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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Dancio - Ballet With Lauren King



Ballet dancers looking to maintain a daily practice on their terms will like the flexibility and affordability of Dancio’s streaming service.

Focused primarily on ballet, Dancio also offers contemporary and modern classes. The popularity of their platform comes from the instructor’s ability to cue and demonstrate combinations while also teaching them to the student assistants in the class.

Our pick for best overall online class goes to Ballet with Lauren King—a 56-minute class taught by the New York City Ballet soloist and demonstrated by her two assistants. King takes dancers through a challenging sequence of exercises at the barre and center floor. The classical combinations are intricately choreographed and set to upbeat music with King cueing every step of the way. This structured class is aimed at intermediate to advanced levels.

Dancio subscribers learn from expert ballet instructors like Julie Kent, Craig Hall, Carlos Lopez, and Lauren King. A monthly membership will cost you about $20. If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly subscription, you can try an a la carte rental for about $5.

Best for Beginners: Kathryn Morgan - Beginner Pointe Class

Kathryn Morgan

Kathryn Morgan

As a professional ballet dancer and soloist with Miami City Ballet, Kathryn Morgan is one of the top online ballet instructors.

Her YouTube channel features over 400 free videos, covering everything from ballet tips and technique to workouts, targeted exercises, and more. She is known for her detailed instructions, on-point cues, and full-out demonstrations.

One of her most viewed classes is also our top pick for beginners. In this 34-minute introductory class, you will learn technique, footwork, and exercises to build strength, skill, and confidence at the barre. Although the class is geared toward beginners, all levels of pointe will enjoy this workout. And since you never leave the barre, this is an excellent course for anyone with limited space at home. If you like this one, you’ll want to check out Morgan's beginner pointe lessons.

Morgan’s classes are free on YouTube, but she also offers private lessons and live online classes through her website that are perfect for home-study. Check out the schedule on her website to learn more about class times and fees.

Best for Kids: The Ballet Coach - Kids Ballet Primary Level 1

The Ballet Coach

The Ballet Coach

English National Ballet School-trained dancer Sarah De-Feu, aka The Ballet Coach, teaches free Facebook Live and YouTube ballet classes for dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Best known for her teaching ability with little ones, De-Feu also offers classes for teens, adults, and seniors. From Little One’s Ballet for kids aged 2 to 5 all the way up to Grandmas and Grandpas Gentle Movement and Stretching, De-Feu clearly puts a lot of time into planning and setup for each class.

Our pick from The Ballet Coach is the Kids Ballet Primary Level 1 class. This 31-minute beginner lesson is appropriate for ages 5 to 7. Like all of her other classes, this lesson is well-paced and taught with clear cues. Her directions are age-appropriate, and students will love how engaging and enthusiastic she is throughout the entire class. Plus, the music is a lot of fun.

The Ballet Coach offers classes on Facebook Live and YouTube. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel to receive updates and notifications when she loads a new class, or follow her on Instagram for daily updates and schedules.

Best for Cardio Ballet: The Ballet Spot - Cardio Ballet Series

The Ballet Spot

The Ballet Spot

The Ballet Spot offers 30 weekly Ballet@Home interactive live stream classes. The lessons range from cardio ballet and barre to stretch, dance sculpt, movement meditation ballet, and more. All courses are taught by professional dancers.

Dancers looking to add some variety to their training can try the Cardio Ballet series. This class, taught by studio owner Eliza Tollett or one of the other pros, will take you through a sequence of traditional ballet footwork for precision, followed by a series of jumps to increase your heart rate and boost calorie burn.

New students can try two livestreams for the price of one. No prior dance experience is needed for any of their classes. All you need for class is a little bit of space and the free Zoom app.

The Ballet Spot also offers rentals of class recordings for about $5 each with a 24-hour rental agreement or around $20 for a week of unlimited, on-demand access. Check out the website for a full schedule of classes.

Best for Tricky Footwork: Dance Plug-Flying in Rio



Designed for dancers of all backgrounds, Dance Plug offers easy-to-follow tutorials and classes appropriate for all skill levels. In addition to ballet classes, you’ll get access to over 500 videos for styles like contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, jazz-funk, tap, and more.

Flying in Rio, taught by choreographer and dancer Kelby Brown, requires precision, mastery of challenging footwork, and the ability to move quickly on your toes. Plus, the music is upbeat and moves at a faster tempo, which makes this class challenging and on-point for intermediate-level dancers.

In addition to the tricky footwork you’ll learn in Flying in Rio, the Dance Plug classes cover combinations, basic steps, and technique exercises, such as pivots, grand jumps, basic tendu, passé, and more. The platform allows for speed control, slow motion, split screens, rewinds, section markers, captions, and more. Dance Plug offers both barre and center floor work.

