The 7 Best Kettlebells to Buy in 2018

Amp up your at-home workouts with compact yet effective weights

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If you want to delve into the world of home workouts, a kettlebell is a great piece of equipment to add to your basic at-home gym arsenal. Whether you have a dedicated room for your home workouts or need to store your equipment away in a small apartment or condo, kettlebells can be easily managed and add an element of strength training to any workout.

Unlike traditional dumbbells, kettlebells feature a solid handle and a teardrop-like shape that lend themselves to full-body workouts, rather than isolated muscle movements. Using a kettlebell can improve your strength, stability, and coordination. What's more, they also help strengthen ligaments, making the joints tougher and less susceptible to injury.

Not all kettlebells are the same, though. They can vary in weight, plus are made from different materials, from a soft exterior to a heavy cast-iron weight. There are different grips and some even have the ability to adjust the weight options within one unit versus having several kettlebells of various weights. Here, the best kettlebells for you and your exercise routine.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: CAP Barbell


Starting your own home gym? Whether you’re looking for a nine-pound weight or an 88-pound one, CAP Barbell has every weight imaginable. These competition-grade weights are comparable to top-of-the-line brands, with a lot of users saying they can’t really tell the difference but love the price of CAP. Each kettlebell is made of solid cast iron. Each kettlebell is then machined and powder-coated, creating a seam-free surface, creating a handle that is both comfortable and easy to grip. The wide, flat base will help you feel grounded during workouts and will keep your kettlebell stable and upright when you store it away. Each kettlebell is color coded for easy weight recognition. The weight is displayed in both pounds and kilograms too.

Best Durability: Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

For a durable, long-lasting kettlebell you can continue to use year after year, go for the Yes4All kettlebell. The kettlebell comes in various weight options, ranging from 5 to 80 pounds. It's also made of cast iron, a tough, nearly indestructible material, that's coated in a black paint to prevent scratches and a sleek look. The handle of this kettlebell is textured to provide a good grip for squats, kettlebell swings, rows, and any other exercises you choose to perform.

Best Design: GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell

Featuring a non-slip grip, texture-sanded handle, and thick, durable rubberized coating to provide you with total control, even during the most intense workouts, the GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell is wonderfully versatile and exceptionally well-designed. This top-rated kettlebell—whose coating is color-coded, which makes it conducive for any type of surface—is perfect for working out in the gym, at home, or even outdoors.

Plus, when you order this GoFit kettlebell, you’ll also receive a complimentary training DVD with Brook Benton that’s especially great for beginners. Amazon reviewers love the GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell for its high-quality features and durability.  

Best Set: Tone Fitness

Goal-setters and fitness lovers alike should check out this kettlebell set from Tone Fitness. The boldly colored kettlebells come in a set of three with five, 10 and 15-pound weights included. This way, you can start with a lower weight and over the weeks and months work your way up to a heftier weight as you continue to meet your fitness goals. The handles of these kettlebell weights have smooth surfaces and comfortable grips to prevent calluses and raw hands. Rather than cast iron, these weights are filled with cement. If you don't want a three part set, you can also purchase individual kettlebells from ​Tone Fitness with the same colors and features. Your purchase also comes with an exercise chart and the option to add an informational DVD with workout ideas.

Best Vinyl-Coated: SPRI Deluxe

If you mainly work out at home, having equipment that doesn’t damage your floors is key. The SPRI kettlebell is vinyl-coated, which makes it gentle on your grip as well as your home flooring. Weight sizes vary depending on availability but generally run between eight and 50 pounds. Each SPRI kettlebell is coated with a bright color so you can organize your collection easily by weight. Plus, as one reviewer noted, the vibrant colors are so eye-catching they actually help her remember to make time for her workouts.

Best All-in-One: Stamina

Stamina® 36 lb. Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell®
Courtesy of Target

For those who are short on space but want an extensive weight or kettlebell collection, the Stamina kettlebell is perfect for you. Instead of having multiple kettlebells in varying weights, this kettlebell comes with six weight plates that fit right into the shell. Choose from 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 pounds and lock the kettlebell's pin into place to start using your preferred weight. The large, extended handle on this kettlebell is perfect for doing two-handed moves like goblet squats, tricep extensions, or two-handed bicep curls. This model comes with a base pad where you can place the weight plates you're not using. This way, they won't scratch up or ding your floor while not in use.

Best Soft Shell: CAP Barbell

The CAP Barbell Soft kettlebell offers the same benefits of any other kettlebell on the market: a full-body strength workout that can boost your stability, stamina , and mobility. But for those who don’t want the cast-iron, hard weight version of a kettlebell, this option from CAP is right up your alley. The outer material of the kettlebell is a soft yet durable canvas, while the inside is weighted with sand.

You can still perform all your typical kettlebell exercises like swings, clean pulls, and overhead lifts, without fear of harming yourself or your floors. With this in mind, this kettlebell is a wonderful choice for teenagers who do strength training. The thick, tough canvas encasing also has re-enforced stitching and a sturdy TPR handle and filled with iron sand. The grip is comfortable to hold and carry around. These come in weights ranging from five to 20 pounds, each one a different color. This product is okay to use inside a home gym, your living room and even outdoors.

Tested by Verywell

How We Tested

Our reviewers spent 14 hours testing one of our readers' favorite kettlebells. To really get the full experience, our testers incorporated it into their home workouts to see how it performed. We asked our reviewers to consider this kettlebell’s most important features, from its weight to its durability. We’ve outlined them here so that you too, know what to look for when shopping.

What to Look for in a Set of Kettlebells

Durability: If you’re making an investment in exercise equipment, you want something that will last. Make sure you purchase a quality kettlebell that won’t chip or break easily.

Weight: Different exercises call for different weights, so you’ll likely want a variety of kettlebells. Some get bigger the more they weigh, while others (known as competition kettlebells) are all the same size but come in different weights. It’s all a matter of preference, but make sure to consider things like how much storage space you have and the various weight options available in any given set.

Comfort: While your muscles may scream from a tough kettlebell workout, your hands shouldn’t have to hurt, too. While wearing gloves can help, you still want a handle that’s comfortable. Get a kettlebell that leaves enough room between the handle and the ball so that you can hold on without any issues.

Test Results: CAP Barbell (Best Overall)


What We Like

  • Great grip

  • Sturdy construction

  • Durable

What We Don't Like

  • Black coating may dust your hands on first use

CAP Barbell
CAP Barbell front view
CAP Barbell shot

“You should buy this kettlebell if you're looking for one,” advised one of our reviewers. Why? Our testers loved its sturdy construction and great grip: “The surface isn't smooth,” noted one reviewer, “so the handle won't slip out of your hand.” Though they didn’t have much to say in the way of negatives, one tester did have a tip for first-time users: “I think there's some kind of coating sprayed onto the kettlebell, so the first time you touch it, you’ll get the lightest dusting of black powder on your hands.”

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