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Do you have a toddler, tween, or teen looking for a creative way to move their body, learn a few dance moves, and stay fit—all while at home? Online dance classes let kids learn about different dance styles and techniques, with a dose of fun. 

To get started, you’ll need a good-sized room and floor space free of clutter, along with a computer, phone, or tablet, and a stable surface like a countertop or chair for ballet classes. Some courses may recommend exercise mats or specific shoes, but all of these programs are designed for your child to log on and get moving without a lot of obstacles. 

For this roundup, we included free and subscription-based classes, as well as lessons for kids of all ages and abilities, so there is something for everyone. Plus, the list is organized by age groups for easy scanning. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best online dance classes for kids. 

Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Dance Academy USA

Dance Academy USA

 Dance Academy USA

  • Classes available for a wide range of ages

  • One price per month for the entire family

  • Includes seven styles of dance

  • Monthly fee significantly more than other programs

  • Might not be challenging enough for an advanced dancer

  • All courses are 30 minutes

If you’re looking for an online program that mirrors the in-studio experience, then Dance Academy USA (DAU) is for you.

DAU offers a Kidz Dance Program designed for ages four to six and beginner through advanced level classes for ages seven and up, including teens and adults. Choose from various dance styles, including jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, tap, dance fitness, and more. 

Your monthly subscription includes access to DAU’s on-demand library, which updates weekly with new classes at multiple levels. Plus, the program is structured to include everything you would get in-studio. 

After a free, 7-day trial, Dance Academy USA costs about $80 per month. While certainly our most expensive pick, the price is worth it, especially if you are in a dance-centric family with more than one family member participating in online classes.

Why We Chose It: The Dance Academy made our top pick overall because of the range of ages it serves, as well as the variety of dance styles offered. It also has a user-friendly on-demand platform that is separate from the in-studio section on its website, so there is no getting lost while trying to find a class.

Best for Toddlers: ABTots Virtual Class

American Ballet Theater

 American Ballet Theater

  • Classes are free

  • High quality YouTube videos

  • Courses taught by ABT-certified instructors

  • Most lessons are not filmed in a studio

The world-famous American Ballet Theater (ABT) offers diverse online programming for ballet dancers of all ages. As part of its commitment to keeping dance accessible to all students, they teach virtual classes on YouTube for tots all the way up to adults.

The ABTots series is geared toward kids under the age of four. Older siblings can learn from their ABT Primary series. Courses for toddlers range in duration from roughly 15 to 30 minutes, with the average class lasting about 20 minutes. 

Lessons explore musicality, foster creativity and imagination, and teach ballet fundamentals in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. Its YouTube channel has ABTots classes offered by a variety of instructors, so once you find a teacher your little one enjoys, you can search the library by their name.

All classes are free and available on YouTube. For easier access and to stay up-to-date on new releases, consider subscribing to ABTot's channel.

Why We Chose It: ABTots is our favorite for toddlers because the instructors do a fantastic job of making ballet accessible and fun for younger kids. Plus, it’s free, so parents have nothing to lose if their little one loses interest 10 minutes into the class.

Best for Preschool: Tippi Toes Dance

American Ballet Theater

 American Ballet Theater

  • Preschool-friendly music

  • Lots of movement and energy

  • Games and activities supplement dancing

  • Free 7-day trial

  • Movement-based rather than skill-based

  • All classes are about 30 minutes

  • Might not be challenging enough for dancers with experience

Designed with younger kids in mind, Tippi Toes virtual dance program is highly entertaining, age-appropriate, and educational. At this age, the most important thing with dance is to keep children moving and wanting to learn.

To accomplish this, the classes need to be fast-paced, approachable, doable, and geared towards positive reinforcement, which Tippi Toes does well. Each class lasts about 30 minutes and includes an introduction, six dances, and two specific dance step breakdowns. To wrap things up, the instructor offers a moving activity to help review the dance steps learned that day.

After a free 7-day trial, Tippi Toes costs about $20 per month. This gives your little one access to a new Tippi Toes virtual lesson each week. You’ll also be able to take any of the classes stored in the virtual library. So, if your little one has a favorite from the previous week, they can do it over and over!

