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Action Jacquelyn’s Barre Workout is the best overall online barre class

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If you’re ready to feel the burn in muscles you never knew you had (hello deep glute muscles), then consider trying an online barre class. Created by a professional ballerina, barre combines ballet, yoga, strength training, core work, and flexibility, all into one functional workout. The classes are low-impact and performed at a slower pace, with a focus on high-reps and small range movements like a plié and relevé squat. 

The best online barre classes allow you to get started with just a mat and barre or an alternative like a sturdy chair. They also use instructors that give helpful cues and good visuals to learn the movements. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best online barre classes.

Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Action Jacquelyn's Full-Length Total Body Barre Workout

Action Jacquelyn

Action Jacquelyn

Key Specs

  • Pricing: Free
  • Platforms: YouTube
  • Duration: 40 minutes 

Why We Chose It: We chose Action Jacquelyn’s Total Body Barre Workout as best overall because it’s a great intro to barre for all fitness levels, the pace and duration is spot on, and it’s free.

  • Class is part of a free YouTube channel with several other barre and Pilates classes

  • Routine focuses on both floor/mat work and standing barre exercises

  • Excellent coaching, cues, and visual demonstrations for beginners

  • Classes are added sporadically

  • Does not have a transcript or outline of the class like other online Pilates and barre classes

  • Limited content

Action Jacquelyn (aka Jacquelyn Umof) does not waste any time getting right to business in this total-body barre class.

The workout begins on the floor with a challenging plank series, followed by several other abdominal exercises like bicycle crunches—plan on spending the first 14 minutes on the floor, crushing your core.

You will spend the remainder of the course doing a standing barre series that includes squats, lateral leg work, kicks, and jump squats. Since Jacquelyn focuses on unilateral leg exercises, get ready for the standing leg to burn just as much as the working one.

This is an excellent intro to barre for all fitness levels, which is one reason it made the best overall category. The class's pace is just right, and her coaching for placement and posture is spot on.

The exercises are challenging enough, so intermediate and advanced levels will feel appropriately placed. That said, beginners can also find success with this course since she cues ongoing modifications throughout the workout. 

This class is available for free on YouTube.

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Best Budget: Alo Moves

Alo Moves

Alo Moves

Key Specs

  • Pricing: Subscription costs about $20 per month 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, web-based  
  • Duration: Classes vary in length 

Why We Chose It: We chose Alo Moves because of its extensive library of classes and affordable price tag.

  • Has a strong online community and support network

  • Monthly membership comes with an extensive library of content

  • Barre program is a combination of mat work and barre work

  • Not as many beginner options as intermediate and advanced

  • More Pilates focused mat classes than barre classes

  • Yearly plan does not save you much money

Adrienne Kimberley wastes no time getting to work in this thigh-sizzling class that is part of the “For The Love of Barre” program.

You’ll move right to the floor for a plank series that will also crank up your heart rate (hello, plank jacks). Be warned: This series requires a lot of time in a push-up position. The good news? Kimberley has one of her partners doing the workout with modifications.

Next up is Pilates mat-based moves for the glutes, followed by the barre series, which is a pretty traditional sequence seen in those classes. To round out the course, you’ll move back to the floor for another Pilates mat sequence, targeting the tiny areas of your psoas, sartorius, and inner thigh muscles, followed by a few minutes of core strengthening.

After all that hard work, you’ll be rewarded with some time stretching and breathing to get you on your way. If you like the 14-day trial and think you will commit, Alo Moves offers a yearly plan that only costs around $9 per month. A monthly plan costs about $20.

Best for Full Body: Barre3



Key Specs

  • Pricing: Subscription costs about $29 per month 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, web-based, Apple TV, Chromecast 
  • Duration: Class length varies 

Why We Chose It: If you’re looking for a barre class that targets the entire body, Barre3 is a solid option. This high-energy class combines cardio bursts with strength moves.

  • Barre class targets muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance

  • Modifications available throughout the workout 

  • Offers free YouTube classes

  • Some classes require equipment for maximum benefits 

  • More expensive than other fitness apps with barre classes

  • Library of videos not as extensive as other apps

A full-body barre class that combines cardio bursts with strength and flexibility make sure to give this free, Barre3 at-home workout a try.

