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Kickboxing classes are known for their high energy and sweat-producing results. These martial arts-based workouts combine cardio fitness, speed, and power with boxing moves that challenge every muscle in your body. And the best part? They’re perfect for at-home workouts.

If you’re ready to punch, kick, and jab your way to excellent shape, we’ve got you covered. This roundup includes online kickboxing courses from studios that offer on-demand, subscription-based programs as well as a few free workouts. With that in mind, here are our picks for the best online kickboxing classes.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: TITLE Boxing Club - Kickboxing 30 with Sarah

TITLE Boxing Club

TITLE Boxing Club

Our top pick comes from TITLE Boxing Club, which offers a mix of boxing, kickboxing, strength, agility, and recovery workouts all online.

Inspired by their studio workouts, the On Demand classes consist of a total-body workout that builds strength, burns calories, and develops mental stamina. TITLE Boxing offers several free lessons on its website, so that you can try before you buy.

Kickboxing with Sarah London is a 30-minute intermediate-to-advanced level workout that works your entire body, with a focus on strengthening your lower body. The course includes a short warm-up and then moves into four, three-minute rounds of intermediate kicking and punching combos with a one-minute rest between each round. Then, there's a cooldown and core series.

You can access lessons on the kickboxing section of TITLE's website. There's also a free, 45-minute kickboxing class with Sarah.

TITLE Boxing Club On Demand
offers a seven-day trial for new users. After that ends, you can join TITLE On Demand for about $20 per month or prepay about $220 for one year. You can stream courses from any device, anytime.

Best Budget: Fitness Blender - Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender

Whenever something is free, it’s always considered best for your budget. But just because it won’t cost you anything, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a killer workout. Case in point: Fitness Blender’s Cardio Kickboxing workout.

This workout includes an eight-minute warmup followed by a 19-minute cardio kickboxing routine. Taught by Fitness Blender co-founder Daniel Segars, the cardio kickboxing lesson includes boxing moves like jab, cross, ducking stance, uppercut, hook, shin block, high kick, front kick, and more. He skips the music in this class, which makes the cues easier to follow. But you can always play your own tunes.

Fitness Blender is a free online program that features videos for every fitness level. If you like the kickboxing course, check out some of its other popular picks that include HIIT, core, straight training, stretching, low-impact cardio, and more.

In addition to the thousands of free classes, Fitness Blender also offers a Plus plan that gives you access to even more videos, challenges, custom workouts, and support. After a one-week trial, Fitness Blender Plus will run you approximately $12 per month when you pay as you go. Enroll in auto-pay and you'll be charged $9 monthly or $80 annually.

Best for All Levels: Les Mills - BODYCOMBAT INVINCIBLE Workout #14

Les Mills

Les Mills

The BODYCOMBAT program from Les Mills is a high-energy, martial arts-inspired program that includes 55-, 45-, and 30-minute classes. This is our top pick for all levels because you can adjust each workout to suit your needs.

During each lesson, the instructors always offer options where you can work at your own pace. You’ll get a total body workout that crushes calories, improves your aerobic endurance, and targets every muscle group.

The INVINCIBLE Workout #14 is a 41-minute martial arts-inspired class that is packed full of punches, jabs, kicks, and a taste of Muay Thai. Three instructors take the stage during this high-intensity kickboxing course that features synced moves and excellent cueing by the lead teacher. 

Once you get a taste of what BODYCOMBAT has to offer, you can sign up for its online subscription program. After a free 14-day trial, Les Mills On Demand will cost about $15 per month with lower rates if you prepay for a year. The worldwide fitness app also offers strength training, martial arts, yoga, cycling, barre, and sports-conditioning.

Best Comprehensive Program: Daily Burn - Undefeated

Daily Burn

Daily Burn

If one class is not enough, consider the six-week, calorie-burning cardio kickboxing program from Daily Burn.

Taught by Phoenix and Anja, this specialized program will test your cardio endurance, strengthen your muscles, and improve your focus and balance. With this course, you will perform nine intermediate-level workouts, each one 30 minutes or less.

The workouts mix traditional kickboxing and authentic, martial arts-inspired training with sessions that focus on HIIT, cardio kick, MMA drills, force, power, and mobility and core. To help you achieve the best results, there's an online schedule that outlines all of the workouts, week-by-week. This workout series is challenging and more appropriate for intermediate and advanced fitness levels since it requires stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility. If you’re new to exercise, you may want to sit this one out.

Daily Burn offers a free 30-day trial during which you can check out the Undefeated kickboxing program as well as the company's other fitness courses. Once your trial is up, a subscription for a premium plan will cost around $20 per month.

Best for Beginners: Crunch - Crunch Live's Kick Butt Kickboxing

Crunch Live

Crunch Live

Crunch may be best known for its gyms, but this massive fitness chain is also dominating the online fitness market.

