The 9 Best Mushroom Supplements of 2021, According to a Dietitian

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This powder blend of mushrooms is gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and organic.
These affordable capsules are gluten free, non-GMO and organic.
This mix includes six of the most powerful mushroom species.
These capsules use technology to verify and guarantee each mushroom strain they use in their supplements.
These capsules use a popular, best selling supplemental mushroom that can provide many health benefits.
It's certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.
This chaga supplement powder is certified organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and vegan.
A powder with a mildly sweet flavor that mixes well with coffee, tea, and plant-based milks, and can even be used in baking.
It is ultra-concentrated, non-GMO, and dairy and gluten free.

Mushroom supplements are a trend that has taken the wellness world by storm. These supplements go beyond your typical grocery store portobello mushrooms and provide a variety of healing benefits. Mushroom supplements are made from types of mushrooms that you may have never heard of—reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps, to name a few.

Mushrooms are considered a functional food, meaning they are thought to have health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Functional foods may support optimal health and reduce the risk of certain diseases when taken regularly. Mushroom supplements harness the functional properties of mushrooms in a concentrated form, usually in the form of pills, powders, or drink mixes. 

While there is still limited research in humans about the health benefits of mushroom supplementation, there are promising results showing they may help improve blood glucose control, fatigue, and immune response. When choosing a mushroom supplement, it’s important to buy a trusted product because the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements. Some mushrooms are harmful or poisonous to humans, so it’s vital to know you are purchasing supplements made from safe-to-consume ingredients.

What to Look for in Mushroom Supplements


When choosing a mushroom supplement, choose one in a form that you’re most likely to use and enjoy because supplements are most effective when you’re consistent in taking them. A powder supplement may be best if you’re new to supplements or averse to taking them, as you can mix it into a smoothie or your morning coffee. If you’ve already got a solid supplement routine down, try a pill or capsule and add it to your daily supplement regimen. Pills or capsules are also a good choice if you don't like the taste of mushroom supplements.


Look for mushroom supplements that are third-party tested, whenever possible, to help ensure your supplement contains what it says it does. Select a non-GMO and Organic product to reap the benefits of the highest quality ingredients.

How We Select Supplements

Our team works hard to be transparent about why we recommend certain supplements; you can read more about our dietary supplement methodology here

Here, the best mushroom supplements:

Best Overall: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend

If you’re just dipping your toes into mushroom supplements, Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Blend powder is an excellent place to start. It harnesses the immune-supporting benefits of ten powerful mushrooms, including reishi, lion’s mane, shiitake, and cordyceps. You’ll get the benefits from all these functional mushrooms in one simple supplement. This powdered supplement is easy to work into your routine because you can stir it into your morning coffee or blend it into a smoothie.

This powder blend of mushrooms is gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and organic. The mushrooms used to make the supplement are farmed naturally or wild harvested.

Best Budget: NOW Cordyceps 750mg

Dietary supplements can cost a pretty penny, but some brands, like NOW Foods, make much more affordable options. NOW's Cordyceps supplement comes in capsule form for you to take each day.

Cordyceps have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to combat fatigue, anti-aging, inflammation, and illness. These affordable capsules are gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. Each bottle contains 200 capsules, each with 750 milligrams of powerful organic cordyceps.

Best Powder: SoTru Medicinal Mushrooms Drink Mix

If you prefer powdered supplements, try the SoTru Medicinal Mushrooms Drink Mix. It includes six of the most powerful mushroom species, including reishi, turkey tail, maitake, and cordyceps. It's easy to harness their immune-supportive properties by simply mixing the powder into your favorite beverage.

The mushrooms used in this mix are fermented on organic oats, which provides additional gut health benefits, including prebiotic fibers. This powder supplement is certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free and comes in various flavors, including citrus and chocolate.