You’ll begin with an extended warmup that increases your heart rate and becomes more of a cardio burst. Standing work is next, with a focus on squats. You’ll add weights to incorporate upper-body toning while continuing with a squat.

The movements are slow, so you can really feel the muscles contracting in your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and lats. Cardio bursts are incorporated between each set of exercises, and you’ll finish on the floor with glute, inner thigh, and core work.

If you want to have a barre focus, you can stand and perform the floor work using a chair for balance. The core work is Pilates-based with exercises like Pilates marching and toe-taps. There are modifications available throughout the workout, making this at-home class appropriate for beginners (i.e. the ball and weights are optional).

Barre3 offers an online subscription service for around $29 per month in addition to free YouTube classes. Make sure to take advantage of the 15-day free trial.

Best for Your Booty: Pilates Anytime - Booty Barre Express

Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime

Key Specs

  • Pricing: Subscription costs about $18 per month 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV 
  • Duration: 40 minutes; the app has classes of varying lengths 

Why We Chose It: Pilates Anytime offers a ton of excellent Pilates classes including this booty-blasting barre routine from Tracy Mallett.

  • High-intensity barre class that targets lower body and burns calories

  • Access to more than 3,400 Pilates classes with a subscription

  • Close to 200 highly qualified instructors

  • Barre class selection minima compared to other Pilates classes

  • Instruction might be too technical for intro levels

  • Several classes require equipment

If your booty needs a lift, then Pilates Anytime's Booty Barre Express is the class for you. Tracey Mallett teaches this 40-minute express class, which means you'll get your heart rate up and burn calories.

During Booty Barre Express, you'll exercise your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads, and you'll spend a lot of time in relevé (on your toes). The traditional barre class requires a sturdy chair or ballet barre, which you can make out of PVC pipe. You'll also need a small Pilates ball for about 10 minutes, but you can do the moves without the equipment.

In this intermediate- to advanced-level class, the instructor cues modifications, which can help check your form and foot placement.

After a seven-day trial, Pilates Anytime will run you around $18 per month.

Best for Intermediate and Advanced Levels: Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Key Specs

  • Pricing: Class is free; subscription costs about $30 per month 
  • Platforms: iOS and Android 
  • Duration: 30 minutes; the app has classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes 

Why We Chose It: Intermediate and advanced Pilates and barre students will get a great workout with Pure Barre’s 30-minute Facebook stream with Shantani Moore. The class is fast-paced, technical, and covers every muscle group.

  • Offers free Facebook live classes

  • Classes focus on full-body movements

  • Instructors specialize in barre classes

  • Monthly subscription is more expensive than other apps

  • Content is limited

  • App works best for studio members

Pure Barre is a studio franchise with a paid online component. If you want to try before you buy, the company offers several free Facebook Live classes. Once the classes have aired, you can access them on the video section of the Facebook page.

Pure Barre's 30-Minute Facebook Stream with Shantani Moore is a standout, and you'll start on the floor doing core work. The instructor focuses a lot of upper-body work with weights, which is not always the case with barre classes. The pace is fast, focusing on abs first, then upper body, followed by Barre for glutes and thighs. Then it's back to the floor for core work. It ends with a few minutes of stretching.

There are no modifications offered, so this is a class for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. The instructor demonstrates the exercises with a dumbbell; use your judgment if that doesn't work for your body.

Pure Barre GO, the company's paid digital subscription, gives you access to all of the on-demand classes for $30 per month after a seven-day trial. The Facebook Live classes, which are not part of the paid online subscription service, are just a sampling and are free for anyone to view.

Best for a Comprehensive Program: Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Key Specs

  • Pricing: Subscription costs about $20 per month 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast    
  • Duration: 30 minutes; app has classes of varying lengths 

Why We Chose It: Daily Burn’s Barre Harmony gives beginners a solid foundation in barre fundamentals and targeted movements.

