10 Best Mirrors for Home Gyms to Keep Your Form in Check

The Glacier Bay Frameless Mirror is our top choice for its space-saving design

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When working out at home, a mirror can be a beneficial addition to your exercise space, regardless of how much room you have. Not only is a mirror an important tool to check your form without a personal trainer, but it can also help you safely adjust your workout, be better aware of your space as you move, and improve focus and motivation. It can even make the smallest of rooms feel bigger and more open.

“Watching your movement in a mirror is very helpful—the more of your body you can see, the better,” Nicholas Duran, NASM-CPT, a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher in Los Angeles, CA, says. “Once you get to a place where you find that good form and you can feel it in your body, then you will no longer be so reliant on a mirror—because you can feel it.”

When choosing your home gym mirror, look for one that’s sturdy, durable, and suits your workout needs. It needs to fit in your home gym area or hang without hazard. Between mounted, freestanding, and portable mirror options, some are more space-efficient than others but may require installation. 

To help you find the best mirrors for a home gym, we researched dozens of options and evaluated them for size, materials, installation method, and more. 

Based on our research, here are the best mirrors for home gyms on the market.

Best Overall

Glacier Bay Frameless Polished Edge Mirror

Frameless mirror

Home Depot

  • Sturdy

  • Space-saving

  • Includes hardware

  • Mounting installation required

  • Not easily movable

This sturdy, frameless mirror can be mounted in your home gym, saving valuable room and providing a clutter-free view to monitor your form, which is why we chose it as our top overall pick.

Measuring a full 5 x 3 feet, its polished, beveled edges make the real silver-finished mirror easier to handle while hanging. We like that it includes hardware (clips that screw into the wall) and is easy to install without the help of a professional. However, tools are required, and we recommend a helping hand.

Because it’s a real mirror, the Glacier Bay provides wide clarity and is durable but heavier than other options on our list. Streamlined and affordable, it mounts flush to the wall and is the ideal mirror for maximizing space in even the smallest home gym or dance studio.

Price at time of publication: $70

Key Specs:
60 inches | Width: 36 inches | Thickness: 4.76 millimeters | Materials: Beveled edge silvered glass mirror | Installation: Wall-mounted, hardware included

Best Budget

Mainstays Over-the-Door Mirror

over door mirror


  • Space-saving

  • Full-length

  • No tools required for assembly

  • Not very durable

For those new to working out at home or anyone on a budget, we recommend this full-length mirror. Not only is it good for seeing your whole body during total-body moves, but the lightweight mirror is also incredibly versatile—it can be hung on the wall or over a door in your space using the included over-the-door hooks. Customize the hooks or location to suit your height and workout. 

Great for small spaces, the full length helps to self-monitor exercise positions and requires little to no installation. Using the door hangers allows you to switch up workout rooms on a whim. 

This multipurpose mirror comes in basic-colored frames to complement any home space.

Price at time of publication: $19

Key Specs:
51 inches | Width: 15 inches | Thickness: 14.8 millimeters (with frame) | Materials: Silvered glass mirror, plastic frame | Installation: Over-the-door hangers and built-in wall hangers

Most Durable

Fab Glass and Mirror HD Tempered Glass Mirror Kit For Gym And Dance Studio with Safety Backing

Gym Mirror


  • Adheres safely to the wall

  • Reinforced backing

  • Many size options

  • Expensive

  • Permanent adhesion hard to remove

An excellent choice for designated home gyms and dance studios, this tempered wall mirror is more durable than a regular glass mirror. With an impressive range of size options, we love that the mirror is thick, scratch-resistant, and comes with a special kit to adhere and reinforce it to your personal studio’s wall.  

This hefty, shatter-resistant mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally and offers a superb vantage point for all aerobics, dance, or weight training practices, as well as larger equipment like an elliptical machine. A mirror for the committed, it is a more permanent and expensive solution than most others on our list, but it is also the most sturdy option we recommend. 

Best of all, you can add to it for an even wider mirror as your budget and space permit.

