The 8 Best Online Yoga Classes of 2020

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Glo

"Helps you become the zen human you were destined to be."

Best Budget: YogiApproved

"Designed to help you expand your practice."

Best Selection: Gaia

"More than 8,000 videos ranging in difficulty and focus."

Best for Beginners: Yoga Download

"The beginner yoga section can help you get started on your journey."

Best for Daily Yoga: MyYogaWorks

"Helps you get in the habit of forming a daily practice."

Best for Yoga + Fitness: Grokker

"Provides other workouts, like cardio, dance, and weight training."

Best Advanced: Yoga International

"Knowledgeable teachers help you master your skills."

Best for Vinyasa: Alo Moves

"Provides an array of classes in a slew of styles."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Glo

Woman doing Glo Yoga

 Courtesy of Glo

A yoga practice is more than stringing vinyasas together or mastering a handstand—it’s a way of being in the world, and Glo is here to support you on that journey. The subscription gives you unlimited yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes ranging from 5 to 90 minutes, so you can become the zen human you were destined to be.

You’ll love how diverse body types are represented by the instructors and community. Another bright spot: their themed programs, which are focused on targeted goals, like yoga with weights, detoxing, and even a practice that’s “better than vino” (for unwinding around happy hour time). Superstar instructors like Kathryn Budig mean you learn from the best.

Best Budget: YogiApproved

3 women doing yoga in front of windows

Courtesy of YogiApproved 

Whether your goal is to tone your booty, work your flexibility, or tell your brain to chill, they have a focused class for that—and it’s hard to beat the price tag. In addition to a fun variety of yoga classes, you’ll also love their programs, designed to help you expand your practice and work on skills, like the popular “learning to handstand.” The YA Classes App is also a snap to use. An added bonus: For every class you take, the nonprofit Trees for the Future plants a tree in needed communities in Africa.

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Best Selection: Gaia

Woman doing yoga backbend

Courtesy of Gaia 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a yoga class you don’t love, given that Gaia keeps more than 8,000 videos (or classes) right at your fingertips. Wherever you’re at in your practice, Gaia will meet you there. Match classes by style (vinyasa, ashtanga, Hatha, etc), experience (beginner through advanced), time constraints (from five up to 90-minute sessions), and focus (evening wind down, to an energy upper).

You’ll also appreciate the ratings for each, which will help you sift through the videos when just starting out. Best of all, because the videos are so wide-ranging, you can open yourself up to new experiences without risk. Plans are ad-free and you can use them on your phone, laptop, tablet, or TV, making the whole thing easier to get your om-on no matter where you are.

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Best for Beginners: Yoga Download

YoTwo women doing yoga

 Courtesy of Yoga Download

YDL is all about making yoga for everybody. You don’t have to worry about being flexible (that will come). What’s key for budding yogis that they define all of the yoga styles they offer, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Or, try a few of their free 20-minute classes first.

Their newbie-focused section outlines their beginner yoga programs and classes, so you can get started on your journey now. They’re perfectly priced, too. As they’ll point out to you, two entire months of a subscription to YDL is equal to just one yoga class at most studios.

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Best for Daily Yoga: MyYogaWorks

Young woman doing yoga

 Courtesy of MyYogaWorks

Yes, there are more than 1,200 classes in their vault, but where they shine is in their journey series, which provides a compilation of videos in a specific focus. One that stands out: their 28-Day Challenge. Alexandra Crow leads you through a month-long series of 5- to 44-minute daily flows, meditations, stretching, and restorative poses, to help you get in the habit of tuning into your practice daily. More that you may love: learning how to do yoga with your dog (“doga” was and still is a thing), learning to meditate, getting wedding ready, and naptime yoga for new moms.

Best for Yoga + Fitness: Grokker

Woman doing yoga

 Courtesy of Grokker

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Grokker is offering its services for free until May 31st.

When you want to include a yoga practice as part of your weekly exercise routine, Grokker is perfect. Not only will you get access to a variety of high-quality, on-demand yoga videos (gentle yin yoga, weight loss yoga, morning yoga, a 14-day yoga challenge), but also other workouts, like cardio, dance, weight training, and barre among the thousands on the site.

Want even more? Their comprehensive focus on all-around health brings in nutrition, too, with a cooking channel designed to help you get your eating on track. Another perk: the community focus; you can stay connect with others and follow teachers and classes of interest to keep motivation running high.

Best Advanced: Yoga International

Woman doing downward dog

Courtesy of Yoga International 

Head to their challenge portal, where you’ll find classes taught by a cadre of compassionate, knowledgeable teachers designed to help you master your skills and deepen your practice. For instance: Inversions require muscular strength and endurance, so there’s a 14-day series that develops upper body muscles so you can hold a handstand. A weeklong “Peak Pose Challenge” is a 45- to 60-minute class daily that works the tougher elements of practice, including arm balances, backbends, and deep forward folds.

Best for Vinyasa: Alo Moves

Man doing yoga moves

 Courtesy of Alo Moves

With a library of more than 1,200 videos (and counting, they release new ones weekly), Alo Moves features a range of classes in a slew of styles (restorative, strength-based, even barre) with superstar instructors that meet you at your difficulty level. But when you want a good flow, this is where you need to come: they have around 450 top-notch vinyasa classes.

Have 15 minutes in the morning? Turn on Caley Alyssa’s Wake Up flow. Need a core-focus? Take Andrea Taylor’s Dynamic Core Vinyasa. And if you have more like an hour, go for Briohny Smyth’s Fit Flow Fly Intermediate class, which combines strength, HIIT, and inversions with a flow class. Whatever your choice, you’ll get the good blood flowing.

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