Why We Chose It: Tippi Toes earned the top spot for preschool-age for one reason: It is fun. The philosophy behind this online program begins and ends with high energy, engaging instruction, games, exciting dance moves, and great music.

Best for Younger Elementary Age Kids: Battery Dance TV

Battery Dance

 Battery Dance

  • Classes available for toddlers through teens and adults

  • All courses are free

  • Includes more than seven styles of dance

  • All classes are 30-minutes

  • Classes are not filmed in a studio

  • YouTube channel is not organized by age

With the goal of connecting people across the world, Battery Dance TV provides free, live dance classes and programming that are accessible and fun for the entire family. More specifically, younger children will enjoy 30-minute classes like hip-hop for kids, and all kids dance, while at the same time, older siblings and parents can take courses such as jazz fusion, ballet technique, musical theater, tango, salsa, and waltz. 

In addition to its free, weekly programming, Battery Dance TV also offers private virtual lessons. If the scheduled times don’t work for your family, it's no problem: Content is available via its YouTube channel any time. 

Although the classes are free, Battery Dance TV does ask you to consider making a donation to help support the instructors and keep the online program going. 

Why We Chose It: Although the entire family can benefit from Battery Dance TV, we chose it as our favorite for younger, elementary-aged kids because of the weekly programming that can help keep children on a schedule. Plus, since the classes are taught at the same time each day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), parents can build it right into a regular after-school activity.

Best for Older Elementary Age Kids: The Ballet Coach

The Ballet Coach

 The Ballet Coach

  • Instructor is a classically-trained ballerina

  • Classes are inspirational and accessible

  • Instruction is tailored to specific age groups

  • Classes are not filmed in a studio

  • Demonstrations are only done by the instructor, not other students

English National Ballet School-trained dancer Sarah De-Feu, aka The Ballet Coach, teaches free Facebook Live and YouTube ballet classes for dancers of all ages and skill levels. But we really liked the classes she offers for older elementary-aged kids.

For this age group, lessons are slightly longer, and they take a deeper dive into ballet terminology and technique. De-Feu clearly puts a lot of time into planning and setup for each class. Her directions are age-appropriate, and students will love how engaging and enthusiastic she is throughout the entire class. 

You can subscribe to De-Feu's YouTube channel to receive information and notifications for when she uploads a new course, or follow her on Instagram for daily updates and schedules.

Why We Chose It: Besides De-Feu’s impeccable teaching style, the Ballet Coach wins the top spot for older elementary kids for the level of instruction, technique, and skill-sets students will hone while taking these online classes. Not to mention, they are free.

Best for Tweens: Just For Kix Digital Dance

The Ballet Coach

 The Ballet Coach

  • Classes are free

  • Variety of styles including tap and ballet

  • Library of videos is easy to navigate

  • A lot of videos only feature the instructor, no dancers

  • Some instruction moves at a pace too slow for advanced levels

With Just For Kix Digital Dance, dance classes are streamed live and then archived on the site, so that you can access them at any time. The library includes full-length courses, as well as shorter videos that cover one technique, such as how to do an axel jump or leap combos.

Once on the site, the videos are easy to navigate. You can view them by dance style, class topic or use a filter to sort by level—beginner, intermediate, advanced, elite, or all levels. Routines include dance jazz, ballet, stretch, tap, kick, and more. Occasionally, Just For Kix will include bonus content like "tips for auditioning."

The company also offers a virtual dance camp, which includes seven hours of instruction per day for three days. You can purchase the recorded camp for about $120. The visual camp comes with daily instruction, Q&A sessions, classes in hip-hop, kick, flexibility, lyrical, stunts, ballet, tap, and more. 

The Just For Kix Digital Dance library is free.

Why We Chose It: Just For Kix has a comprehensive library for all ages and levels. It made our pick for best online dance for tweens since it offers full-length and shorter instruction videos. This format allows dancers to customize their experience and create a schedule that targets skill, stamina, and choreography.

