The 8 Best Knee Support Products to Buy in 2018

Relieve tired achy joints with smart fits

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Knee injuries and knee disorders can cause pain and difficulty walking. They’re extremely common and can have a big impact on your life. As part of your knee treatment plan, you might be recommended to wear a brace, strap, or sleeve regularly as well as when you exercise.

Knee support products can help alleviate swelling by way of providing consistent compression, while stabilizing the joint to lessen irritation. You might need a little extra support for your pained patella when running, something to combat your arthritis when walking around, or reliable knee support following an injury.

And while knee support, like a brace, works to limit the amount of stress applied to your joint, it is important to note that wearing it all the time can actually lead to the muscles atrophying. So if you have knee issues, be sure to speak with a professional and figure out what type of support you need, and when you need it.

Investing in a product that provides proper knee support will allow you to focus less on your pain and discomfort, and more on your work, exercise, and overall active lifestyle. Here, the best knee support for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bracoo Knee Support

The Bracoo Knee Support makes the list as the best overall knee support product, as it’s great for arthritis, injury recovery, tendinitis, knee cap instability, and general joint pain. The brace is made of a neoprene-blend material that has perforated vents for cooling, a reinforced knee cap support ring for combatting patellar instability, and a three-strap attachment system for personal comfort and topnotch support. Furthermore, the brace comes in at an exceptional value for its quality.

This Amazon Choice has over 2,000 reviews which commend it for its helping out with various ailments including arthritis, sports injuries, and general knee pain.

Best Budget: ACE Brand Knee Brace

If you have an injury that will only lay you up for a short amount of time, you might not want to invest in expensive knee support. If that's the case, the trusted brand of Ace has a substantial neoprene band that will support injured or arthritic knees at a bargain price. This model has an adjustable fit so it will fit most people. It is free of latex and is odor resistant so it won't smell after extended use, but you can still hand wash for sanitary purposes.

Best Brace: Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter

If price is not necessarily an issue, and you simply want something that is going to give you the very best support for your rugged lifestyle and weak knees, try the Shock Doctor brace. It’s a hinged brace, which is perfect for athletes with troubled knees because it can bend and move with your activity, but also keep you supported. It’s also great for anyone who needs extra stability following a serious knee injury thanks to the aluminum hinges situated on either side of the brace. This provides superior bilateral support, so the knee stays put, avoiding unnatural movements like hyperextension and twisting, so you can focus on your sports or exercise.

The brace, made of durable cotton-blended and neoprene fabrics, and featuring a curved design that works with the natural contour of your leg, feels comfortable on the knee. The brace also has elastic lycra mesh on the back to prevent odor and promote cooling, while the X-Fit system prevents the attachment straps from causing chafing.

Best Band: Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap

A good reason to opt for a band-style knee support product is if you’re suffering from patellar tendinitis, which is also referred to as “jumper’s knee” (think basketball players). In general, knee bands work to place pressure on the tendon directly underneath the patella. The Mueller band is designed to redistribute the pressure on the tendon that occurs during running and jumping. The band features a single strap design that is a one-size-fits-all product that’s simple, lightweight and effective. It’s also very affordable, which makes sense given that it’s the smallest knee support product on this list.

Best Sleeve: Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

For a non-bulky knee support option, Winzone offers a sleeve that combines great support and comfort. The sleeve provides a lot of flexibility, so you can feel free to move so you won’t feel restricted, just properly supported. The dual-side stabilizers are great for ACL and meniscus injuries as well.

This Amazon Choice is adjustable, making it great for many body types, and it is also very easy to take on and off, making it a smart buy for older people too. Plus, if you aren't satisfied, they'll offer you your money back.

Best for Runners: EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector

As a runner with either weak knees or a recent injury, the one thing you don’t want is something bulky and heavy. EXOUS offers a dependable lightweight knee protector that stabilizes the knee when running to ensure you don’t buckle. And along with being very flexible, the brace is non-slip, so no matter how fast and hard you run, your sweat won’t cause the brace to slide down, distracting you from getting a good exercise in. The velcro straps, which are designed to be placed anywhere on the brace, make for a versatile design.

While this model says one-size fits all take a look and make sure you fit within the standard measurements.

Best Copper: Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve

The Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve offers moderate support for those who don’t need something super heavy duty. It offers noteworthy compression, swelling reduction, and reduction of knee pain thanks to the copper lining, which is thought to enhance circulation, prevent injury and help reduce recovery time after an injury. The sleeve also fits pretty snug yet comfortable, as the sleeve is made of nylon and spandex.The silicone situated under the top band ensures the sleeve stays in place as well.

Reviewers find it’s great for wearing under clothes, as it’s thin enough to remain discreet, and doesn’t bunch up behind the knee. The CopperZnergy fabric works to avoid odor causing microbes on fabric, while the brace also features UPF 50+ protection.

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