Dance Plug offers three subscription plans: a monthly one for about $20, a four-month one for roughly $49, and a 12-month offering for approximately $99.

Best for Ballet Barre: The Lazy Dancer Studio - Advanced Ballet Barre to Do at Home

The Lazy Dancer Studio

The Lazy Dancer Studio

The Lazy Dancer Studio offers classes for all levels, from beginners to professional dancers, on its studio app. Beginners will gain confidence and strength, while advanced ballet dancers will learn new ways to perfect their pointe, the correct way to do splits, and more.

Ballet instructor Alessia Lugoboni offers free classes on her YouTube channel, so you can try before you buy. The Advanced Ballet Barre is a 37-minute intense class designed for dancers at the intermediate level and above who want to improve their fitness and skills at the barre. The class combines upper and lower bodywork set to classical ballet music that flows through slow, precise movements and works up to a faster-paced sequence of steps.

When you join the online platform, you will have access to classical ballet classes, pre-pointe work, ballet-inspired workouts, ballet fitness, and a full library of videos specifically designed to help you perfect your technique. Classes range in length from about 45 minutes to over an hour.

The Lazy Dancer Studio offers two subscription plans: a monthly one for about $47 a month and an annual prepaid plan for $468 (equivalent of $39 a month). You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Best for Building Confidence: MasterClass - Misty Copeland Technique and Artistry Master Class



Slightly different than the other classes included in this roundup, this almost two-hour master class features Misty Copeland, the first African American Female Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre.

Copeland takes dancers through 17 mini-lessons that cover confidence as a ballet dancer, different ballet methods, how to work with choreographers, an alignment checklist, and how she prepares for a performance.

The video lessons also include instruction in barre techniques, partner dancing, and solo variations. Through honest and poignant conversations, Copeland gives dancers a glimpse into the life of a professional ballet dancer and the philosophy that’s helped her through challenges.

MasterClass is an online education- and subscription-based platform that offers classes on a variety of topics, including dance, arts, entertainment, food, music, and more. You will need to pay for an All-Access Pass (about $180 per year or $15 per month) to view Copeland’s MasterClass, as well as the other courses featured by over 100 experts.

What Are Online Ballet Classes?

Online ballet classes are offered via livestream or on-demand featuring ballet routines, workouts, and instruction that can be performed at home. Some classes are geared toward kids or beginners, while others are intended for more advanced ballet dancers.

Expert instructors or professional ballet dancers teach ballet techniques, footwork, and help dancers build strength, fitness, and confidence. In most cases, no ballet experience is required; you only need some space to practice.

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How Much Do Online Ballet Classes Cost?

Many online ballet classes are free, but others require a paid subscription. Memberships range from approximately $15–$100 a month, with discounts available for longer subscriptions. Most classes offer a free trial or let you download classes for a small fee before committing to a membership.

Are Online Ballet Classes Worth It?

While virtual ballet classes are not the same as an in-person experience, there are still plenty of benefits. Online ballet classes cost a fraction of the price of studio classes, but you can still get excellent instruction from professionals, who might otherwise not be accessible to you.

Convenience is also a key consideration, as you’ll also save the time and hassle of having to travel to a studio. Online classes also offer more flexibility for your schedule, so you can take classes at your pace. For someone interested in starting ballet, supplementing their studio classes, or saving money on lessons, online ballet classes are definitely worth trying out.  

What Should I Wear for an Online Ballet Class?

No, you don’t have to wear a leotard and tights, as is typically expected for studio classes, especially for younger ballet students and pre-professionals. You can wear comfortable, form-fitting, and breathable workout apparel, such as leggings and a tight T-shirt or tank.

If you’re new to ballet, wearing just socks on your feet is acceptable for the first few classes. Not wearing shoes may actually be helpful for being able to feel the floor and build the muscles in your feet when you’re first getting started. However, you’ll eventually need ballet shoes as you progress. Experts recommend getting fitted for shoes in a dancewear store to get the right ones for you.

How We Chose the Best Online Ballet Classes

Our picks for the best online ballet classes are a mix of free- and subscription-based classes taught by expert instructors and professional ballet dancers. We considered cost, technique, instructors, and how intuitive the lessons were when creating this list. We included classes for little ones with the Kids Primary Ballet class, while Ballet with Lauren King and Flying in Rio topped the list of most challenging classes for intermediate to advanced levels.

The Misty Copeland MasterClass veers slightly from the format of the other offerings since it combines 17 short video lessons that cover everything from dance instruction and tips to how she hopes to inspire other ballet dancers. You can view all of the ballet classes we chose on a phone, tablet, computer, or TV.

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