The 8 Best Hockey Skates

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"These skates allow you to play your best."
"This simple pair is reliable and well-made."
"Have all of the bells and whistles to enhance your game."
"Ideal for indoor leagues or casual outdoor play in the street."
"A great fit on small feet."
"Designed to naturally mold to your feet."
"Have Anaform foam padding in the ankles for protection."
Best for Beginners:
Botas Attack 181 at Amazon
"Designed for people who want to skate casually."

Best Overall: Bauer Senior Supreme S29 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme Senior S29 Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme Senior S29 skates are a high-quality choice that are great for any level. Whether you're a competitive hockey player or a rec league skater, these skates allow you to play your best.

The boot of the skate is made of 3D fiber Composite+ construction and features a high-density metatarsal guard to reduce lace bite. This makes for a skate exterior that is tough and durable. The interior of the skate includes a memory foam ankle support for added comfort, moisture-wicking hydrophobic fibers to keep the boots dry, and a FORM-FIT+ footbed for more stability and cushioning.

The skate also sports a fiber composite outsole and TUUK Lightspeed Edge blade holder with a TUUK LS1 stainless steel blade. These sharper blades let you make tighter turns for a longer time than many of the other options on the market. These skates come in a distinctive black and yellow design that will look good with just about any uniform.

Best Budget: American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

If you’re looking for a good pair of skates that fits a tight budget, check out the American Athletic Cougar Soft Boot skates. This simple pair is reliable and well-made. They’ll let you skate and play ice hockey (although they don’t have the more expensive features of top-of-the-line blades).

The cougar skates are easy to use for folks who may not be hockey experts. They simply lace up in the front and use traditional shoe sizes rather than specific hockey sizes. The “soft boots” in the description refers to the warm, foam padding in the skate that adds comfort and cushion. These no-frills skates also feature extra Velcro straps around the ankles for added support.

Best Ice Hockey Skates: CCM Senior Tacks 9070 Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Senior Tacks 9070 Ice Hockey Skates

Great for adult rec league hockey players as well as star high school athletes, the CCM Senior Tacks 9070 Ice Hockey Skates are excellent ice skates. They’re ideal for competitive hockey and have all of the bells and whistles that a true hockey player wants to enhance his or her game on the ice.

These CCM skates are made of “NHL-caliber” RocketFrame composite and feature a concave reinforced TPU outsole with a rigid design and exhaust system. The skate also has a SpeedCore 2 Stiffness, an SB4.0 blade holder that allows for sharp angles, and an SB stainless steel runner.

This heat-moldable skate includes a bevy of interior features for support, comfort, and cushion as well a memory foam ankle padding, an “anatomical responsive footbed,” and an HD microfiber liner. The black and yellow skates also prevent lace bite.

Best Roller Hockey Skates: Bauer Vapor Xr300 Senior Inline Hockey Skate

The best roller hockey skates on the market today are the Bauer Vapor Xr300, combining a great price with quality skates for people of all skills. Part of the Vapor line, the Xr300 inline skates offer unparalleled speed and control for hockey on asphalt or concrete. Ideal for indoor leagues or casual outdoor play in the street, these skates combine the tools necessary for precise movement on roller blades.

The Xr300 inline skates are reasonably priced compared to other high-end roller hockey options. These skates roll on ABEC 5 bearings and feature a Hi-Lo steel chassis for great balance and a durable design. The construction includes a microfiber inside liner and an “injected composite weave.”

The ankles use Anaform for padding and the tongue is made in two pieces for greater comfort. These skates will let you shred, fly, slide, and cut your way to roller hockey domination. 

Best for Youth: CCM Youth Tacks 9060 Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Youth Tacks 9060 Ice Hockey Skates

"Youth hockey skates" usually refers to footwear built specifically for toddlers to nine-year-olds, after which time they become junior hockey players. The CCM Youth Tacks 9060 is one of the best choices on the market for kids and is also part of a larger line of quality hockey wear.

The Youth Tacks sport a Meta frame ergonomic boot construction for a great fit on small feet as well as the ability to be heat-molded. These skates also have Speedcore 1 stiffness, concave reinforced injection outsoles with exhaust, and the SB 4.0 holder and SB stainless steel blade for the highest level performance possible.

There are also numerous comfort and protection features including the anatomical response footbed, the HD Microfiber liner, and the reinforced tongue. 

Best for Wide Feet: CCM Jetspeed FT360 Ice Hockey Skates

Anyone who has ever tried to play hockey in skates that are too narrow for their feet knows how it goes: it gets very painful, very quickly. Not only can the pain and discomfort of skates that are too narrow detract from your ability to play well in the game, but it can also lead to bigger issues and lingering discomfort.

Avoid these problems altogether and opt for a wide skate like the CCM Senior Jet Speed FT360 ice hockey skates. These CCM skates are designed to naturally mold to your feet, fitting you wherever your feet are too wide for other skates.

The skates are made of Rocketframe composite. They feature a Speedcore 1 inner core, a Contour Pro comfort pad, and a microfiber liner with DuraZone patches for a soft feel that won’t rip. Additionally, the skates sport a Speedblade 4.0 holder, outsole air vents, and Speedblade stainless steel runners.

Best for Narrow Feet: Bauer Senior Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates

Like the Xr300 inline skates, the Bauer X400 ice hockey skates are part of the Vapor line. They're known for their versatility, broad appeal, and affordable price as well as for fitting narrow feet. The boot has a thermoform upper for a better fit and uses Trueform padding with the X-ribbed, PU pattern for consistent support while you skate.

Bauer explains that these skates are ideal for people with low insteps. The boots also have Anaform foam padding in the ankles for protection and comfort. In addition to all of the features that allow for a great fit for players with narrow feet, the Vapor X400 skates are all-around great skates for ice hockey.

They feature an injected TPR outsole, a TUUK Lightspeed Pro blade holder, and a TUUK super stainless steel blade for more stability, ability, and durability. The skates are also felt-lined, have an EVA footbed, and include a two-piece tongue. 

Best for Beginners: Botas Attack 181

These simple European hockey skates will let beginners get on the ice and have some fun without breaking the bank. These ice hockey skates include latex foam ankle padding, a flexible tongue, a foam lining, and outsole ventilation for a comfortable wearing experience.

The pair also sports a durable blade construction, a reinforced lacing area, and hard plastic toes to protect the skates and the player from the inevitable falls a beginner will experience.

This skate is black and silver and doesn’t have any of the professional features or flourishes. It is designed for people who want to skate casually and learn to play hockey. It is great for teens and adults and makes an excellent gift.

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