with smaller hand sizes in mind. The gel-foam padding relieves pressure on sensitive nerves to reduce hand numbness and improve overall comfort while riding. The gloves feature a synthetic, smooth, and durable leather on the palm and soft terrycloth on the thumb that’s perfect for wiping your brow or nose.

To remove any sweat stench or stains, you can just wash them in mild soap and they’ll look and perform like new. The gloves are available in a few different colors and sizes, and you can use the Velcro closure on the bottom for a more custom fit.

Price at time of publication: $21 in medium, Adobe Floral

Best for Men

Giro Strade Dure SG Men's Road Cycling Gloves

Giro Strade Dure SG Men's Road Cycling Gloves

Courtesy: Amazon

A trusted brand in biking gear, Giro definitely delivers with these men’s gloves. They offer an exceptional fit and outstanding performance, with just the right amount of gel padding to provide comfort for all your high-mileage rides.

With a breathable, moisture-wicking mesh, and a durable suede palm, these gloves will protect your hands but also keep them from overheating. They also feature an absorbent microfiber surface for wiping sweat or your nose, as well as a secure Velcro closure.

Users love the gloves’ quality, durability, and comfort, as well as their stylish look.

Price at time of publication: $36 in black (2022), large

Best for Spinning

Cool Change Cycling Gloves

Cool Change Cycling Gloves

Courtesy of Amazon

Padded gloves aren’t as crucial for spin class as they are for long outdoor rides, but these gloves from Cool Change provide excellent grip and comfort that indoor cycling aficionados will appreciate. Made of a breathable synthetic leather, they are soft but durable. The padding is placed in the right spots to help prevent hand discomfort, fatigue, and numbness at the end of a long class. If your hands swell while riding, you can easily loosen the gloves with the Velcro strap.

Users love the pull loops at the ends of the middle fingers, which make them a cinch to remove. These versatile, multi-use gloves are also great for weight-lifting, mountain biking, and outdoor cycling. They come in several different sizes but run small, so be sure to order a size up.

What to Look for in Padded Bike Gloves


Comfort is foremost when choosing bike gloves since the purpose of the gloves is to make your ride more comfortable. This means considering the gloves' breathability, cushioning, flexibility, and adjustability. A comfortable pair of gloves can help ward off hand pain and strain on longer rides.

Look for gloves with padding on the palms and mesh upper materials to allow airflow. You may want adjustable wrist bands to secure your gloves and prevent slipping. Avoid scratchy materials or seams that can rub on your skin and cause discomfort. And lastly, make sure your gloves fit properly.


Look at quality compared to price when making your decision. If you are not planning on making cycling a long-term habit, you may want to minimize your costs. But if you sacrifice quality, you may end up with gloves that fall apart or are uncomfortable. Depending on how often you use your gloves, you may wish to invest in a more durable pair that stands up to frequent use. Look for sturdy seams, high performance materials, and well constructed closures.


If you need grip on your gloves to grasp the handlebars effectively, take this into consideration when choosing a pair. A good grippy surface can prevent slippage and accidents. This is essential for anyone needing to lean or press on their handlebars to stand or change direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of padded gloves?

    Padded bike gloves can help prevent hand pain and strain. They can also provide a barrier between the handlebars and your skin to prevent calluses or blisters. If you tend to sweat while you ride, grippy gloves can improve your grasp on the handlebars.

  • How long do padded gloves last?

    How long your padded gloves last depends on the quality of the gloves, how often you use them, and how you use them. Typically, a decent pair of padded bike gloves will last around 6 months.

  • How do you clean bike gloves?

    To clean bike gloves, use mild soapy water and allow the gloves to air dry. Cleaning them after each use can help prevent bacterial growth that may deteriorate the gloves. Be sure to wash your gloves according to manufacturer instructions.

  • Why do bikers wear gloves?

    Bikers wear gloves to help cushion their hands, preventing pain and strain. They also wear them to provide grip and avoid slippage when sweating. Bike gloves can limit development of calluses and blisters.