The 8 Best Keto Snacks of 2020

Fuel your day with these delicious bites

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Our Top Picks
"Made from wild-caught Alaskan salmon."
"Individually-wrapped servings make for easy snacking."
"100 percent non-GMO."
"Crispy and flavorful."
"Will fill the cracker-shaped hole in your heart."
"Gets its sweetness from dates."
"Great for taking on the go."
"Naturally low in carbs and high in fats and proteins."

Best Overall: Epic Maple Glazed & Smoked Salmon Bites

When following the keto diet, whole foods like eggs, nuts, avocados, and vegetables are your best bet, but if you're in the mood for something sweet or salty, give Epic's Maple Glazed & Smoked Salmon Bites a try. These sweet and savory snacks are made from wild-caught Alaskan salmon and packed with 7 grams of protein per each six-piece serving (there are about two and a half servings in each pouch). They're made in the USA, gluten-free, and are great for throwing in your bag if you have a long trip ahead of you (just be sure to refrigerate after opening).

Best Budget: 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic String Cheese

These string cheese sticks from 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods' store brand) will make you feel like a kid again, and with 7 grams of protein each, they're a great snack choice. Playing with your food is encouraged—peel off thin strands to make it last as long as you can. For a filling afternoon pick-me-up, pair with some strawberries.

Best Meat Snack: Mission Meats Keto Sugar Free Grass-Fed Beef Snacks Sticks

If you’re into savory snacks, snag one of these 100 percent non-GMO grass-fed beef sticks from Mission Meats. Processed meats, a food that should be eaten once in a while, can be a better snack choice if the meat is grass-fed. Unlike jerkies that are stuffed with artificial preservatives and non-meat fillers, these sticks are paleo and made without nitrates and added harmful hormones.

Mission Meats also gives back to important causes, including EDUCATE!, BonZeb, and Perspectives, which are all organizations working to better the lives of the communities they exist within, so you’re giving back with each bite. 

If you're watching your sodium, it's important to note that each of these sticks contains 320 mg of sodium which is 13 percent of your daily recommendation.

Best Salty: Ocean's Halo The Seaweed Snack Sea Salt

When you’re in the mood for something crispy and salty, seaweed snacks are your best bet. They're made by baking sheets of seaweed until they become light and airy sheets that pack a perfect crunch. These ready-to-eat packs from Ocean's Halo have tons of flavor.

Each sheet is made just from a few simple ingredients and they're non-GMO and gluten-free. Add some almonds or a hard-boiled egg for a delicious, filling snack.

Best Crunchy: Doctor in the Kitchen Flackers

Doctor in the Kitchen Flackers may be the weirdest pick on this list, but trust us, they're soon to become a pantry staple. If you've been missing your buttery go-to's, these will fill the cracker-shaped hole in your heart. Developed by a doctor, each serving of six flackers contains 4 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar. They're crunchy, flavorful, and pair beautifully with your favorite cheese.

Best Chocolate: Fourth & Heart Chocti Chocolate Ghee Spread

This rich spread from Fourth & Heart gets its sweetness from dates and tastes like chocolate fudge. Spoon onto strawberries (and include a side of almonds) when you're looking for a sweet treat. It's certified paleo, full of omega-3 fatty acids, and is gluten-free.

An important note: While Thrive Market lists this spread as fitting into a ketogenic diet, it does contain coconut sugar. There is ongoing debate over whether or not coconut sugar is considered keto-friendly, so make sure to take this into account when choosing your snacks.

Best Savory: Great Value Oloves Pitted Green Olives Snack Packs Lemon & Rosemary

Love olives and don't want to carry a jar in your bag? Enter Oloves: snack-sized pouches of flavored olives that are great for taking on the go. They come in different flavors too like Lemon & Rosemary, Chili & Oregano, Basil & Garlic, and more. They only contain 50 calories per pack, so you'll want to add your favorite protein to make a more filling snack.

Best Nuts: Blue Diamond Almonds, Lightly Salted

Snackable nuts are naturally low in carb and high in fats and proteins (read: they're great for keto-followers). This large bag of lightly salted almonds from Blue Diamond is perfect for storing in your pantry or desk drawer. They have plenty of crunch and flavor without too much added sodium.

Almonds are also a great source of key vitamins and minerals like vitamin E. Each of these large 25-ounce bags is packed with 25 servings of almonds, so you can easily grab a handful to take with you when you’re rushing out the door.

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