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How to find the best personal trainer for your needs

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Online personal training is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional personal training and can help you reach your health and fitness goals faster than going at it alone. While it's growing in popularity, it can be expensive, time-consuming, and challenging to find the right person to help you achieve your goals.

Online personal training gives you the flexibility to work out on your own time, exercise at home or the gym, and have a professional keep you accountable to your program. It also allows you to explore more options not limited by location and choose the trainer that is the best fit for you. It also can be as effective as traditional, in-person personal training programs.

Most programs on this list offer in-app support, as well as video or phone calls with your trainer. Here, we aim to help you find the best online personal trainer for you based on factors like price, availability, platforms used, and the accreditations and certifications they hold. 

Best Online Personal Trainers of 2023

Best Overall : Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness

Key Specs

Price: Standard Plan with one call a month: $125 monthly; Complete plan with two calls a month: $175 monthly; Premium Plan with weekly calls: $225 monthly 
Class Duration:
Workouts are customized to your goals 
Equipment Needed:
Plans can be designed to use only bodyweight or incorporate resistance from bands, weights, or machines.

Why We Chose It

Forge Fitness is designed for those who want personalized advice that can be executed at home, on the road, or in the gym. Plans include nutritional guides, one-on-one coaching calls, and unlimited text messages with your coach.

Pros & Cons
  • Personalized workout program

  • Unlimited in-app messaging between you and your coach

  • Less expensive than other similar programs

  • Includes 1:1 video chat sessions

  • Can be done from home

  • Can enroll at any time

  • Has a registered dietitian on staff

  • No long-term commitment

  • No money-back guarantee

  • Limited trainer choices and you are assigned a trainer based on your goals

Forge Fitness is a great option for beginners or those who do not have access to a gym. It is less expensive than other personalized online training programs and offers many of the same features, including video sessions and unlimited in-app messaging. We also liked that they have a registered dietitian on staff, which is important if you have special dietary restrictions or health concerns like diabetes or heart disease. The dietitian will ensure that you have an appropriate meal plan for your needs. 

The workouts are tailored to your fitness level and are designed to work with your home equipment. Only have a pair of dumbbells and a band for now? No problem; your trainer will develop a program that works. All programs are run through an app and include video demonstrations and in-app messaging. 

Forge Fitness programs start at $125/month and go up from there based on how many coaching calls you have with your trainer. All plans include the same personalized workouts, as well as a basic nutrition plan, although more specialized nutrition plans may be purchased. You can enroll at any time, and video chats are scheduled once, twice, or four times a month, depending on your program. You can message your trainer anytime through the Forge app for free. 

Every Forge coach or dietitian is fully certified and licensed through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), or the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). You can cancel your program anytime with 10 days’ notice, but they do not offer a money-back guarantee.

Best for Women : Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong

Key Specs

Price: $299 per month for 12 months, $199 per month for presale, or $1,999 if paid annually
Duration of Classes:
Varies based on the program chosen
Equipment needed:
Varies depending on the program selected (may include resistance bands, free weights, and gym equipment)

Why We Chose It

Girls Gone Strong focuses specifically on women’s fitness. It offers a variety of customizable plans based on women’s bodies and capabilities, paired with trainer accountability check-ins. We like their focus on nutrition, rather than diets and thinness.

Pros & Cons
  • Designed specifically for women

  • Incorporates nutrition, training, and mindset coaching

  • Mobile app

  • Individualized, customized plans

  • Able to message your coach at any time

  • Weekly and monthly coaching check-ins

  • Only opens registration twice a year; must sign up for pre-sale list for early access

  • Expensive compared to other similar programs with no virtual coaching calls

  • No virtual sessions or classes

  • Most beneficial if you have prior exercise experience

  • Money-back guarantee only after completing the 1-year program

Girls Gone Strong (GGS) uses GGS teaching principles to develop extensive personalized programs for their clients. A long-term commitment is encouraged, and programs start at $1,999/year if enrolled during pre-sale, but monthly packages start at $199/month. Programs include strength training and cardio workouts, mindset coaching, and nutrition guidance. It doesn’t offer meal plans but rather focuses on teaching you the skills to make nutritious food choices. There is also a heavy emphasis on building a healthy lifestyle and practicing good habits. 

Molly Galbraith, certified strength and conditioning specialist and co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, leads the online training program. Its trainers have completed the GGS women’s coaching specialist certification and are taught how to address common issues that many women encounter while working out. They have open enrollment twice a year, and the website states that spots are limited. They do not offer virtual sessions and focus solely on online programming and communication through their app. Lastly, the company offers a money-back guarantee if you complete the 12-month program and are not satisfied with your results.

Best for Yoga : Find What Feels Good with Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adrienne

 Yoga with Adrienne

Key Specs

Pricing: $12.99 per month or $129.99 annually
Class Duration:
10 to 60 minutes
Equipment needed:
Yoga mat, towels, blocks if desired

Why We Chose It

YouTube yoga star Adriene Mishler’s Find What Feels Good (FWFG) app offers more than 900 hours of yoga instruction suitable for all experience levels. Guest teachers, guided meditations, and other modalities such as Pilates and strength training add value. 