Price at time of publication: $437

Key Specs:
36-84 inches | Width: 60-84 inches | Thickness: 6.35 millimeters | Materials: Beveled edge silvered glass mirror | Installation: Wall-mounted, hardware included

Best for Outdoors

Spectra Acrylic Silver Mirror

Acrylic Mirror

Home Depot

  • Relatively budget-friendly

  • Shatterproof

  • Many size options

  • Adhesive or hardware not included

  • Not easily movable

If your home gym setup is outside the home, we recommend this acrylic mirror as an option for enhancing your outdoor gym. Great for garages, patio spaces, or yards, it comes in various sizes and can be mounted onto any nearby wall using screws or adhesive (not included). 

Get multiples in whatever size or thickness you wish to fashion the ideal mirror to suit your space. The thicker the acrylic, the less distortion you will experience.

Compared to traditional glass, this mirror can take a beating. The durable acrylic is impressively clear, shatterproof, and easy to clean. Plus, it looks so much like the real thing but is more durable. We also love that this mirror is safe for anyone with nearby furniture, pets, children, or a routine that includes swinging equipment.

Price at time of publication: $90

Key Specs:
12-48 inches | Width: 12-24 inches | Thickness: 1.59-3.17 millimeters | Materials: Acrylic mirror | Installation: Wall-mounted, hardware included

Best Self-Adhesive

Delma Full Length Mirror Wall Tiles

Delma Mirror


  • Thick, quality glass

  • Budget-friendly

  • Strong adhesive backing

  • Not suitable for some walls

  • Must prepare wall for adhesive

  • Must be applied one by one

These mirror tiles by Delma have “low-maintenance” written all over them. Each mirror piece has a strong, double-sided sticker on the back, making it easy to place them just where you want them with little effort or time. 

Perfect for small spaces like apartments, multi-use rooms, doors, or any wall you can’t touch with a drill, this set of tiles comes in various widths, heights, and pack sizes to customize the size of your home gym mirror. In fact, these come in wider dimension options than many other mirrored wall tiles on the market.

The mirrors are made with thick float glass, which gives images a high-definition reflection quality as well as giving the tiles greater durability. We also like the stylish, minimalist accent the arrangement can give to a room, regardless of how many you use. You can stick with a single pack or get ambitious with a side-by-side matrix to gradually build as large of a mirror as you want!

Price at time of publication: $23

Key Specs:
10-12 inches | Width: 12-14 inches | Thickness: 3.18 millimeters | Materials: HD float glass mirror | Installation: Self-adhesive sticker backing

Best Freestanding

NeuType Full Length Floor Mirror

NeuType Full Length Floor Mirror


  • No installation required

  • Can lean, hang, or use built-in stand

  • Moisture- and shatterproof

  • Takes up floor space

This on-trend freestanding mirror is a chic and useful option beyond your main living spaces. For a home gym, it is one of our top picks thanks to its no installation-required, sturdy design. 

Whether you use the stand or lean the mirror against a wall, we love how incredibly versatile it is. Plus, its moisture-proof, high-definition glass is also shatterproof thanks to an explosion-proof film treatment, making it a safer option than some freestanding mirrors.

With a large variety of sizes, shapes, and frames to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your workout area and aesthetic. And someday, if you move spaces and require a different kind of workout mirror or none, this mirror is easily repurposed as a hanging wardrobe or horizontal decorative mirror.

Price at time of publication: $150

Key Specs:
59-71 inches | Width: 20-34 inches | Thickness: 4.76 millimeters | Materials: 80% glass, 20% aluminum mirror; aluminum alloy frame | Installation: Wall-mounted, hardware included

Best Lit

NeuType LED Full-Length Mirror

LED Mirror


  • Dimmable

  • Anti-rust and fog

  • Long-lasting light

  • Expensive

  • Only one size option

Turn up the volume and switch on this mirror to make your workout as lit as the next trendy fitness club. With a dimmable touch button, the LED-lit frame turns your poorly-lit home gym into a bright and energized space. We love a lit mirror like this for its illuminating features that make a space safer to move in, making it perfect for basements, garages, or rooms without natural or sufficient lighting. 

