The 7 Best Jump Ropes to Buy in 2018

These finds can help you skip your way to better health

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Jump roping isn’t just kids’ play. The traditional playground game has oodles of health benefits for adults as well, from strengthening the lower legs to improving coordination and cognitive function. It’s also a killer cardiovascular workout, burning more than 10 calories a minute. Best of all, all you need to get going is a comfortable pair of shoes and the rope itself, making it a cheap way to shape up.

There’s a jump rope for every fitness goal, whether yours is to lose weight, improve muscle tone, increase endurance or even just learn how to skip rope for the first time. Ready to learn the ropes about jump ropes? Read on for the best picks to add to your workout collection.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: XYLsports Jump Rope

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If the last time you jumped rope was when playing double-dutch on the school playground, then it’s best to invest in a simple-to-use rope. The XLYSports rope is a great place to start. Not only does it resist tangling —something that can easily trip up a newbie, but it also swings smoothly and uncoils easily after being rolled up for a frustration-free workout.

The rope, which is 9’ 8’’ in length, is easily adjustable and features foam grips for comfort. One person who owns the rope says that it’s the perfect weight and doesn’t hurt when you get nicked with it (like when you miss a jump).

Best for Weightloss: RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

Jump rope, in general, is great for burning calories, but heavy-duty ropes can help you torch them even faster. This RopeFit pick is made from rugged poly Dacron rope and weighs up to eight pounds, depending on which version you choose. It’s available in both a 1.5’’ and 2’’ thickness and comes in two length options (people six feet and taller should choose the 10-foot rope while shorter people can go for the 9-foot rope).

The extra heft helps you burn up to 1,000 calories an hour to build strength and nudge you closer to your weight loss goals. Reviewers say that the RopeFit is significantly heavier than a regular jump rope, but that the extra exertion required to swing it ensures a high-quality cardio workout that quickly builds muscle.

Best for Speed: Master of Muscle WOD Whipper Jump Rope

One of the best ways to ramp up a jump rope workout is to become faster with your rotations. The Master of Muscle rope has a 90-degree handle turn and kink-free thermoplastic polyurethane-coasted wire cable, allowing for super-speedy spin.

Owners of the WOD Whipper say that if you want to master the double under (when the rope passes under you twice per jump) this is the rope to go with, and one reviewer raves that this is the fastest and smoothest jumping rope they’ve ever used. Each purchase comes with an e-book featuring 20 jump rope workouts for extra guidance and get-fit inspiration.

Best for Boxers: WODFitters Speed Jump Rope

When it comes to selecting the best jump rope for boxers, it’s important to opt for a model that’s durable and flexible, isn’t too long, and comes equipped with lightweight handles. Enter the WODFitters Speed Jump Rope, which checks all of these boxes—and then some.

Thanks to its extra-long handles and fully adjustable length, users are able to resize the rope until they find their perfect fit. The WODFitters jump rope is also made from a tough, heavy-duty material that doesn’t coil up when you’re using it, and its thin, light design and ergonomic handles allow for faster, more precise movement, which is crucial for fitness jump roping.

Best Smart Rope: Tangram Factory Smart Rope

Fitness fiends will love exercising with this tech-savvy find that’s anything but basic. The Tangram Factory jump rope—which comes in black or gold—has a number of cool features, but our favorite is the fact that it eliminates needing to keep count of how many times you’ve jumped. Like magic, LED lights built into the rope display your number of repetitions in mid-air in front of you as you jump.

Reviewers say that seeing their progress flash up in the LED lights encourages them to jump further. But the high-tech benefits don’t end there. The rope also syncs with a Smart Gym mobile platform (available for iOS, Android, Apple watch, and Pebble watch), which tracks how may reps you complete and calories you burn, and even lets you compete with friends.

Best Segmented: BuyJumpRopes Segmented Jump Rope

If this segmented style rope seems familiar, it could be because you recognize it from gym class. The beaded, shatterproof plastic adds a little bit of weight to the rope to help ensure smooth rotations and give the user better control while swinging. If the nylon cord is too long, you can easily adjust it by taking the end cap off and pulling the rope up through the handle.

This rope can be purchased in seven, eight, nine, and ten-foot options.

Best for Kids: Green Toys Jump Rope

Get tots to join in the healthy fun with a pint-sized skipping rope. You can feel good giving your little ones the Green Toys skipping rope to play with given that the rope is constructed from 100 percent cotton and the handles are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Plus it’s safe and non-toxic (even the packaging is printed with soy inks).

The adjustable rope is 7-feet long and appropriate for kids ages five and up. Owners of the Green Toys jump rope say that the chunky handles make it easier for children to learn how to use the jump rope and that the rope itself is of very high quality. This is a toy that will hold up even after loads of playtime!

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