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Salsa is a fun and fast dance guaranteed to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and improve your moves. With certified instructors, great music, and online offerings, learning to dance is exciting and an excellent workout

We researched several online offerings ranging from on-demand and live classes to one-time purchases you can view anytime. Here, we rounded up the best online salsa classes, so you can start dancing ASAP.

Best Online Salsa Classes in 2022

Best Overall : My Salsa Online

My Salsa Online

 My Salsa Online

Why We Chose It: My Salsa Online stands out because it offers a combination of individual courses and VIP memberships. Classes are appropriate for all levels, and the site is very user-friendly.

What We Like
  • Great beginner programs and classes

  • Wide range of classes for all levels

  • Variety of single-purchase classes

What We Don't Like
  • Monthly membership is costly

  • Beginner bootcamp is a separate class

  • No free trial

My Salsa Online offers classes for all levels through monthly memberships and individual lessons.

The VIP monthly membership, which costs about $35 per month or $280 per year, comes with instant access to more than 180 videos for all levels, including beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Plus, VIP members get roughly a 50% discount on available courses and events.

If you’re on the fence about membership or you’re looking for a more comprehensive structured program, consider one of the company's individual courses. Titles include Styling Bootcamp, Salsa Bootcamp, Techniques of Mechanics and Movement, Bachata, Salsa Ladies Styling, and more. Most courses cost about $67, with a few coming in at a lower rate. 

Not sure where to start? Consider the Salsa Bootcamp. This program is for absolute beginners and includes eight modules designed to get you doing salsa by the end of the program. 

Whatever route you choose, you can access classes on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time by sending My Salsa Online an email.

Best Budget : Gotta Salsa

Gotta Salsa

 Gotta Salsa

Why We Chose It: With both affordable memberships and free classes, Gotta Salsa stands out as a budget-friendly option.

What We Like
  • Affordable membership options

  • Free classes online

  • No long-term commitment

What We Don't Like
  • Geared more towards beginners and intermediate levels

  • Classes focus on steps, not routines

  • Videos move at a slower pace

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, Gotta Salsa comes out on top. With more than 100 salsa lessons, you will learn specific salsa steps and moves, each one building on the previous lesson.

Classes are taught by David Stein, Jennifer Stein, and Serena Cuevas, all professional instructors. Plus, new ones are added each month, so you’ll never get bored. 

This is a great choice for beginners who need a slower pace to learn the steps. Once you master each move, you can incorporate the steps into a longer routine that reflects your own style. However, intermediate and advanced dancers may be disappointed in the lack of full dance routines. 

To get a feel for the platform, check out one of the company's free video lessons. Each one is taught in a similar style to the paid membership classes and includes lessons like heel-toe crossovers, ladies hand placement, lead-and-follow basic salsa steps, and leader basic salsa steps. 

Gotta Salsa classes cost about $10 per month for the basic membership, or you can choose the 12-month option for roughly $100. It also offers a one-time, three-month bootcamp for around $20. This gives you access without the commitment of a monthly membership.

Best for Exercise : Learn Salsa in 5 Hours



Why We Chose It: Using salsa classes for a rigorous exercise regimen is easy with the Learn Salsa in 5 hours course. Not only will you come away with better dancing skills, but you’ll also burn a ton of calories.

What We Like
  • Comprehensive instruction with excellent instructors 

  • High-energy workout 

  • Affordable and money-back guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a partner

  • May not be challenging for higher levels

  • Major time commitment to complete the class

While a five-hour class may sound intimidating, once you get going with the Learn Salsa in 5 Hours program, you won’t want to quit. This high-energy, action-packed program is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn salsa, get fit, and burn calories. 

With Learn Salsa in 5 Hours, you’ll get five hours of on-demand video, about 14 downloadable resources, and lifetime access. Plus, once you purchase the program, it’s yours. The five hours are broken down into one-hour videos, each containing five or six different segments that teach one to three new moves. You will combine the moves as you progress. 