With an LED lifespan of over 20,000 hours, the waterproof light strip can change levels of brightness and color from a cool white to natural light or warm yellow. Shatterproof and rust-free, this mirror is made to last thanks to sealed edges and protective treatments. It’s also copper-free, making it more environmentally friendly.

Price at time of publication: $354

Key Specs:
65 inches | Width: 22 inches | Thickness: 5 millimeters | Materials: SQ grade HD float glass mirror | Installation: Wall-mountable, hardware included

Best Rolling

AISUNDY Full Length Mirror with Wheels

Floor mirror


  • Omnidirectional wheels

  • Wood frame is easy to move

  • Tilts and swivels for best view

  • Takes up floor space

Our top choice out of all the rolling mirrors on the market, this full-length mirror is your ticket to getting in and out of a space when you need to. Omnidirectional caster wheels make this mirror easy to position at the right angle or shift from one side of the room to another. Tilt the mirror up or down to get the right angle to better check your form when on the floor or standing.

A mirror in motion had better have safety features, and this one is indeed explosion-proof. Supported by a natural wood frame, it lightly glides where you want to go. Choose from three neutral finishes that match your room, and use it anywhere in your home. 

At a reasonable price point for natural New Zealand wood craftsmanship, this is a clear solution to your rolling mirror search.

Price at time of publication: $166

Key Specs:
 65 inches | Width: 22 inches | Thickness: 22 millimeters (with frame) | Materials: HD tempered glass mirror, pine wood frame and base, plastic wheels | Installation: Base assembly required, hardware included

Best Value Pack

Murrey Home Gym Mirrors

Bulk mirrors


  • Square tiles for perfect square design

  • Lightweight

  • Can stick to wall with double-sided tape

  • Doesn't include adhesive

  • Must prepare wall for adhesive

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better and bigger pack of real mirror tiles on the market than with this set, making it our top value pack choice for your home gym. So if you need a ton of mirrors, the Murrey Home Gym Mirrors are your best bet. 

Similar to our Delma wall tiles, these pre-cut mirrors are light and easy to hang without professional help. While they aren’t self-adhesive, the dozen-tile set is cut into perfect squares to help you form an even, square design that creates a more open-feeling space. Hanging these lightweight squares is made safer, too, thanks to smooth edges that cut down risk during assembly.

Price at time of publication: $44

Key Specs:
8-12 inches | Width: 8-12 inches | Thickness: 2 and 3 millimeters | Materials: HD float glass mirror | Installation: Wall-mountable, adhesive not included

Best Portable

Ovation Gear Portable Folding Mirror

Folding Mirror

Ovation Gear

  • Can be hung or propped up

  • Transports and stores easily

  • Lightweight

  • Small, especially folded and propped up

  • Must hang from something when unfolded

For workouts on-the-go, we recommend this portable acrylic mirror, which folds up and travels easily to and from any workout location. When you’re ready to set it up, simply hang it up from its travel handle anywhere, which will reveal a fitness mirror almost as tall as a full-length mirror. Reverse fold it and prop it up, like a sandwich board, and it can sit on the floor or a table to give you an alternative action shot of your moves.

Wallet-friendly and lightweight but durable, it is a particularly great mirror for very small, multi-use home gym spaces, like studio apartments. You can even take it outside to do your daily routine in nature. And when this compact mirror isn’t in use, it velcros shut for easy storage.

Price at time of publication: $40

Key Specs:
18.5-36.75 inches | Width: 12.75 inches | Thickness: 5 millimeters | Materials: Acrylic mirror, nylon case | Installation: None—sits on flat surface or hangs from handle

Final Verdict

Sturdy and affordable, the Glacier Bay Frameless Polished Edge Mirror is our best overall option. Mounted on your wall and out of the way, this large mirror provides an excellent view of your form as you work out. Beveled edges make it attractive in a space and safer to handle when needed. 

