The 11 Best Indoor Walking Videos of 2021

Work on your cardio indoors with these picks

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Whether you're avoiding crowds at gyms or looking to stay active during your breaks throughout the day, working out at home undoubtedly offers comfort and convenience. If walking is your preferred form of exercise, you'll likely enjoy indoor walking videos.

There are numerous health benefits to walking, including improved heart health and bone health, not to mention the lack of equipment needed. The best part? You don't need a lot of space at home to follow along to a walking video. All you need to do is clear a space in front of your TV or computer to feel like you're back at your favorite fitness class, following along to your fitness instructor.  

Complete with circuits, warm up and cool down segments, and various intensity levels, these are the best indoor walking videos to upgrade your at-home workout routine. 

Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat With Jessica Smith

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Jessica Smith leads you through a weekly workout plan. This DVD features a 2-mile walk, 3-mile walk, total body strength training circuit, and warm up and cool down segments. You can do it all at home in minimal space. She shows you low-impact and high-impact options.

Features two complete 2-mile and 3-mile walks, a total body strength training circuit plus separate warm up and cool down segments. The weekly plan includes power walks, interval walks, and strength training. If you use this plan you will be getting the recommended amount of exercise for health.

Walk Away the Pounds - Ultmate Collection

This is a collection of all four of the Walk Away the Pounds programs with Leslie Sansone. Begin with the 1 Mile Get Up and Get Started, 2 Mile Brisk Walk, 3 Mile Advanced Walk, and 4 Mile Super Challenge. It includes a resistance band. Available on DVD.

Start! Walking at Home With Leslie Sansone

This video from Exercise TV includes a beginner 20-minute gentle walk  (1 mile) and an intermediate 30-minute brisk walk (2 miles). It's available via Amazon Instant Video or by DVD.

Leslie Sansone Walk it Off in 30 Days

Use this 30-day walk-at-home program to burn calories and tone muscle. You alternate days with 30-minute workouts. One workout is a 30-minute calorie-burning walk. The other workout tones your muscles from head to toe.

Leslie Sansone Walk Off Fat Fast

Leslie Sansone leads you through three fat-burning walking workouts. It includes a 20-minutes easy workout, a 30-minute brisk walking workout and a 40-minute long workout. Available via Amazon Instant Video and DVD.

Leslie Sansone: The Tone Every Zone Walk

This walk-at-home video includes three workouts. The 20-minute fast walk will get you moving. Also enjoy the upper body circuit and walking workout and the lower body circuit and walking workout. It's a great way to get your whole body toned, alternating the workouts throughout the week. Available via Amazon Instant Video or DVD.

Walk On: 5 Mix and Match Miles With Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith provides a variety of walks so you can create your own personal walking plan. This DVD has a customizable menu as well as premixes of walks of 2, 3,  and 4 miles. You can do the walks in your home with minimal space, no equipment, and no floor work. There are five different mile-long walks available: Energy Boots, Pumped Up Pace, Brain Training, Waistline Work, and Jog and Jive. You won't have an excuse for not achieving your 10,000 steps per day.

Walk at Home 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk With Leslie Sansone

Enjoy a brisk 3-mile, 45-minute walk will put you into the fat burning zone. Walk it off at home along with Leslie Sansone and her crew.

Walk Away the Pounds: Super Fat Burning

This 3-mile workout adds light hand weights to include moves for a full body workout. We do not recommend hand weights for outdoors walks or longer walks due to risk of injury. A good controlled workout indoors with this video is the right way to use weights, as your posture and form are controlled and coached by Leslie Sansone. You can also skip using the weights and still get a great cardio workout with this video.

Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss

Fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis presents four ten-minute indoors walking workouts. She presents each workout for three different levels so that walkers can choose their intensity level.

Stott Pilates: Walking Pilates Calorie Burning Workout

This video combines an indoors walking workout with beginner-level mat exercises for Pilates. A Pilates expert reviewed it and says the walking workout is of moderate intensity and easy to follow.

Final Verdict

Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat With Jessica Smith (view on Amazon) is designed to target belly fat and improve strength, all through walking, in as little as four weeks. The comprehensive plan features a warm up, interval walks, power walks, strength training circuits, and a cool down. An ideal pick if you're looking for a steady commitment, the plan is designed to be used five days a week. 

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