Not sure if you’re ready to purchase the class? No problem. You can view and try a free, one-hour sample class. Learn Salsa in 5 hours ranges in price from about $17 to $30, depending on whether the program's discount is offered. And if you're not a fan of the program, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Best for Partner Workouts : Latin Dance Movement

Latin Dancing Online

 Latin Dancing Online

Why We Chose It: Salsa is all about partnering, and Latin Dance Movement gives you an excellent foundation in instruction and tips for working with your partner while learning salsa dance moves.

What We Like
  • Variety of dance styles available 

  • Strong beginner program

  • 30-day money back guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • No free trial period

  • Leveled programs are pre-recorded

  • Limited class selection

Latin Dance Movement is an online platform that offers courses for every skill level.

Known for its programs that focus on couples, you and your partner can choose from beginning video tutorials, online private lessons, group live dance classes, and advanced salsa dance programs. Learn everything from Cuban and New York-style salsa On2! to Merengue and Bachata. 

The salsa beginner and intermediate dance courses come with 3.5 hours of tutorials. You will learn 15 moves that start easy and get progressively more difficult. If you have previous dance experience and are ready for a challenge, look into the advanced salsa lessons online. But be ready to work hard. This program is four hours in duration and covers 12 advanced salsa dance patterns and 36 moves. You should have three to six months of dance experience before trying this level. 

If you’re craving the connection to other couples and want to be part of the salsa dance community, check out the program's Friday night live dance sessions. Latin Dance Movement costs about $67 per class. Once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access.

Best for Newbies : Salsanerd



Why We Chose It: Salsanerd offers two comprehensive beginner programs, including one is for absolute beginners (anyone with two left feet!).

What We Like
  • Free demo lessons available

  • Courses divided into three levels

  • Class curriculum clearly laid out

What We Don't Like
  • Enrollment required to view free classes

  • No budget options for classes

  • Limited offerings

Salsanerd is a newbie’s dream come true. Two of the four programs are designed for beginners, and the instructors do such a great job of teaching the basics that you will have no problem moving onto the intermediate level. One thing that makes Salsanerd a top pick is its detailed outline for each course. You can view the curriculum and topics before you purchase access to a class. 

And if you’re wondering what all the hype is about but aren't sure you want to pay upfront for a class, check out Salsanerd’s demo section on the website. You must create an account to view the classes, but you will have access to a few free lessons that are part of the paid platform. 

In addition to the pre-recorded, comprehensive courses, Salsanerd offers an all-access monthly membership. This gives you access to its video library of more than 100 classes (plus, three new videos are added each week).

Salsanerd has several different price points and programs: The all-access monthly membership costs about $30 per month; salsa level one runs around $50 for 27 lessons; level two costs roughly $60 for 29 lessons; and level three is approximately $60 for 20 lessons.

Best for Solo Dancing : Dance Dojo

Dance Dojo

 Dance Dojo

Why We Chose It: Dance Dojo’s philosophy is simple: “Practicing solo is key to becoming a great dancer.” So, it comes as no surprise that it earned the top spot as best for solo dancing.

What We Like
  • No dance partner required

  • Classes are accessible to all levels, including beginners

  • One week free trial for beginners

What We Don't Like
  • Annual membership is pricey

  • Individual courses are more expensive than competitors

It isn’t easy to find online salsa classes and programs for solo dancers. Many require or strongly recommend a partner, but Dance Dojo believes that practicing solo is the key to becoming a great dancer. Even better? It makes its classes accessible to all levels, including total novices.

By dancing solo, you can work on body movement, turn technique, theory, timing, lead and follow technique, and more. Dance Dojo has a generous beginner option. After registering, you’ll get free, full access to the Salsa and Bachata course for one week. Included in this free preview are 12 salsa moves and combos for complete beginners and tips to help you get started.