For a shatterproof, acrylic option, we recommend the Silver Spectra Acrylic Mirror, which is great for outdoor spaces or for environments with children or pets. Despite being glassless, it provides a clear view of your image with little distortion.

How We Selected the Best Mirrors for Home Gyms

To choose the best mirrors for home gyms, we first spoke with personal trainers Heather Lachance, CPT, CNC, and Nicholas Duran, NASM-CPT, to get their expert advice on which features every home gym mirror needs. Next, we consulted academic journals and scientific findings to understand how a mirror can make it safer to work out at home.

Then, we researched dozens of home mirrors from the top, trusted brands. We only chose mirrors that ranked highly in key areas, including size, sturdy design, materials, and installation method. We also considered durability, beneficial safety or organizational features, and overall value.

Since some mirrors go through updates and new studies on gym safety are done over time, we will continue to update our recommendations based on new research and expert insights. We will continue to keep an eye on the market to update our recommendations as safety, technology, and versions of mirrors change over time.

What to Look For in Mirrors for Home Gyms


Choose a mirror that is the appropriate size for your workout space but still allows you to see enough of your body and form as you move. If your home gym is not a fully designated workout room, you can opt for a freestanding or corner mirror or even a closet door mirror, all of which are not very large but full-length enough to enable a full-body view.

A smaller, partial-length mirror will also work for your home gym if you have room to back up and see your form. Whatever size you choose, ensure that it will suit your needs without being too small that you cannot see properly or too large that it is an obstacle.


Mirrors for your home can come in metal-backed glass (like silver, tin, nickel, chromium, or aluminum), tempered glass (stronger and shatter-resistant), or acrylic (polished, reflective plastic). The benefit of glass mirrors is brightness and clarity, but they do have the risk of breaking if hit or dropped. Tempered and shatterproof glass is the choice material for many professional gyms, but it also tends to be more expensive than traditional mirrors due to additional safety features like special backing, finishes, or hardware. 

Glassless mirrors, like acrylic or mylar film mirrors, are great shatterproof options that are usually lighter and safer than traditional glass mirrors. These are great for outdoor spaces or as portable mirrors, but they can lack clarity and may distort your image. We recommend acrylic as an affordable, nontraditional mirror option with the least noticeable distortion that will allow you to keep a clear eye on your technique. The thicker the acrylic mirror, the less distortion you will experience.

Mirrors can also come with a frame or be frameless. Framed mirrors are usually easier to hang, with built-in hardware or hangers—but frameless mirrors, while more prone to chipping or cracking, can be installed side-by-side to create the illusion of one large mirror. If you decide on a frameless mirror, we recommend a beveled- or polished-edge mirror, like the Glacier Bay Frameless Polished Edge Mirror (our Best Overall pick), since the sides aren’t as sharp as those of flat mirrors.

Installation method

Mirrors vary from wall mounted to freestanding, while others are portable. Wall-mounted mirrors are great for small or permanent home gyms to maximize floor space, making room for other essentials. They can also be the safest option once installed since they sit off the floor and out of the way of other equipment and your movements. 

If your space has a wall that you can mount or adhere a mirror to, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, prepping the surface accordingly, and employ the help of a friend or professional to hang the mirror safely.

"I always recommend professional installation for a mirror that is bigger than 60 x 36,” says Heather Lachance, CPT, CNC, and owner of Made Possible Personal Training studio in St. Petersburg, FL. “If you do decide to hang it, make sure you have two people to help you lift it up and hold it while you do your measurements and then place it. It is pretty easy to do with two people if you need minimal tools.”

If putting glue or holes in your wall isn’t ideal, a freestanding mirror is a great option. It doesn’t require mounting or installation, but it might have caster wheels, legs, or an easel stand—or require a sturdy wall to lean against, all of which take up floor space. Always place a freestanding mirror in a safe place out of the way of traffic or other equipment. If it leans against a wall, make sure it is secure. 