Pros & Cons
  • Affordable plan prices 

  • Well-rounded content, including nutrition and mindfulness

  • Database searchable by length, program, or physical concern

  • Accessible to all fitness levels 

  • Very little equipment needed

  • No one-on-one coaching available

  • Much of the content is available for free on YouTube

  • Self-directed so harder to plan a routine

Yoga With Adriene, led by Adriene Mishler, is one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube, and for a good reason. Her relatable persona and come-as-you-are routines invite yogis to "find what feels good." That motto has evolved into an app that includes a huge database of yoga routines by both Mishler and guest teachers. 

While there is no one-on-one coaching in the Find What Feels Good program, there is guidance. Users can follow the monthly 30-day yoga plans, search by the physical symptom they want to work on, or connect to the FWFG community for inspiration. Subscriber-only content includes yoga for kids, guided meditations, pilates, and practices focused on strength building. 

Find What Feels Good is perfect for someone interested in taking their practice a step beyond the free content available on YouTube and who wants to have access to guest teachers that align with Mishler’s patented brand of accessible practice. With a low monthly fee, the app offers value without a major commitment. 

Best for the Tech Savvy : Future

Future Logo


Use our link and a 30-day free trial will automatically be applied at checkout.

Key Specs

Cost: $149 monthly 
Class Duration:
Varies based on your plan 
Equipment needed:
Plans can be designed for whatever equipment is available, including body weight only.

Why We Chose It

When you’re first starting out, accountability is key. Future uses a connected app to monitor your progress and fine-tune your program as you improve. 

Pros & Cons
  • Daily check-ins with fitness coaches

  • Plans change weekly to keep interest high

  • No contracts 

  • Can pause membership for up to three months without losing your coach

  • Only available for iOS users

  • Requires an Apple Watch for tracking

  • No nutritional advice included

If you need a little more than just a suggested workout routine, Future is the solution. After signing up and matching with a coach through a Facetime call, your coach will not only design a weekly workout plan based on your favorite activities and goals but will track your progress through the Future app, which connects to your Apple Watch health tracking capabilities. 

Not only does the surveillance provide the ultimate accountability, but it also allows your trainer to see what’s working and what isn’t. As your endurance and skill increase, trainers can change the plan to suit you. You’ll have access to daily check-ins with your trainer too, so if you have questions or need modifications, you can make those in real-time. 

There are two drawbacks to Future–one is the platform. Future is only available to Apple users since it utilizes iOS and the Apple Watch to track and connect. It also doesn’t offer any nutritional advice, so users may have to consult with a dietician if they need help with healthy eating. 

Best Way to Find Independent Trainers : Trainerize



Key Specs

Cost: Free
Class Duration:

Why We Chose It

Trainerize isn’t a personal training business, but a third-party app that many individual trainers or small businesses pay to use. You can search for trainers by specialty, location, online availability, and more.

Pros & Cons
  • Gives you the ability to search many trainers to find the right fit for you

  • Able to find local trainers or specialized programs

  • Individualized programming and workouts

  • Option to incorporate nutrition and meal plans

  • Well-designed app; connects with other health apps and tracks progress

  • Includes many valuable app features

  • Can start anytime

  • Trainers are not vetted before joining Trainerize

  • Need to do your research on individual trainers

  • Price ranges

  • Trainerize is not responsible for client satisfaction

  • No consistency between trainers

Trainerize is different from the other companies mentioned as it does not employ trainers but rather serves as a third-party app connecting trainers to clients. Users can search the Trainerize database for a trainer that fits their goals and personality. Once they connect, trainers can invite users to log into the Trainerize app.

The app itself is very user-friendly and allows the trainer to upload your workouts to your calendar, provide exercise demonstration videos, and view photos and body stats, and it gives you the option to log your workouts and message your trainer at any time. 

You can also sync the app with other health apps like MyFitnessPal and Apple Watch, so all your data is in one place for your trainer to see. Pricing is dependent on who you hire and can range from free challenges to $500/month specialized programs. The app has the option for in-app video calls and the ability to run group coaching programs. 

Unfortunately, trainers are not vetted before joining Trainerize; there is no guarantee that you are hiring someone as qualified as you believe them to be. It is important to do your research, check their social media, read their website, and look for honest reviews. Many highly qualified fitness professionals on Trainerize can give you the personalized help and support you need, but the online fitness industry has been diluted with fitness “experts” with no reputable certification, so make sure you know who you are hiring. 

If you are looking to support a personal trainer in your town, you can search by zip code and seek out virtual services from local small businesses.

Best Inexpensive : Transform

The Transform App

The Transform App

Key Specs

Pricing: $14.99 monthly, with discounts for paying for three or six months at a time
Class Duration:
Varies depending on the plan
Equipment needed:
Ranges from none to free weights and machines

Why We Chose It

The Transform app offers a low-cost solution for customizable plans led by recognizable trainers. If you’re self-motivated but need instruction, the Transform app is ideal.

Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive

  • Has multiple different programs to choose from depending on your goals

  • Great app interface

  • Excellent demonstration videos

  • Workouts are easy to follow and can be done at home or the gym

  • No private messaging or trainer to keep you accountable

  • Not ideal for specialized goals

  • Meal plan can get complicated and requires a lot of planning

  • Easy to fall off track

Brought to you by the extreme transformation duo Chris and Heidi Powell, the Transform App is an inexpensive online training program. Their app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play, allows you to customize your workout plan, and choose your meal plan and offers an easy-to-use interface to help you reach your goals. 

You can choose your type of workout (home, gym, dance, or cross-training) and set your calorie and meal plan preferences. The workouts are easy to follow, user-friendly, and have a built-in timer and the ability to track your stats after each workout.

The app also has a nutrition feature where you can track your food and view macros and calories for the day. You can plan your meals for the week from their recipes database and put together a weekly grocery shopping list. The app subscription is $14.99/month, with discounts for purchasing longer terms. Unlike the other programs, this does not include access to a coach, virtual sessions, or in-app messaging. 

If you simply need a great plan to follow, have some experience with exercise, and do not need someone checking in on you, then this app is a good fit. The meal planning feature is also helpful, with a database of more than 500 recipes, weekly meal plans, and the ability to create grocery lists and track macros. 

Chris and Heidi Powell are celebrity trainers with great personalities, making their workout demonstration videos the best we have seen.

Final Verdict

Finding an online personal trainer can be a time-consuming process. After reviewing the options, we believe that Forge Fitness is the best overall personal training app. We like that nutrition plans are included in each level of membership, one-on-one training calls help keep users motivated, and frequent check-ins allow trainers to modify plans to best serve their clients. Plus, at $125 for the basic membership, Forge won’t break the bank. 

For women looking for trainers, Girls Gone Strong is a great contender as well. Although pricey, its money-back guarantee offers some assurance of success. Its integrated approach to health promises to give women looking for a lifestyle change the results they want. 

Online Personal Trainers vs. In-Person Trainers

Online personal trainers offer convenience, privacy, and portability. They also cost a lot less than in-person trainers. Plus, online training comes with a broader scope of professionals. If you look hard enough, you’ll find a trainer that meets most, if not all, of your expectations. Before signing on with an online trainer, make sure to ask about their credentials, experience, and education, which they should have posted online. To be on the safe side, contact the certifying agency and ask if the trainer’s certification is current and in good standing.  

Alternatively, in-person training requires meeting at a gym, fitness studio, or outdoor location. Some trainers do house calls, but that is significantly more expensive than meeting at other locations. If you’re new to exercise or prefer more hands-on help, an in-person trainer might be the better choice. Seniors or anyone with chronic health conditions, injuries, or other specific needs would benefit from working with a trainer in person. When in doubt, ask your doctor for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Online Personal Training? 

Online personal training enables you to work virtually with a fitness professional to help you reach your fitness goals. The trainer often provides you with a workout plan, nutrition coaching, and motivation and accountability. Most online trainers run their programs through an app and may also offer virtual or phone sessions once or twice a month. You likely will have direct access to a trainer and can message them with questions, review your week's workouts, and know they are keeping tabs on your progress. Online training is suitable for those who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to in-person sessions, who travel often, or who prefer to work out on their own schedule.

What Type of Platforms Are Used? 

Online personal trainers can use a variety of different platforms. Most companies use a third-party app like TrueCoach or Trainerize, while others have their own app. The app download is always free for the consumer. Online personal trainers may also use video call services such as Skype, Facetime, or Zoom for one-one-one or group sessions.

How Long Are the Programs? 

You can choose how long you want to commit to a program. Most programs range from one month to 12 months. Longer programs usually offer a discount for paying in full.

What Types of Workouts Are Offered? 

Online personal training is individualized, so your trainer will create workouts for you based on your goals and the equipment you have available. Workouts include strength training, endurance, mobility exercises, and other specialized workouts, depending on the program.

How Much Does an Online Personal Trainer Cost? 

Online personal training ranges from $15/month for app access and $100 to $300/month for personalized programming and one-on-one support.

Is Online Personal Training Effective?

One of the ways personal trainers are effective is in improving attitudes toward continued training and the improved fitness that can result from that. A 2003 study found that one-on-one personal training led to a majority of participants moving to a higher level of training, with only a few moving down a level.

Online personal training can be a less expensive solution than in-person sessions and can offer the same benefits, such as better cardiovascular health, muscle gain, increased confidence, and improved overall health.


We considered 16 online personal trainers to compile this list and reviewed those that ranked high on internet searches and were recommended by other reputable online fitness websites. We considered cost, the program’s reputation (who founded it, who oversees the program, and their qualifications), features included, coaching guidance, and the ability to customize the programs to fit user goals.

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