The 5 Best Infuser Water Bottles of 2021

Mix up your daily hydration by adding fresh fruits and herbs

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A great water bottle can be a key tool for staying well hydrated. Investing in a reusable water bottle is good for you and the environment. Plus, if you select a design you want to carry around all day, then you'll likely drink more water. This can boost your health in a variety of ways. Aside from quenching your thirst and preventing dehydration, evidence suggests that adequate water intake may aid digestion, reduce fatigue, and prevent headaches.

A water bottle with an infuser can boost the flavor of your water, making the taste more appealing and increasing your overall fluid intake. There are many infuser water bottles available on the market with different functionality depending on your needs. Factors to consider include how often and where you'll be using it, how much you want to spend, and if you prefer it to be dishwasher-safe.

"Infusing water with fruit, veggies, and herbs can improve the taste and flavor of your water, so you'll be more inclined to sip. I recommend trying pineapple and mint, lemon and basil, and grapefruit with lime," says Verywell Fit Senior Editor and registered dietician Eliza Savage, MS, RD, CDN.

Here, the best infuser water bottles:

Our Top Picks
Full-length infusion rod allows you to pack in tons of fruit.
Features a clip hook so you can attach it.
Holds 32 ounces of water and conveniently fits in most car cup holders.
The infuser is removable so customizing and cleaning is easy.
Comes with an e-book for delicious infusing recipes.

Best Overall: Live Infinitely Forever Fused 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles

Live Infinitely 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles - Featuring a Full Length Infusion Rod, Flip Top Lid, Dual Hand Grips & Recipe Ebook Gift

Live Infinitely has some of the best infusion bottles out there, and the Forever Fused 32 ounce is our runaway favorite. With a full-length infusion rod, you can pack tons of fruit while still fitting plenty of water in. These bottles come in various colors, allowing you to choose what goes best with your favorite active gear, and they’re made from BPA-free plastic.

There’s a thumb-release (button) flip top that opens up the straw-protecting cap, grips on the side of the bottle so you don’t drop it, and a traveling hook so you can clip it to your backpack or gym bag.

Best Budget: Sharpro 32 oz. Infusion Water Bottle

sharpro 32 OZ Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Flip Top Lid & Dual Anti-Slip Grips, BPA Free Infusion Water Bottle, Ideal for Sports Office Home car Gifts

The Sharpro Fruit Infuser lives at the cross-section of super affordable and well-rated. This 32-ounce BPA-free plastic option has a flip-top, protected mouthpiece, a clip hook so you can attach it, and comes in nine different bright colors as well as black.

Best Plastic: Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Danum's BPA-free plastic water bottle holds 32 ounces of water and conveniently fits in most car cup holders. The rubber grip and molded thumb grip make it easy to hold securely, even while you're on the go. The bottle is made from Tritan, a BPA-free plastic, so it's safe to use and odorless.

If drinking water is on your list of goals, this functional water bottle is an easy way to add flavor. The full-length infuser rod distributes the taste of fruit throughout the water, and the lid has a flip top that protects the mouthpiece and prevents spills. It’s easy to clean, durable, and lightweight, making it a hassle-free way to drink those extra ounces of H2O.

Best With Straw: Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Water Bottle with Infuser

Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Water Bottle with Infuser

This is one of the only options in this category that you can toss in the dishwasher and go about your day. Contigo is a hugely trusted water bottle brand, and the Contigo Autospout Infuser bottle is one of their more unique options with not just an infuser area but a straw as well.

The infuser is removable, allowing you to customize your experience and keep things clean easily. There’s a push-button release for the mouthpiece and a button lock to prevent leaks and spills. The spout cover keeps dirt and germs out, and the clip-on handle allows you to take this bottle everywhere. The slender design also fits into most cup holders, so you can sip away while you’re in traffic, en route to your favorite trail or studio workout.

Most Stylish: MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

If you’re looking to add a little flair to your hydration routine, this gorgeous peachy-hued bottle is for you. With a blush rose gold metallic band around the top, a translucent coral infuser rod, and a two-toned peach and rose gold flip top, the Mami Wata infuser bottle is seriously eye-catching.

The bottle's body is made from shatterproof BPA-free plastic and comes with a neoprene sleeve (in rose gold, of course) to keep it from “sweating” and building too much condensation during hot workouts. This bottle comes with an e-book for recipes and infuses the fruit and herbs from the bottom (many infusers attach to the lid), ensuring that every last drop gets a dose of flavor.

Final Verdict

For a durable, lightweight infuser water bottle that conveniently comes with a straw, try Contigo's Autospout Ashland Water Bottle (view at Amazon).

What to Look for in an Infuser Water Bottle


Consider how you will use the infuser water bottle when selecting the best option for you. If you want to take the bottle with you for one-handed hydration during exercise, select a bottle with easy access and a straw that can operate with a button or simple one-handed motion.

If you are using the bottle for everyday use, such as at your desk or on-the-go throughout the day, think about the size, weight, and functionality you need. If you want the option to use the water bottle without the infuser, select an option with a removable infuser.


Infuser water bottles come in a variety of materials including glass, stainless steel, and plastic. If you want a lightweight option, select a BPA-free plastic. If you prefer a bottle that doesn't hold onto the flavors from the infuser, consider a glass bottle. Stainless steel is a durable, non-plastic option that is easy to clean.


The price tag for infuser water bottles varies. If you are going to use the water bottle daily, investing in a high-quality, durable, reusable water bottle that you enjoy drinking from may greatly benefit your health and pay off in the long run. If you prefer a bottle that won't make you bummed to misplace, choose a less expensive option.

Care Instructions:

Some infuser water bottles are hand-wash only, which can deter those who prefer dishwasher-safe items. Take a look at the water bottle care instructions to see how to wash the bottle and infuser properly.


Is infused water good for you?

Infused water is a healthy and delicious way to hydrate. The nutrients from fruits and herbs can infuse into the water, increasing your water's health benefits. Additionally, if you tend to drink more infused water as opposed to plain water, that's a win. Adequate hydration can improve many bodily functions and may help to improve focus and weight management.

How do you clean an infuser water bottle?

Many infuser water bottles are hand-wash only and require you to remove the infuser from the water bottle before cleaning. Some infuser water bottles are easier to clean and are dishwasher-safe. Take a look at the water bottle care instructions to see how to wash the bottle and infuser properly.

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