  • Appropriate for anyone without barre experience

  • All exercises are low-impact

  • Moves can be done with minimal or no equipment

  • Limited content for barre workouts beyond Barre Harmony

  • Requires additional fees to access certain programs

  • Might not be a good fit if you’re looking for barre and Pilates classes only

Daily Burn's Barre Harmony is a six-week, comprehensive beginner-intermediate program that's great for anyone with or without barre experience. The classes average 30 minutes and include Full Body Tone 1 and 2, Dancer’s Cardio 1 and 2, Lower Body Pulse 1 and 2, Core Burn, and Abs and Arms.

The focus is on sculpting your entire body with targeted movements, light weights, low-impact cardio, and focused floor work. All exercises are low-impact and can be done with minimal (or no) equipment. Becca Pace, the instructor, spends the first five minutes and the last four minutes of a 28-minute class focused on stretching—another reason this class made the list.

The barre work is slightly different than the other workouts we reviewed. Rather than squats, she does a lunge series with reverse and curtsey moves. You’ll spend about eight minutes at the barre, followed by nine minutes on the floor doing glute exercises. There are no modifications for this workout.

After a free 30-day trial, Daily Burn costs around $15 per month for the Basic plan and $30 per month for the Premium package. The Basic and Premium bundles grant you access to all workout classes with a new one every day, nutritional support, and the DailyBurn community. With the Premium subscription, you'll also access exclusive content, audio workouts, and the full collection of past exercise classes.

Final Verdict 

All of the online barre classes featured in this roundup provide a solid foundation of the Pilates barre method. If you’re new to barre, Action Jacquelyn’s Total Body Barre Workout is a great place to start. Even though the class is a better fit for beginner and intermediate levels, advanced exercisers will also appreciate her coaching, cueing, and excellent routined. Plus, the class is free, so you have nothing to lose. Daily Burn’s Barre Harmony program gives users a deep dive into barre workouts with a calendar to stay on track. And finally, advanced students and instructors will enjoy the in-depth offerings from Pilates Anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Barre Classes?

Barre classes mix ballet moves, core strengthening, total-body toning, Pilates, and yoga. Classes are generally 15 to 45 minutes and include a thorough warm-up and cool down, stretching, and yoga work.

These workouts are available for all fitness levels, and you don’t need to be familiar with barre, or even ballet, to start. You can take a traditional barre class, where you’ll spend most of the time focusing on your legs, core, and glutes, or a hybrid class that combines barre with core-specific work (upper-body strength and toning and cardio intervals).

How Do I Know Which Level Class Is Right for Me?

Regardless of your fitness level, if you’ve never taken a barre class, it’s a good idea to start with a beginner or introduction to barre workout. This will allow you to learn how the instructors cue the moves and get a feel for what it’s like to do exercises at the barre. While an entire workout is typically not spent at the barre, this tends to be the part of the class people struggle with the most.

How Much Do Online Barre Classes Cost?

In general, online barre classes are either free or part of a paid subscription service that can cost between around $9 and $30 per month. Live studio classes will run you an average of $20 to $30 per class, depending on the location, brand, and instructor’s experience. For example, a Pure Barre class in-studio can range from around $20 to $50. But if you use the digital subscription Pure Barre GO, the monthly membership will average about $30 per month. Pure Barre's classes on Facebook Live are free.

Do Barre Classes Help With Weight Loss?

Although barre is not advertised as a solution to weight loss, exercise, in general, can help you shed pounds. That said, barre is more focused on strengthening, toning, balance, and flexibility than it is on the scale. But if you’re trying to lose weight and want to include a barre class in your weekly fitness routine, opt for classes that mix in cardio bursts, such as the online Barre3 and Pilates Anytime classes we reviewed.

What Type of Equipment Do I Need for Barre Classes?

In general, most instructors do not wear shoes in a barre class. That said, if you’re working out at home, it’s up to you if you want to go barefoot or wear shoes. What might help, both in-studio and at home, are grippy socks. These have special grips or stickies on the bottom that prevent you from slipping.


Our picks are a mix of free and subscription-based classes. All of the paid programs we reviewed offer a free trial period where you can “try before you buy,” with Daily Burn coming in first with a 30-day trial. The free YouTube classes from Action Jacquelyn are ranked high by viewers, with several pages of positive comments. We also tried each online barre class and provided feedback based on our experience. Rounding out the criteria, we considered the various classes and aimed to include picks for all fitness and experience levels.

Additional reporting by Sara Lindberg.

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