The 8 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1,000 of 2019

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Mountain biking is an exciting way to take your healthy cycling habits to the next level: hitting the trail gives you fresh air and a new way to experience nature, and the varied terrain you’ll encounter keeps your muscles guessing and your motivation going strong. If you aren't a hardcore mountain biker you might not want to shell out the big bucks for a new bicycle, but you can still find a great fit for all your needs.

Here are the top mountain bikes under $1,000 for all of your fitness goals.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike

When you’re looking for the best way to hit the trails for under $1,000, you’re going to want a mountain bike that does it all. Superior tire grip, steady handling on rough terrain, and premium suspension are elements that you should look for in a mountain bike. The Diamondback Overdrive is an affordable version of the industry leader’s ultra-popular bikes.

This 24-speed mountain bike is ready for any type of terrain. The Shimano drivetrain and Suntour XCT coil spring fork deliver 80mm of suspension, and you’ll stop on a dime with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. The bike arrives 95-percent assembled, so you’ll be ready to hit the trail with an hour or less of assembly.

Diamondback devotees loved the Overdrive’s sharp good looks and comfortable saddle, and they appreciated this mountain bike’s bang for the buck.

Best Budget: Schwinn Ascension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Ascension Mountain Bike

Courtesy of Target

For riders who love the outdoors but can’t find much time to hit the trails, or newbies who aren’t sure if they want to dedicate a lot of time and money to mountain biking, a budget mountain bike is the best way to give your new workout a test drive. Schwinn is a reliable brand, and they’ve created a wallet-friendly mountain bike with their Ascension series that will satisfy novice and expert riders alike.

This ride’s aluminum frame and suspension fork is specially designed for mountain paths, and with a 21-speed shifter you’ll easily make your way up and down the trail. Dual mechanical discs on your front and rear wheels guarantee crisp, all-condition stopping for added safety, and the large, durable tires rival the rubber rims of rival brands.

Target shoppers who bought the Ascension recommended it for general trail riding, and said it supported heavier riders while maintaining a light bike frame.

Best for Women: Schwinn High Timber

There are subtle differences between men’s and women’s mountain bikes, but they matter: the distance between the seat and the handlebars is shorter to accommodate shorter heights, and the saddle is designed differently for a more supportive ride. Women looking to hit the trails for less than $1,000 should consider Schwinn’s High Timber model.

This mountain bike has the stopping power and tough tires you need on unpredictable ground, with a sturdy steel frame and alloy rims that keep your bike safe during bumpy rides without being too heavy and slowing you down.

Women mountain bikers on Amazon said the shocks on this bike did a great job providing a smooth ride, and that it was a great starter bike for women who were new to trail riding.

Best Cross Country: Raleigh Bikes Tekoa

Cross country riding is a little different than standard mountain biking. A cross country route covers a wider variety of terrains, including rough forest paths, single track mountain bike paths, smooth fire roads, and even some paved areas. If you want to tackle this array of trails without spending a fortune, Raleigh Bikes’ Tekoa model can help you out.

This bike’s front and rear hydraulic bikes offer ultimate stopping power in all weather conditions, and the 29” wheels safely cover rocks, roots, and wet leaves.

Cross country mountain bikers on Amazon said this bike did a great job absorbing the shock of rocky terrain, and noted that it handled well and had a smooth ride for the price.

Best Full Suspension: Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes fall into two categories: full suspension and hardtail. Full suspension bikes have shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels of the bike, so they’re more stable and capable of handling unpredictable ground—and they give you a smoother ride in the process, especially if you’re headed downhill. They’re usually more expensive than hardtail bikes, but Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike will keep you comfortable and in control for less.

This 21-speed pick has a top-notch Shimano Rear Derailleur on a lightweight aluminum frame. The 24-inch alloy wheels are a great size for cyclists of all ages, and the bright shock absorber adds a fun kick to this affordable ride.

Northwoods fans on Amazon said that this bike’s brakes engaged well, and the dual suspension made their biking trips much smoother.

Best Hardtail: Raleigh Tekoa Mountain Bike

Even though hardtail bikes don’t have a rear shock absorber, they could still be a good pick for mountain biking if you’re sticking to smoother trails or if you’re getting into mountain biking for aerobic benefits—hardtail bikes are great for big efforts or taking on large hills that will leave you sweating. Raleigh’s Tekoa Mountain Bike is a reliable hardtail that will keep you up to speed on single track trails.

This bike’s 29-inch wheels are designed to float over gravel paths with ease, and the hydraulic disc brakes have fantastic stopping power in all weather conditions. The 29-inch wheels are designed to float over gravel or single-track trails with ease, and the bike’s fork has 100mm travel for a smoother ride.

Hardtail riders on Amazon liked this ride’s smooth handling, saying that it was similar in quality to more expensive hardtail mountain bikes they’d tried out.

Best for Kids: Guardian Lightweight Kids Bike

Mountain biking isn’t just for grownups: kids can appreciate the challenge of riding in a natural environment, too. If you want to support your child’s mountain biking hobby without worrying about their safety while they ride, Guardian’s Kids Bike is specially designed to keep kids active and safe.

The company’s mission was to redesign children’s bikes to prevent accidents, so they developed a new single-lever braking system that evenly distributes braking power to prevent dangerous head-over-handlebar accidents. The frame’s geometry promotes better balance, and the lightweight design and kid-friendly decals make it a pleasure to ride and show off.

Parents on Amazon loved this bike’s added safety measures, saying that they’d never seen a kid’s bike with better braking and that the quality was comparable to expensive adult bikes.

Best Fat Tire Bike: Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Fat tires aren’t on a bike to make a style statement: fat tire bikes (or fat bikes) are specially designed mountain bikes that can handle unstable terrain like mud, bogs, sand, or snow. The large, soft tires actually allow for a tougher ride, and if you want in on the fat tire fun you’ll want to check out Mongoose’s Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

This bike’s four-inch tires are anchored on a supersized cruiser frame for extra clearance on uncertain ground. The three-piece crank won’t loosen or spin if you want to pull off some tricks, and the seven-speed shifter and sport seat make pedaling up and down muddy hills easy and comfortable.

Plenty of fat bike riders loved this Amazon’s Choice pick. They were impressed by how well the bike handled terrain with sand or loose dirt, and said the disc brakes were reliable and had better stopping power than other brakes they’d tried.

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