Best Capsule: New Chapter Reishi Mushroom LifeShield Immune Support

New Chapter's Reishi mushroom supplement capsule supports the immune system thanks to a variety of mushrooms, including organic reishi and shitake mushrooms. Reishi is a type of mushroom grown on hardwood in hot, humid climates such as China, Japan, and other Asian countries. It may help boost the immune system and fight cancer. When taken in supplement form, Shiitake mushrooms may have similar benefits to reishi mushrooms.

Each serving of two capsules provides 300 milligrams of Reishi and 120 milligrams each of Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Maitake, Poria, Turkey Tail, and Chaga mushrooms. New Chapter Immune Support capsules use technology to verify and guarantee each mushroom strain they use in their supplements, so you know exactly what you're taking. They’re also grown in the USA, organic, vegan, and non-GMO.

Best Reishi: Host Defense Reishi Capsules

Reishi mushrooms are an important plant traditionally used in the medical systems of China, Japan, and Korea. They’ve also become one of the most popular, best selling supplemental mushrooms in the world—for good reason. Reishi mushrooms have plant compounds that may provide health benefits, including beta-glucan, a type of dietary soluble fiber. The purported health benefits of reishi mushrooms include increasing immune response, fighting inflammation, and improving blood glucose.

Host Defense's Longevity Support Reishi Capsules provide 550 milligrams of reishi per two-capsule serving. They're made with U.S. grown, organic mushroom mycelium, also known as the nutrient-rich part of the fungus.

Best Maitake: Om Mushroom Superfood Maitake Powder

Maitake mushrooms are edible and tasty, as they’ve been widely consumed in Asian diets for centuries. They contain functional nutrients similar to those found in Reishi mushrooms, including the prebiotic dietary fiber beta-glucan. There is still limited research in humans regarding the benefits of maitake mushroom supplements; however, some findings show these supplements may improve immune function.

Om Mushrooms verifies their supplements using third-party testing. They also grow, dry, and mill their own mushrooms in the USA. The product is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Each 2-gram serving mixes easily into your favorite coffee, tea, or smoothie.

Best Chaga: Wellmade Organic Superfood Mushroom Powder Chaga

Wellmade Organic Superfood Mushroom powder

Chaga mushrooms are known for their antioxidants and grow primarily on birch bark in cold climates, including Russia, Northern Europe, Canada, and Alaska.

Thrive Market's Wellmade Organic Superfood Chaga supplement powder is certified organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and vegan. Each teaspoon serving contains 2 grams of certified organic Chaga cultured on organic whole oats. The nutrition-packed powder is easy to mix into your favorite coffee, matcha, or smoothie recipe.

Good to Know

It’s important to note mushroom supplements may interact with certain pharmaceuticals. It's important to check with your doctor before adding a mushroom supplement to your routine.

Best Cordyceps: Moon Juice Cordyceps

Cordyceps are a fungus that grows on the larvae of insects. For centuries, traditional healers have long been using them to purportedly increase energy, sex drive, and improve kidney function.

Moon Juice Cordyceps is a powder with a mildly sweet flavor that mixes well with coffee, tea, and plant-based milks, and can even be used in baking. It’s organically grown and harvested by hand. Celebrated for its powerful adaptogenic potential, this plant-based powder is anecdotally used by athletes to increase stamina and reduce fatigue. One teaspoon provides one gram of Organic Cordyceps extract.

Best Lion’s Mane: Pure Essence MyPure Lions Mane 4X

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are white, shaggy, large mushrooms that actually resemble a lion’s mane when growing.

Pure Essence Lion’s Mane 4x is ultra-concentrated, non-GMO, and free of gluten and dairy. Each capsule provides 250 milligrams of Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract (1:1) and 250 milligrams of Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract (8:1) for a super concentrated product. Lion's Mane is also an excellent source of Beta-D glucans, which can support the immune system.

Final Verdict

For a mushroom supplement that tastes great, is made from high-quality organic ingredients, and is easy to mix into your favorite beverage, try Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Blend powder.

What Experts Say

“Mushroom supplements may be a strong source of B-vitamins and Vitamin C and therefore may promote a strong immune system. B-vitamins are important for brain function, infection prevention, and cell metabolism” -Nicole Bodin, MS, RD

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