For workouts on the go, portable mirrors that are foldable or have wheels make it easy to change up a multi-use space or move locations easily. These should also be secured and placed out of the way as you exercise.


If opting for a glass mirror for your home gym, make sure it has a solidly made stand, frame, base, or hardware to keep it safely upright. Thicker mirrors are less fragile, but their durability comes with a “heavy” cost as they are usually more expensive, weigh more, and are still prone to breaking. 

The most sturdy and safe mirrors are artificial alternatives like acrylic-made mirrors. This is also an ideal choice for areas that children or pets use for fitness or play or smaller rooms where there might be more risk of bumping against your mirror during exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How thick should my gym mirror be?

    Mirrors come in varying thicknesses, and the thicker the mirror, the sturdier it typically is—but sometimes this means more expensive and heavier, too. Generally, a 3-to-5-millimeter-thick mirror is durable enough for a home gym.

  • How are gym mirrors different from home mirrors?

    Anyone who’s been to a professional gym or fitness studio has seen the impressive interiors covered wall-to-wall with large mirrors. “Most gym mirrors do not have a frame and are way larger and custom-made (like the size of a whole wall). That is the main difference,” says Lachance. They are also usually designed with premium tempered glass or acrylic to be heavy-duty and shatter-resistant as gym clients frequent classes or train day in and day out for hours on end.

    Your home gym likely won’t require this kind of investment or setup of professional mirrors, but instead can make do fine with those made for the home. While many home mirrors are limited in size and sturdiness, many on the market are quite large, accommodate many budgets, and ultimately accomplish the same goal—providing you with a clear and safe image of your workout.

  • Where should I place my gym mirror?

    Position your home gym mirror so that you can see the majority of your body as you work out. Depending on your height, hang a wall mirror at a height and place where you can check your form and move about the room while still in sight, even with some small mirrors. Likewise, position your freestanding, leaning, or portable mirror so that you can see your body, but in a place that you will not hit, run into, or trip on it. 

    “The best place would probably be behind your squat rack or in front of your bench,” Lachance says. “But ideally, wherever you will be doing most exercises so you can check your form.”

    If using a mirror outdoors, we recommend an acrylic mirror that will withstand the elements, from heat or cold to wet conditions. Also, never place an outdoor mirror where it might impact bird flight or near parts of your yard or garden that get direct sunlight for long periods, as they can create hazardous glare and, on rare occasions, even be a fire risk.

  • How do I set up my home gym mirror?

    If your home gym mirror requires mounting, always follow directions from the manufacturer. Prep the wall’s surface accordingly and get help from a friend or professional to safely hang the mirror, especially if the mirror is large or heavy. Taking precautions is vital to preventing injury (especially with large mirrors) and will ensure the mirror stays securely fastened to your gym wall. 

    Set up a freestanding, leaning, or portable mirror out of the way of traffic or other equipment. Your workout area should be far enough away from the mirror that you will not hit or run into it while exercising. Leaning mirrors should be propped against a sturdy wall or in a corner so that both top corners of the mirror frame are touching the walls. It should never be set upright unless it has a stand that is specially designed for that purpose. Likewise, a portable mirror needs to be set up so that it isn’t a hazard to you or others in your workout environment.

  • What size mirror should I get for my home gym?

    The fuller the length of a mirror, the better for an optimal view of your workout, according to our experts. It’s also important to tailor the mirror size to your workout space. “It is your gym, so it's your choice!” Lachance says. “If you have a choice, a 60 x 36-inch mirror is a pretty standard size for a gym mirror. You can always go up from there!”

    You can also go with a partial-length mirror if there’s room in your space for you to back up and see your full body. Avoid one, however, that is so large that it won’t fit in the area, taking up valuable space that you need for other equipment, or get in the way of your workout, causing a safety hazard. Typically, any mirror that allows you to see most of your body for monitoring and adjusting your form will be a great tool for your home gym workouts.

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