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Zumba is an exercise fitness program created in the 1990s by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez. It can be done anywhere and involves fun dance moves that also help you lose weight and get in shape. This Latin style of dancing can be done in groups or solo, and there are many online classes you can take if you prefer to practice at home. 

The best online Zumba classes are taught by a skilled instructor, have high-energy music, and offer various classes to choose from. Classes vary in length from three minutes to 60 minutes. Some online Zumba classes are live and interactive, while others are recorded so you can do them on your own time. We chose the best online Zumba classes and compared them based on elements like cost, availability, and types of classes offered.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Zumba Official Website

Zumba Official Website

 Zumba Official Website

Why we chose it: We chose Zumba, the official website, as best overall because it offers the most variability when it comes to instructors and the types of classes available.  

What We Like
  • Many instructors to choose from

  • Live and on-demand options

  • No membership fees

  • Offer free and pay-per-class options

What We Didn't Like
  • Only have access to the purchased class for 24 hours

  • Instructors set their registration fees, so prices vary

  • Cannot filter by skill level

Zumba, the company that owns the rights to Zumba workout classes, has their own platform for instructors to post live and on-demand classes. This is a great way to try various teachers and gives you the ability to choose from someone you may know locally to an instructor popular on the other side of the world. 

There are so many options to choose from that it may seem overwhelming at first. Instructors create their own content and can set their own class prices which can range anywhere from a few dollars to $20 per class, so there is little continuity among classes. You do not have to subscribe but can simply pay for each class as you take them, offering you flexibility regarding the number of classes you take each week. There are some live classes available, and cost generally ranges from $1 to $15. 

We liked that many classes are live-streamed, so you can register for the class and participate as it's happening which helps to keep you committed and engaged. You can also view the on-demand library and revisit your favorite classes or instructors whenever you would like. You can access classes for 24 hours after purchase but otherwise, you will have to pay again each time you take the class. Reviews online are mostly positive; overall, online classes on the official Zumba website are an excellent way to try classes in the comfort of your own home with little upfront commitment.

Best For Free: Zumba France With Alix

Zumba France with Alix

 Zumba France with Alix

Why we chose it: Zumba France by Alix offers a large library of free videos that are less than 10 minutes long to help you get a great workout at home at no cost.

What We Like
  • Free on YouTube

  • Short videos

  • One instructor

What We Didn't Like
  • There are advertisements during videos

  • No explanations of choreography

  • No skill level ratings on dances

  • Website is in French

Zumba France by Alix is a free YouTube channel offering various short Zumba workouts you can do at home. Alix started the YouTube channel back in 2009 and now has over 75 million views with 319k subscribers. She uploads her choreographed videos regularly, so there are always new classes to choose from. 

The classes are available on YouTube, and you can access them on-demand at any time. There are some playlists put together if you prefer to combine classes for a longer workout, or you can pick and choose the songs you want to do and make your own playlist. Zumba France also has a website where you can access the videos, but the site is in French, so you'll need to translate it. Like many other Zumba classes, no equipment is required, and the music is energetic and upbeat. We found these videos to be more challenging for beginners as there is little verbal instruction and no skill level ratings for each video. Comments and reviews about Zumba France are generally positive, with many people enjoying the consistency of having the same teacher. 

Overall, if you want a free YouTube Zumba class with a predictable instructor, then Zumba France by Alix is a great option for those short on time.

Best For Weight Loss: Strong Nation

Strong Nation

 Strong Nation

Why we chose it: We chose Strong Nation as best for weight loss as it incorporates Zumba style dancing with classic exercise moves to improve strength and shed pounds.  

What We Like
  • Classes are choreographed to fun, upbeat music

  • High-intensity interval training

  • Many before and after photos and reviews from people who lost weight using Strong Nation

What We Didn't Like
  • Not beginner-friendly

  • Most classes are filmed in instructors living rooms

  • Only a few free classes available

  • Only available for 24 hours once the class is purchased

Strong Nation is affiliated with Zumba and combines upbeat and choreographed dance routines with classic strength moves to increase the intensity. You can access Strong Nation on the official Zumba website and it incorporates workout moves such as squats, lunges, and jumping jacks to get your heart rate up. We liked that it sets the routine to music to keep you motivated and engaged. 

Classes are pay-per-visit and many are under $10. There are a few free classes available if you want to try them out before you purchase a class. Classes are designed for those who want to build strength and lose weight through cardio classes. Strong Nation classes have more of a fitness component than your typical Zumba class, and although the classes are fun, they will leave you sweaty and fatigued. These classes are offered on the Zumba platform and have both live and on-demand classes available. 

