The 7 Best Juicers of 2019

Make delicious beverages in the comfort of your own home

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Craving a glass of freshly squeezed juice? You might want to skip the store-bought variety because they can be loaded with sugar and if you frequent a juice bar you know that buying a juice a day can weigh heavy on your wallet. Thankfully, you’re in the right place. These gadgets are at the top of their game for cranking out deliciously refreshing beverages in the comfort of your own home.

Juice diets have been all the rage—especially amongst the celebrity set—but they aren't really sustainable for everyday weight loss. But adding a fresh juice or two to your daily diet can help give you some added nutrition and help curb cravings for unhealthy snacks. They're also a great post-workout treat—just be wary of the sugar content. 

So which one is right for you? It depends on what you want to juice. Some are best for citrus, while others work well for greens. And if you want to juice whole produce—apples or carrots, say—there’s a juicer for that too. Read on to find the top juicers for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Hamilton Beach 67750 Juicer

Hamilton Beach 67750 Juicer

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Powerful, fast, versatile, affordable and easy to clean—what’s not to love about the Hamilton Beach 67750 Juicer? The gadget features two speeds and a powerful 800-watt motor that extracts juice from even harder produce. And thanks to a spout with a 3-inch mouth, you don’t need to cut up the fruits and veggies in advance. If you decide to juice citrus, the machine does that too, and even separates and removes the pulp. Even better, the dishwasher-safe parts allow for a speedy cleanup.

People who own the Hamilton Beach 67750 Juicer say that it is well worth the money and that it works great on both greens and fruit. They also agree that the machine is easy to use and clean.

Best Budget: Black + Decker 32-ounce Citrus Juicer

It’s difficult to beat the price of the Black + Decker 32-ounce Citrus Juicer, but there’s nothing cheap about this easy-to-use device. The juicer is equipped with a self-reversing cone to get every last drop out of citrus, whether limes or grapefruits. And if you use it for cooking, measurement markings on the pitcher make it simple to see how much juice you’ve prepared.

Those who own the Black + Decker 32-ounce Citrus Juicer say that they are amazed by how well the juicer works, and one reviewer even calls it her favorite small appliance. They also rave about how easy the gadget is to clean, thanks to the fact that it can be quickly taken apart. But this will only juice citrus, so it's not as multipurpose as some of our other picks.

Best for Greens: Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

Kale, wheatgrass, and other greens can be quickly made into a refreshing, healthy drink with the Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center. The adjustable end cap features five settings, allowing for maximum and continuous juice extraction. You can also use the machine to grind coffee and spices, make nut butter, whip up baby food and mince herbs and garlic. Even better, the gadget comes with a 15-year warranty to cover parts and performance, guaranteeing years and years of delicious juice making.

Reviewers say that the Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center has been a vital part in helping them enjoy a healthier diet. They also say that while the device is useful for juicing greens, it also juices harder fruits and veggies exceptionally well.

Best for Whole Fruits and Veggies: Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor

Apple juice? You’ve got it! Beet juice? Why not! The Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor does it all. The extra-wide feeder chute and 850-watt dual-speed motor are able to turn fruit into juice in just five seconds, and the product claims to extract up to 30 percent more juice and 40 percent more vitamins and minerals than other juicers on the market. The machine also comes with a juice jug that has a built-in froth separator. You’ll want to keep this Breville juicer out on display in your kitchen thanks to the sleek, stainless steel design.

People who have used the Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor say that the product truly does get as much as possible out of all sorts of fruits and vegetables, including whole fruit and greens. One person even says that ever since using the juicer as part of a healthier diet, they have lost almost 11 pounds in a month!

Best Manual: Healthy Juicer The Original Healthy Juicer

No need to worry about your electric juicer breaking with the manual Healthy Juicer. The device features a secure-locking suction base and table clamp to keep it in place while you juice. Simply prep your greens, place the juice cup under the spout and then use the hand-crank to turn your greens into juice. And cleaning is just as easy. All you need to do is unscrew the parts and rinse them off in the sink, a process that take 30 seconds or less.

One review of the Healthy Juicer makes it clear how the owner feels about the product: “love it, love it, love it.” That’s a sentiment echoed by many reviewers, who say that the juicer exceeds all expectations and that the juicing process is so effective the pulp is left practically dry.  

Best Juicer/Blender Combo: Breville BJB840XlL Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

Multifunctional devices help keep our kitchens free of excess clutter and just make life easier. The Breville BJB840XlL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender is no exception. Not only can it be used to juice fruit and harder vegetables, but it also operates as a blender—perfect for turning your juice into smoothies! Ice is no problem for the powerful blender and the juicer features an extra-large chute for whole fruits and vegetables.

Reviews of the Breville BJB840XlL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender say that it works great both as a blender and as a juicer. They also say that the juicer handles greens well, too.

Best Retro: Smeg Citrus Juicer

If you love 50s design, you’ll fall for the Smeg Citrus Juicer. The pastel blue color and retro design will bring some fun flair to your kitchen. This citrus juicer features an aluminum body and stainless steel reamer, strainer and spout. It also has a durable, BPA-free dome lid and juicing bowl. Perfect for busy mornings, the device is easy to use and quickly turns fruit into juice. And as a bonus, the product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Reviewers agree that the juicer is great to use and like the retro design. They also mention that the juicer is simple to clean.

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