Crunch Live, the company's online platform, offers cutting-edge lessons with unlimited, 24/7 access. For members who want to punch and kick their way to better shape, Crunch Live has a Kick Butt Kickboxing class guaranteed to make you sweat.

You’ll move through a sequence of jabs, crosses, hooks, and jumps that target your upper and lower body. The instructor does an excellent job of cueing and demonstrating the moves. She also repeats the sequences, which keeps the skill and technique level appropriate for newbies.

Crunch Live
offers a very generous 90-day free trial. If you have a Crunch gym membership, you can access the online courses for free. Otherwise, Crunch Live costs about $10 per month. If you really want to save, choose the annual plan for $90, which comes with three free months.

Best Calorie Crusher: Studio SWEAT - Cycle Kickbox Combo Crusher

Studio SWEAT

Studio SWEAT

This 68-minute Cycle Kickbox Combo Crusher is part of Studio SWEAT’s Spin and Sculpt series, which is designed to torch calories, crush your core, increase your cardio capacity, and make you sweat like never before.

Cat Kom, a master cycling instructor, and Chavva, a kickboxing extraordinaire, co-lead this action-packed class that combines a 40-minute leg-sculpting, calorie-crushing cycling course with a 25-minute kickboxing one. This combo workout is geared toward intermediate and advanced fitness levels. If you’re not into cycling, Studio SWEAT also offers kickboxing cardio and fundamental sessions that will get you into fighter shape.

After a free seven-day trial, Studio SWEAT will run you around $20 per month, with lower monthly rates if you prepay for six or 12 months. Tack on an additional $5 per month for a Backstage Pass, and you’ll get weekly workout plans, nutrition tips, and motivational messages tailored to your goals.

Not sure if you want to commit to a monthly membership? No problem. Studio SWEAT also offers single-class downloads for about $8 each. Once you “buy” the class, you can view it as many times as you’d like on your device.

Best for Technical Instruction: Sobekick Gym - Core T4 Boxing and Total Body Series

Sobekick Gym

Sobekick Gym

Advanced fitness levels and experienced kickboxers will experience a challenging and highly technical workout with the Core T4 Boxing and Total Body series.

Taught by Tony Thomas, this 60-minute class focuses on heavy bag work, foot skills, striking, defense techniques, and more. Thomas teaches actual techniques you’ll find in boxing bouts and fight competitions.

Since the technical instruction is advanced, this course is best for people with intermediate to advanced fitness levels who have some kickboxing experience. To vary your workouts, you can also try Core Fitness Boxing with Tony. If you don’t have a bag at home, shadowbox; you'll still get a great workout.

Sobekick Gym
offers a 14-day free trial that includes unlimited online lessons. If you like what you see, continue taking live and on-demand lessons for roughly $29 per month or pay about $199 for the entire year.

In addition to boxing and kickboxing, Sobekick also offers plyo box, yoga, circuit boxing, and more. Subscriptions include access to hundreds of original courses and previously recorded ones.

What Are Online Kickboxing Classes?

Online kickboxing classes are martial arts-based workouts that combine fast-paced cardio with kickboxing techniques, such as jabs and roundhouse kicks. They’re either livestreaming classes or on-demand routines that can be watched at home.

Kickboxing classes are an excellent way to get a cardio and strength training workout while burning calories and learning some basic self-defense moves. If you’ve never tried kickboxing before, online classes are a convenient way to check it out in the privacy of your home.

How Much Do Online Kickboxing Classes Cost?

Some online kickboxing classes are free, but others require a paid subscription. Monthly memberships range from approximately $10–$30, with discounts available for longer subscriptions. Most classes offer a free trial so you can try it out before committing to a membership.

What Should I Wear for an Online Kickboxing Class?

Kickboxing clothing should be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion, so you can move, kick, punch, and jab with ease. You’ll definitely be working up a sweat, so choose breathable, wicking fabrics. Make sure that you wear athletic shoes that offer good stability and traction for side-to-side movements.

You won’t need any protective gear or gloves, since you’ll be working out on your own at home. Women should wear a supportive sports bra

How We Chose the Best Online Kickboxing Classes

Our picks for the best online kickboxing classes are a mix of free- and subscription-based lessons taught by expert instructors and personal trainers. We included courses for all fitness and skill levels, with the Crunch Live's Kick Butt Kickboxing class as our top choice for beginners and Sobekick Gym's Core T4 Boxing and Total Body Series rounding out the lineup for the most advanced.

We also featured a six-week program from Daily Burn that is a perfect fit for anyone who needs a little extra structure. The best part? You can view all of these kickboxing lessons on a phone, tablet, computer or, TV.

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