The 7 Best Orthotics of 2019

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Foot pain can slow you down and even prevent you from doing the things you love. Whether it’s an uncomfortable pair of shoes or a health condition—such as plantar fasciitis—that’s troubling you and making you limp, orthotics may help. The shoe inserts help cushion and support the feet, and some research has found that they can even prevent injuries.

Orthotics don’t cure all foot and leg pain, and if your discomfort is severe, it’s best to get checked out by a doctor. But for many people, a pair of orthotics can provide the relief they crave. Many custom orthotics that you get at the podiatrist can be upwards of $1,000, so if your pain isn't severe and aren't sure that these will actually solve any problems, you might want to try an over-the-counter orthotics first. But of course, this should all be discussed with your doctor first.

Here, the top orthotics that will have you saying "ahh" in no time.

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Best Overall: Powerstep Original Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Investing in a pair of orthotics that you can transfer from your work shoes to your weekend kicks allows you to be pain-free no matter what outfit you choose to wear. The Powerstep Original Full-Length Orthotics Shoe Insoles do just that thanks to a thin design that allows them to fit into most shoes, whether sneakers or heels. They feature semi-rigid arch support for stability along with a heel cradle that helps to cushion your foot and protect against impact—something that’s important if you walk on hard flooring or concrete for much of the day.

People who own the Powerstep orthotics say that they work as well as pricy prescription orthotics and that they provide good arch support. Reviewers have used the orthotics to ease discomfort from a variety of conditions, including plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and knee and joint pain. These come in both men and women's sizes.


Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles

Plantar fasciitis—the painful inflammation of the band of tissue that runs from the heel bone to the toes—affects more than 3 million Americans each year. Luckily, it’s usually self-treatable, and many people find that orthotics, like the Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles, can help. Specifically designed for flat feet, these orthotics feature arch support that distributes foot pressure to minimize pain as well as a cushioned latex pad for shock absorption. The orthotics are also odor and mildew resistant to ensure that they stay fresh wear after wear.

People who suffer from plantar fasciitis say that the Nazaroo orthotics have been lifesavers. One reviewer even raves that these insoles helped cure pain that was previously making walking almost impossible. These fit in most shoes and come in men and women's sizes.


Best Gel Insoles: Envelop Gel Insoles


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Cushy gel orthotics, like the Envelop Gel Insoles, absorb impact to reduce foot pain as well as stress and fatigue. In short, they feel amazing. The Envelop insoles feature a massaging honeycomb design and a neutral arch, making them a great fit for any foot type. They can be trimmed to fit most shoes and you won’t have to worry about odor thanks to the lightweight, breathable, and microbial materials.

Reviewers say that these are a great option for those who need to spend hours on their feet and that the design doesn’t flatten over time like some orthotics can. One reviewer even mentions that these orthotics allow her to work a full day at her standing job without needing to sit at all.


Best ¾ Length: Powerstep SlimTech ¾ Length Orthopedic Foot Insoles

Full-sized insoles can sometimes cause shoes to feel tight and they don’t always fit into slimmer designs, such as heels. To the rescue: The Powerstep SlimTech ¾ Length Orthopedic Foot Insoles. The shorter design even fits on top of existing shoe insoles and features arch support, cushioning and anti-microbial fabric. These insoles may be ultra-thin, but they still provide strong, medical-grade foot support.

Those who own the Powerstep SlimTech ¾ Length Orthopedic Foot Insoles say that they work in a variety of different shoes and that they’re comfortable to wear. One reviewer was pleased to find that the orthotics allow him to wear his flat-soled Converse sneakers again without any discomfort.


Best for Men: Sof Sole Men’s Airr Orthotic Full-Length Performance Shoe Insoles

If low arches or flat feet are keeping you from your favorite activities and sports, give the Sof Sole Men’s Airr Orthotics a go. The insoles are perfect for walking, running and cross training, and air bubbles in the heel and arch of the orthotics help to absorb shock during high-impact activities. Sweat isn’t a problem, thanks to moisture-wicking fabric that keeps feet cool and dry as well as free of odor.

People who own the Sof Sole Men’s Airr Orthotics use them for everything from walking to running to playing basketball. One reviewer says that the orthotics provide cushioning and ergonomic support that hasn’t only helped ease foot pain but has also reduced knee and hip arthritis discomfort.


Best for Women: Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Massaging Gel Insoles for Women

Treat yourself to a foot massage with each step with the Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Massaging Gel Insoles for Women. Designed specifically for those who have leg and foot fatigue or discomfort, the insoles feature a wave-like gel that cushions feet and absorbs impact. The trim-to-fit insoles fit into work shoes as well as sneakers for a feel-good boost no matter what you’re doing.

Those who use the Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Massaging Gel Insoles say that they are easy to trim and shape to your shoes and that they take the “ouch” out of long days of standing and walking. One reviewer even wore the insoles while on vacation and said that they made six- to eleven-mile days of sightseeing much more bearable.


Best for High Arches: Hanrock High Arch Support Orthotic Insoles

High arches can lead to pain due to the fact that more stress is placed on the area of the foot between the ankle and toes. This can make it difficult to fit into shoes and can also lead to foot discomfort while walking, standing or running. For some people, orthotics, like the Hanrock High Arch Support Orthotic Insoles, can help. They provide flexible arch support and can be trimmed to fit most shoes. Added foam padding in the heel and ball of the foot absorbs even more shock.

Reviewers say that the Hanrock High Arch Support Orthotic Insoles feel bouncy and provide great support—especially at the arch. People use them for running and walking as well as for day-to-day wear.

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