Best for Teens: CLI Studios

CLI Studios

 CLI Studios

  • World-class instructors

  • Free 7-day trial

  • Great choice for advanced levels

  • Some of the classes may be too advanced for older, beginning students

  • Pre-registration required for free lessons

  • Not appropriate for kids under 8 years old

With world-renewed instructors and choreographers (a few from "So You Think You Can Dance") and high-quality content, CLI Studios brings the best dance has to offer into your living room.

CLI offers all levels and styles of dance, including hip-hop, jazz, tap, lyrical, jazz-funk, ballet, musical theater, ballroom, and contemporary. With more than 800 classes to choose from, and new ones added weekly, CLI offers one of the most robust online dance platforms for teens and adults. 

Through its subscription-based program, you’ll have access to on-demand classes 24/7 and live streaming courses with top choreographers like tWitch and Allison Holker. Your membership also includes access to dance events, workshops, and live shows from top dancers. After a free 7-day trial, CLI Studios subscription-based program will only cost you about $8 per month, or roughly $99 billed annually. 

Why We Chose It: CLI earns the top spot for teens for its access to hundreds of classes, workshops, and live events. Plus, teens who compete are regularly challenged to perfect skills and learn new techniques they can incorporate into individual and group competitions.

What Are the Best Online Dance Classes for Kids?

Online dance classes for kids are a mix of movement, technique, choreography, combos, music, and games. The best online dance classes teach age- and level-appropriate skills that are simple to perform at home. They also structure classes around minimal equipment and space. Classes can range in length from roughly 20 to 60 minutes, but you can also find several short clips that teach specific moves, like leaps and turns. 

Who Should Take Online Dance Classes?

Dance classes exist for all different ages and levels. If kids are new to dance, they should start with an introductory course or beginning ballet, and if possible, take a few lessons or classes in-person. This will help with body positioning and technique. When looking at online programs, beginners should stick to intro-level classes that teach a slow progression of moves with a lot of cues. Kids, especially younger children, should take ones that are focused on fun and keep their attention. Intermediate to advanced students can opt for more in-depth classes that focus on specific styles as well as techniques and moves. 

How Much Do Classes Typically Cost?

In general, online dance classes are free or part of a paid subscription service that can cost roughly $20 to $80 per month. By comparison, in-person dance lessons will run about $15 to $35 each, depending on duration and level. For example, the monthly tuition for a once-a-week 45-minute jazz class could cost around $50, and a 75-minute upper-level ballet lesson may run $75 per month. Upper-level dance classes like pointe are generally the most expensive, and intro or combo classes for younger children are the least expensive. Courses typically start around 45 minutes in length and get longer as ability level increases.

How We Chose the Best Online Dance Classes for Kids

Our seven picks for best online dance classes for kids are a combination of free YouTube videos, subscription-based classes, and live Zoom classes. We considered cost, technique, instructors, and how intuitive the lessons were when creating this list. Some of the paid programs we reviewed offer a free trial period where you can "try before you buy," with Tippi Toes and CLI Studios offering a 7-day free trial. 

After considering free vs. paid classes, the next criteria we considered was age. Although many of these websites and studios offer courses for a range of ages, some are better suited to a particular age group. For example, ABTots has an excellent toddler program, but they also offer lessons for older kids, while CLI Studios is only geared towards older kids, ages 8 and up. 

Finally, we looked at the quality of instruction with a few key questions in mind: Do the instructors enjoy what they are doing? Are they qualified? Do they teach to the appropriate age and level? If the answer to those questions was “yes,” they made the list. 

The Bottom Line

Finding the best online dance platform for your child is key to keeping them engaged. If they are new to dance, consider one of the free options like CLI Studios or ABTots, to ensure that dancing at home is the right fit. For more advanced students who’ve done some online instruction, look into a subscription-based program from CLI Studios or Dance Academy USA. 

While it may take some trial and error to find an instructor and format that your child will enjoy, the main thing is to keep it fun. And dancing is an excellent way to fulfill kids' need for movement and creative expression.

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