If you’re ready to commit, the Full Salsa Course comes with upwards of 300 salsa moves, concepts, and combos for all levels. Lessons include turn technique, partner work, body movement, and how to create your own combos. If you’re interested in learning bachata (a dance style from the Dominican Republic), consider upgrading to the Salsa and Bachata bundle. You’ll get all the perks of the salsa class and more than 100 Bachata moves and concepts for all levels. 

The Dance Dojo Full Salsa Course has a one-time fee of about $200, or you can pay roughly $19 per month. If you add the Bachata bundle, the price goes up to around $300 or about $30 per month. Both programs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Overall, online salsa classes should be easy to access, available for all levels, fun, and set to great music. If you want a comprehensive program for all levels, consider My Salsa Online. For a crash-course in salsa dancing, look to Udemy’s Learn Salsa in 5 hours, which is also a top pick for burning calories. Beginners will benefit from Salsanerd’s intro classes, while partners will love the Latin Dance Movement. And if you’re flying solo, check out the partner-free program with Dance Dojo. But if your budget is the number one consideration, Gotta Salsa is the best option. 

What Is an Online Salsa Class?

An online salsa class is a dance class you can take from home. These courses are offered via live instruction or on-demand formats. Most sites provide beginner classes to teach the basic moves.

Salsa is a Latin dance style that typically requires a partner to execute the moves. This partnered dance involves a lead and follow. The style is very energetic and fast, and the moves are choreographed to a specific beat. Plus, salsa dancing involves a lot of motion in the hips with a relatively tight upper body. 

Do I Need to Know How to Dance Before Taking an Online Salsa Class?

You do not need to know how to dance before taking an online salsa class. From the sidelines, salsa dancing may look intimidating, but it’s actually very easy to learn. Plus, many of the beginner classes break down the steps and allow you to rewind the class, so that you can learn at your pace. 

How Long Does It Take to Learn Salsa in an Online Class?

The learning curve depends on your experience and availability. If you are a dancer, learning the salsa steps may be easier and come much quicker than someone who has no dance experience. But it also comes down to how much time you can devote to an online program. If 30 minutes per week is your max, it may take you six months to really get the hang of it. But if you can devote more time and even some daily practice, you should be able to learn how to do basic salsa in two to four months—especially with some of the online classes like Learn Salsa in 5 hours that teach the basics in a block-style class.

How Much Do Online Salsa Classes Cost?

If you’re taking a salsa class online, you will likely be paying for a subscription service or following a free YouTube channel. In general, online subscriptions can cost roughly $10 to $40 per month. Instructional videos you purchase one time can run much higher, but most give you lifetime access. In general, these classes cost about $50 to $300. 

By comparison, in-person salsa classes will run anywhere from roughly $15 to $50 per class, depending on duration and level. You may also find a different price structure if you are joining a class as a couple or alone. If you are taking private lessons, expect to pay around $75 to $100 per hour, depending on where you live. Classes typically run for approximately 45 to 60 minutes. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Taking Online Salsa Classes?

If you’ve partnered-up and learned some salsa moves, then you know how physically demanding this style of dance is. Salsa is both aerobic and anaerobic. It’s also an excellent workout for the lower body muscles like the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, as well as your core muscles. Plus, dancing, in general, also improves balance and mobility.


When reviewing online salsa classes, we zeroed in on a few basic factors: affordability, level, and fun. The six classes or sites listed offer subscription-based memberships and pre-paid programs. We also looked at sites that offer a free trial period or a free demo class that gives you the chance to try before you commit. 

The quality of instruction was another significant factor in our decision. In order to make the final cut, we verified that the instructors are qualified, have salsa experience, and make the dance class enjoyable.

Since we wanted online classes and programs that offer something for everyone, we also considered the level of instruction. The sites on this list include a variety of salsa classes for all levels. While it may take some trial and error to find the right online salsa class, once you find a good match, you’ll never want to quit!

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