Strong Nation classes require little to no equipment while providing a fast-paced, heart-racing workout for everyone. These classes use high-intensity interval training to help participants get a great cardio workout in a short amount of time. There are many testimonials online showing weight loss transformations from subscribers with many positive reviews. Overall, Strong Nation is a great way to combine a fun Zumba workout with strength training to help you lose weight and build muscle faster.

Best For Newbies: PopSugar



Why we chose it: We chose PopSugar as best for newbies because its cardio dance fitness classes are easy to follow and the instructors are great at explaining the moves before jumping in. 

What We Like
  • Classes are free

  • Modifications for different skill levels

  • High energy and upbeat

What We Didn't Like
  • Videos contain advertisements

  • Not as many Zumba specific options, but have lots of generic dance classes available

PopSugar is a free fitness streaming service, with Zumba-inspired workouts available. Classes are available on-demand through YouTube or the ACTIVE by PopSugar app and can be done anywhere because they require no equipment. 

Aurelio Figari hosts full-body toning Zumba classes through PopSugar. We liked that videos show a participant demonstrating modifications for anyone who struggles with meeting the class’s intensity. Like many other online Zumba classes, all workouts are choreographed and set to music to keep classes fun and upbeat. Zumba classes on PopSugar offer a full-body high-intensity workout and, similar to Strong Nation, combine some strength moves with dancing. Many of their classes are not branded as Zumba but are dance cardio classes with a similar premise. 

Reviews are generally positive, although many people feel the advertisements mid-workout can be distracting and disrupt motivation. Overall, if you are looking for a low commitment option that offers beginner-friendly instruction and modifications, then PopSugar is a great place to start.

Best Instructor: Josette Tkacik

Josette Tkacik

 Josette Tkacik

Why we chose it: We chose Josette Tkacik as the best instructor because she has many positive reviews online from local participants and offers a library of high-energy Zumba classes.  

What We Like
  • Low cost at $5 per class

  • Gives you the personal feel of being in a live class

What We Didn't Like
  • Low production quality

  • Limited class offerings

Josette Tkacik is a Santa Barbara Zumba instructor with a local cult following, and she's brought her classes online for anyone to participate in from home. She has over 100 people present in each class, and her contagious energy is sure to get your heart rate up as you move to the beat of the music. 

All classes are $15, or you can purchase a bundle of eight classes for $72. Classes are offered through her website and can be streamed on-demand. Classes are recorded live, which gives the participant the feel of being in a real Zumba class, but the low production quality may impact your experience. We also found the website to be confusing at times, as it offers the option to book in-person classes or purchase pre-recorded classes for home use.

No equipment is required for these classes, and they are great for both beginner and intermediate Zumba dancers. Overall, Josette is a fantastic instructor, and her classes are a great choice if you aren’t local to Santa Barbara but want to experience her transformative energy.

Final Verdict 

Overall, online Zumba classes offer cardio dance workout benefits with the convenience of a home workout. There are many options available and each platform offers a variety of different classes ranging from three to 60 minutes. Many instructors have classes tailored to beginner and intermediate students alike, and all classes are set to upbeat Latin-style music. Online Zumba classes are convenient as they allow you to work on your skills from the privacy of home, but some people do find the classes to be less motivating than attending an in-person class. 

We liked that the official Zumba website gives you the option to choose from many different instructors and has live classes you can sign up for ahead of time. If you want to try different Zumba classes with no commitment, consider one of the free options on the official Zumba site or YouTube.


What Is an Online Zumba Class?

Zumba is a workout style that combines Latin dance moves with high-energy music to give you a great workout while having fun. Online classes can be live-streamed or recorded. They're great for those who don’t have time to attend a live class, want an inexpensive way to try Zumba, or are nervous about dancing with others watching. 

Do I Need to Know How to Dance?

No! Zumba is designed to be fun, and the choreographed moves are easy to follow. No experience is necessary to participate, and after a few classes, you will have a good understanding of the basic moves that are repeated in many classes. Even if you don’t pick it up right away, the goal is to simply move your body to the music and get your heart rate up.

How Much Does an Online Zumba Class Cost?

Online Zumba classes range from free to $15 per class. There are lots of free Zumba classes on YouTube, and many companies mentioned here offer some free classes to try before committing to purchasing a class or package. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Zumba?

Zumba may help maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your heart, and boost your mood. These high-energy classes are designed to get your heart rate up, decreasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions later in life. There is also evidence that dance fitness classes can be a great low-impact option for those with arthritis. 


We looked at 10 different online Zumba classes to choose the best ones that will help you reach your goals. We looked for classes that are available online in the U.S., offer free or low-cost options, require little upfront commitment, and provide a fun and engaging workout. We also chose classes taught by skilled instructors set to Latin-style music that use basic dance moves to get your body moving. Although not all the classes we chose are branded as Zumba, they are all based on similar principles and promote the same goal: to get you dancing in your living room so you can reap the health benefits of aerobic exercise.

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